University of Jamestown Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This is a very diverse school that strives allow students to have a carreer when completing school. If a student wants small class sizes, one on one time with the professor, a small community, and most importantly want a carreer with a great institution name to back you. At this school you are not a number you are a indiviual, teacher know you by your first name and extermely warming and willing to help. I suggest that is the school to attend if all the characteristics listed about is what you are looking for in a school.


Students who want to get to know the campus, professors, and community well.


It should be a person that expects to work hard to earn their degree, but also be a person that likes to have fun, be social, be able to make new friends from all around the country, and one that likes to enjoy life. A person that likes to do community service such as sandbag, read books to children, help the animal shelter, etc. should definitely come because one that wants to gain life experiences, this college and community is definitely the best place to gain it.


Someone who wants to get a quality education and is motivated to work hard in his or her classes; someone who appreciates the smaller class and campus size and wants to work more closely with professors; someone who wants to participate in sports, music, or other activities on campus; someone who values their education and is serious about getting a good job after graduation


A person should attend Jamestown if he or she is looking for a place where they can get a personal, high quality education. The professors really do know their students, and it is clear that they care about how they do in and out of the classroom. It is also a wonderful place to make close friendships, especially if you do not mind living in the dormitories. Additionally, there are a variety of (optional) religious organizations and Bible studies to be involved with, so it is a good place if you are searching to grow deeper in your faith.


Someone who likes a smaller campus and a good student to teacher ratio.