University of Jamestown Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


University of jamestown is far from being the typical party school every college student dreams to attend.This small university offers a different college experience,first of all the small campus makes it possible to wake up ten minutes before class and get to class with time left on the clock.My second favorite thing about jamestown is scenery and the fact that there is not much to do because you can reallly focus on your studies as well as your athletic carreer plus you get to stay in touch with nature.Finally,I love the people here.


I would consider our science department the best thing about our school. I would say so because we have so many resources and a brand new building. The resources available to me are definitely going to help me get more in depth work in my studies and the professors are so passionate about what they teach that I can't help but develop that same passion.


Small class and campus size. It created a feeling of togetherness for all who attended. Class sizes were small and created easy access to professors, each other and campus media. The small campus size helped make getting to classes easy, running into many people often something to look forward to and made everyone feel like they were a part of a family.


I love the small school atmosphere at Jamestown. The small school population and low student to teacher ratio really allows you to develop close bonds with everyone in the school. One will really be able to get to know the entire area of Jamestown, as well as the campus and all of its activities. It feels safe in Jamestown, and you will be welcome by everyone here.


That it is the perfect size and many people are involved in sports or other activiites


The people I have met


The Comraderie. The quality of education is exceptional for the cost of tuition.