University of Kansas Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best know for its tradition. The second day on campus included a "traditions night" which was a night dedicated to teaching freshman and new students the traditions of the University of Kansas. These include the Rock Chalk Chant, the Clap, the Alma Mater, and multiple other fun things to take part in as a Jayhawk. My school has expressed its welcome to all students and continues to do so throughout my time that I have been there.


The University of Kansas is probably best known for there exceptional basketball program. The tremendous success the Jayhawks have had in the past (and will in the future) and the great alumni players hold a great prestige only a few other schools can compare to.




Sports and medicine


My school is most well-known for it's athletics department. People especially love our basketball team.


KU has a a very diverse community. Since there are people of different races and religions, it allows one to see different perspectives. You are able to learn from others.


The University of Kansas is best known for its vast popularity in Kansas basketball. The athletics department, coaches, players, and fans work together to promote excellence on and off the court. Academics and integrity are always put first and encouraged by all. KU is a respectable university that sees to the best interests of its students and faculty.


KU is best known for, I think, is the Medical schools. That's why I chose KU. I am going to be a Speech Pathologist. All the Med Students work very hard at their schooling and keeping up on their grades and I believe that is what KU is best known for. Their Medical aspects and students that work to reach their goals to be in the Medical field. They have outstanding professors that help you in everyway a student can be helped.


The University of Kansas means many different things to many different people. Some people will say "The Pharmacy School" when asked what the University of Kansas is best known for. Others will claim that the Study Abroad program is one of KU's most notable attributes. So many aspects of KU are well known and highly regarded. But without a doubt, people from around the entire world agree that KU is best known for the basketball team. Basketball is not just for sports-lovers at KU, the camaraderie associated with the sport brings all students closer together.


It is best known for its medecine program and for its quality.


KU is known for excellence, from academic to athletics. It is also known for its beautiful campus and friendly atmosphere.


The University of Kansas is best known for research, though I am not doing anything research related until Law School. Also, KU is known for its high level of students who study abroad, which I plan on doing next Spring semester (Spring 2012). Another thing KU is known for is affordability, which is true compared to private schools but personally I think it is still expensive.


My school is best known for it's deversity and it's research. The University of Kansas is also known for it's friendly students as well.


My school is best known for its tradition. The tradition of the Jayhawk, waving the wheat, and many others. The traditions are endless and really help to define KU.


KU is best known for starting basketball in the United States. James Naismith is a legend here at KU and we take our sports very seriously. The KU men's basketball team were the National Champions 2 years ago and it was very important for everyone at KU to be a part of the celebration. We have a rich tradition of basketball and I hope that continues because we have a really great program.


We are known for our strong science programs. The University of Kansas is the only research center in Kansas and the medical school is known throught the nation. Athletics are a fairly large part of the school and a lot of emphasis is put on basketball. But there is plenty more to do than watch football games. we have an art museum where artist come from all over the world to contribute to and the Lied Center where there is always a performance or guest speaker. There is something for everyone and all the programs are done with skill.


Let's just say that everyone knows Kansas basketball. While the university is of exceptional quality, most people would recognize a Jayhawk for the athletics over the school.


I think the University of Kansas is best known for it's athletics programs, specifically the men's basketball program. However, they have strong academics, great research opportunities, and a rich history.




The University of Kansas might be best known for its mascot the Jayhawk and their basketball team. I think it should be known for having a great atmosphere as well.


My school is best known for their basketball team and their Medical Science, Pre-Nursing programs.


Men's Basketball.


Our amazing basketball team :)


My school is best known for its basketball team, research, and diverse campus (and Music Therapy program).


KU is best known for their basketball team. All over the country people recognize the jayhawk team as a criticle step for players with hopes of playing in the NBA. The school is also known for their intense and hard to get into business school.


The University of Kansas is best known for the unwavering Jayhawk tradition and spirit. The Jayhawk is incorporated in each student?s everyday routine. The Jayhawk is embodied in student?s course books, apparel, and on the walls of buildings. From inside the classroom to the sports arenas, Jayhawk spirit is a powerful tradition. Each and every student at the University of Kansas bleeds blue.


The men's basketball program - it is how most people have heard of KU. Other than that, the city management and urban planning program as well as the archetecture program are known fairly well.


University of Kansas is known for their sports. #1 in basketball.


My school is best known for their NCAA Division 1 Basketball, but academically we are known for our nursing program. We are also known for our strong traditions which are supporting our teams with outstanding enthusiam which gives a sense of belonging on campus.


Sports Teams


High quality academics and sports, we always have a good basketball team and it really brings students together to go cheer for the team.


This is an easy one because I do attend the University of Kansas, Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Therefore, my school is definitely best known for its basketball program. Basketball here is not just a sport, it is a religion. Jayhawk fans worship KU basketball. We just recently won the national championship in 2008 and am currently ranked number one in the nation this season. We have five national championships to boast our basketball program. Infact, the inventor himself, James Naismith founded the University of Kansas's basketball program. Therefore, if KU could be described in one word, it would be basketball.


The University of Kansas is commended for its success in research, as well as high success rates for students being accepted into graduate school or professional programs.


WInning the 2008 National Basketball Championship.


Although the city of Lawrence and those who live in it are known to have a liberal outlook on life and an open mind, the University of Kansas is also known for its many opportunities to study abroad. A large percentage of students do study abroad, compared to other universities, and students can choose from over 70 different countries in six different continents. As students, traveling the world and learning about different cultures is one of the most important opportunities we have, and attending KU gives each person a great chance of accomplishing this.


forensic science and dr. henry lee


The University of Kansas is best known for its enrollment variety and welcoming environment. 20,000 undergraduate students attend the Lawrence campus, and there truly is a place for every single student. College is more than just the next year of school, and Kansas University welcomes students onto the campus as it will be their home, not just a place to learn mathematics or write research papers. The resources available, school spirit seen on campus, and willingness of professors to help all collaborate to create a home away from home for each and every student at KU. Rock Chalk Jayhawks.


University of Kansas is best known for Men's Basketball and their medical school.


Strong research by the faculty and our National Championship basketball team. People from around the country are attracted to this school because of our athletics but when they get here they realize that this place is extremely strong academically and that the faculty are all distinguished in their field.


My school is the quintessential big University. The school spirit here is amazing, and I think thats why a lot of alums are still very involved with the campus. Sports are a big part of the University of Kansas, but the academics are just as good. The journalism program is very well known and renowned, and plays a big part in the school's allure, not to mention it is the factor that brought me to KU. Since I've been at the school, I can sincerely say that the experience lives up to the reputation.


Our school is best known for its outstanding basketball program, especially since they received National Championship in 2008. KU is also valuable for its strong academic program and the conduction in research in science.




The University of Kansas is noted for being the home to the birthplace of basketball. It has a good journalism program as well as political research program in the Dole Center.


Our school is best know for their nursing program acedemically and for basketball athletically.


basketball, football, journalism school, famous faculty


Basketball, beautiful campus, medical school, law school, and research


Inventing basketball


I feel we are best known for the community of KU. Being a Jayhawk makes you feel part of something. Our school spirit is well known. Especially for Jayhawk basketball, people go crazy for it. The love for this school brings a lot of different people together. Also what an open and accepting community KU is. There is a place for anyone and everyone. No matter who you at KU, you are a Jayhawk, and that means something. Lawrence is the same way, it is very open.


Basketball, research


The University of Kansas is by far known for its traditions. The legacy of Kansas Basketball, the tradition of the Jayhawk, Lawrence's beautiful Mt. Oread and the ability of it's students to freely express their opinions are among my favorite parts of KU. I have always wanted to go to KU and now that I am finally here I realize what college is really supposed to be about. Meeting new people in a nonjudgemental setting is what sets KU apart from all other Big 12 school, if not every college in the country.