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I really love the environment that I have in my majors - Japanese and Political Science. The East Asian languages department is a small, close-knit community, and although the Poli-Sci department is larger, all of the professors I have met have been very encouraging and helpful. It has really helped me to have a great experience at KU so far.




Our school pride is awesome and we all come together to support our basketball program.


The spirit is incredible, as well as the level of academic success.


At the University of Kansas there is a lot of school spirit. Because of the legacy of our Basketball team there is a very strong community feeling throught the student body which I believe is unique to my school.


The school spirit. KU fans can be found anywhere. The alumni are still as spirtited as the student body. The spirit inside Allen Field House is like none other. Also, there are so many opportunites for research, study abroad, internships, and alternative breaks. The campus is also beautiful.


My school is unique in such a way that it is very un-unique. KU is a school that provides a broad spectrum of classes, activities, organizations and clubs that allows any person to come and find their spot in the world.


The overall atmosphere, cohesiveness, and school spirit that the surrounding community has for the university is like no other. They really make you feel special for picking KU as your college of choice.


The Basketball tradition and I felt like there was a LOT more school spirit within KU's campus, and especially in the town of Lawrence and all of the inhabitants, students or not.


What I found unique about KU compared to other schools that i considred is the diversity.


The University of Kansas is one of the most unique schools in the Midwest. There are so many different types of people that attend KU which makes it unique! Each dorm is classified as something - artsy, girls only, educational, party, etc. This is good for new freshmen becuase it puts you with people you want to be with. The study abroad programs at KU are outstanding. Over 1/3 of students study abroad!


a wonderful journalism program, great campus spirit, super nice people, and an amazing basketball team


Campus is not too big and not too small. The professors are very helpful and there are so many opportunities to go above and beyond the textbook material. Opportunities such as study abroad, alternative spring break, volunteering, teaching assistant positions, group work, internships, give the student real world experience and applications to the material learned in the classroom.


It has a really diverse popultation and it had the best campus.


The uniqueness of my school is found in the unity amongst students based on pride felt for the university in addition the beauty of the campus. The University of Kansas Main Campus (Lawrence, KS) has one of the most beautiful college campuses in the nation, and I certainly think that is helps the moral of the school. Waking up every day and being on such a beautiful campus with a group of people I consider to be my family is more than any college student could ever wish for.


One thing that really attracted me to KU was their great history and tradition tied to their basketball program. College sports have always been one of my great interests, and to be a part of the "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" chant during home basketball games gives me a feeling I've never been able to replicate anywhere else. The feeling of being part of something much larger than yourself is priceless.


Although KU is a large campus, you do get that personal attention that I was looking for in a college. I transferred from a community college and I felt that the switch was not as bad as I had antipicipated because the professors really cared about me and they wanted me to succeed in the classes. I like the fact that I can always get ahold of my teachers if I need to speak with them regarding a class.


KU has the greatest diversity of all the schools in my state. That's important to me.


This campus is very liberal but academic driven. It has a great mix of ethnic races in the student body as well as facility.


The students are very kind and open to other cultures/backgrounds/ethnicities.


Much more diverse and more options for majors


The tradition at our school is incredible. I've visited other schools and they all have their rituals, but I've never felt such passion and pride than I have at KU. Everyone represents and defends our school in every way and works very hard to uphold traditions concerning academics, sports, and other activities that have been practiced for years.


KU is a wonderful place. Students here get the "true" college experience.


The University of Kansas is unlike any place in the world. The pride that the students and faculty have in their academics, extra-curricular activities, and personable approach is incomparable. Being a part of the community that is the University of Kansas is something that I will cherish forever. All over the country, you will find people supporting the crimson and blue proudly. A simple "Rock Chalk" to a fellow supporter will lead to a high five and a friendly conversation. There is no place else I would rather be than in Lawrence, Kansas at KU.


Compare to the other choices I considered KU is more closer to home then others, and the tution is cheaper and also the Jayhawks baskrtball team is my favorite.


Kansas University is very unique because we have a broad range of fields to go into. There is a major for just about anyone and I find that very interesting and quite unique.


There are many opportunities to get involved.


we have good school spirit.


The University of Kansas offers a large and diverse student body not found on many campuses. The student body is spirited and proud to be Jayhawks, which creates a fantastic sense of unity between students. Other schools that I considered and attended do not have the same spirit. If school pride is something that you value, then KU is the best place to attend. The classes, instructors and education are exceptional. The quality of education that I am receiving here is thoroughly preparing me for my future, but it is the people that make it memorable and special.


The University of Kansas has a very diverse and dynamic student body with hundreds of extra curricular activities.


KU has a rich tradition of academic excellency combined with a many opportunities for involvement in a small town atmosphere. This mix is hard for a large college to maintain. I have found that getting involved is easy and there are so many potential areas and interest to volunteer in. So far my Freshman year, I have helped with a local blood drive as well as helped with Habitat for Humanity. I have been enjoyed and thrived in my courses and I look forward to what the future holds. KU makes the future possible!


In comparison to other schools, KU is unique in its ability to meet the needs of its students. The university has a wonderful and diverse range of resources that exceed many other schools.


A beautiful campus and respect for other cultures and beliefs.


The campus here at the University of Kansas is breath taking. Just by walking on campus you can really get the feeling of Jayhawk pride from everyone you pass and it is a wonderful feeling to know your apart of that. Coming to KU, you know off the bat that it will be a hard battle unlike some schools that you know will be just as easy as High School. It is good knowing that you can come in being lost and scared and come out 4 years later being the best person that you can be.


The University of Kansas is unique in that here students feel like they are at home, no matter how far away their real home is. There is something for everyone to be involved in, making it easier for students to adjust to college life as they find groups of people they can easily identify with.


KU is an extremely well-rounded school with lots of great tradition. We have great academics, great sports teams, lots of "cultural" activities such as plays and art shows, an awesome live music scene, and a town that is built around the college. This town lives for KU, and it really makes the students feel like part of a family rather than just a school.


It's outstanding basketball team, the school's mascot the "Jayhawk" and it's chant. KU's world famous Rock Chalk Chant evolved from a cheer that a chemistry professor, E.H.S. Bailey, created for the KU science club in 1886.. President Teddy Roosevelt pronounced it the greatest college chant he'd ever heard. Legend has it that troops used the chant when fighting in the Philippines in 1899, in the Boxer Rebellion in China, and in World War II.


The University of Kansas offers a unique campus climate in the middle of the US. With realtively cheep out-of-state tuition, KU has a great diversity of students including a huge percentage of international students. Since KU makes it easy to start a new club of your own (only 3 members and 1 faculty/staff advisor) new groups and opportunities are constantly being brought to campus. KU has a huge endowment directed toward student aid from our supportive, passionate leaders of industry alumni. A gem in the mid-west, KU thrives with diversity.


A good friend of mine explains the hidden secrets of The University of Kansas, the town of Lawrence and the students who live here.


The University of Kansas is "a great place to be!!!"


KU is a very diverse school. Very sports-oriented. Academic support is just as high as school spirit.


My school is very beautiful and everything is within reach without the hassle of everything being so far away.


The campus has great landscaping and there are so many people I feel I have a rich, diverse, social life where many people of many backgrounds are included. The school also has a large variety of acedemic persuits available, with classes I never thought available anywhere are offerred and accessable. There is a lot of things to do in the city the campus is found in, and I feel the school provides a lot of new experiences I wouldn't have found anywhere else.


The University of Kansas is very diverse. It has something for every student who enrolls. For example, there are a lot of clubs and societies that students can get involved in. The clubs and societies are offered for everyone's interestest, wheter it be academics, or sports. This school has an outstanding tradtion of school spirit. Attending the sporting events is fun to be with other student who have the same school pride. Overall, this school is unique because so many people with different backgrounds can come together under one certain thing, being a Jayhawk!


The campus is amazing. There were many more opportunities here to get into the field of work that I was interested in. I came into college knowing I wanted to do something with sports and KU offered a sports management program as well as sports broadcasting. I got my undergraduate degree in sports broadcasting and saw that the opportunity for work right now was not strong so I am going back to school to get a graduate degree in sports studies.


Academically, I feel that the University of Kansas is slightly superior to its fellow state schools; the programs offered are diverse in nature and number, and boast reputable faculty. But where this school shines most is the cultural mix of its students. I've never encountered such a blended amalgam of beliefs, attitudes, philosophies and opinions than I have in Lawrence, KS. Furthermore, beyond the doors of these campus buildings lies a true gem of a town, uniquely nestled in what many would consider a largely narrow-minded, culturally-ignorant state.


not too far from home, beautiful campus, good school enthusiasm


The gorgeous campus and Allen Fieldhouse for basketball games


We're very diverse and open to many different mindsets and opinions. We're very proud to be who we are, no matter who "we" is comprised of. We're spirited and fun, smart and strong, we're jayhawks.


This school is in a college town. I have never lived in a town that is primarily known for its University, and I think its a great atmosphere. Everything that happens around town is tailored to the University schedule and there are lots of cheap options for us poor students!