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What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

Hima Bharathi

I will most brag about the greenery present in the college when I tell my friends about my school.


When telling friends about my school the first and easiest thing to brag about is definitely our men's basketball team and program. Additionally, I brag about our beautiful campus, and how different our greek community is from most universities. I truly believe there is a sorority and fraternity fitting for every personality type. Not to mention how accepting every house is of individual differences.


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag about the school spirit and traditions. Everywhere you walk on campus at the University of Kansas, there are multiple people sporting KU's colors and the Jayhawk mascot. Also, it is a very old campus with so much tradition physically surrounding the students. For example, the Campanile is to be walked under when students graduate and is a huge tradition well-known on and sometimes off campus. The rich tradition provides a sense of togetherness and shows a lot of care that has radiated around campus for years.


There is so much spirit and tradtition at this school. Everyone is so full of pride. Academics are high on everyone's priority list but there is also a very fun social aspect.


The school spirit at KU is better than any other school. The academics are very solid. I was in the school of business and it has top-notch professors who have experience in their field.


Our basketball team is absolutely phenomenal, and being at the basketball games in Allen Fieldhouse is an experience unlike any other.


I most brag about the city- Lawrence is a wonderful, fun, vibrant community.


The University of Kansas has excellent academics and an amazing basketball team.


good teacher good equipments friendly campus social activities


It is a gorgeous campus set on 'The Hill' of Mount Oread and has a great business school and the best basketball arena in the country.


The University of Kansas is a prestigious school, offering a variety of degrees to achieve. The university is big but is also the right size and has lots of resources for students to use. KU is a fun school because of the town and the people you meet and the town is just the right size .


There are so many activities for students to get involved in. There are many ways to meet new and interesting people and the classes are awesome. There is all kinds of help available for students and every resource to help them succeed.


The University of Kansas has a lot of faculty and staff that want to see their students achieve high grades. There are many resources available for students to use if they run into a problem in their work or studies. The libraries even have librarians who you can text for information about library content.


I'm really not the type to brag. I'm not really a KU basketball fan either but there is the recent national championship win the year before I arrived. And as of right now, our football team isn't doing very good. Another thing, since I came from a small western Kansas town, the location of the capitol and Kansas City are too much to ignore.


The Psychology department is full of professors that are willing to help you figure out what classes you need to take in order to finish your degree. The campus is very easy to navigate and there are plenty of places to study in both libraries.


I take school very seriously and love to learn. As a sophomore in the 2010-2011 school year, I have yet to receive anything below a B.


I most often brag about the friendliness of all the professors, counselors, and other undergraduate students I have met. They have really helped me discover what particular disciplines I most enjoy, make the connections that will support me the rest of my life, and construct a plan to follow the dreams that give me hope.


I always tell them about how accepting the students and faculty are. I also like to talk about the professors who are wonderful, and how they seem to genuinely care about the successes and failures of their students. Prior to attending KU I wasn't used to feeling that I was part of a classroom or school. Here I feel that I am an integral part, rather than just one other student struggling through and trying to make something of myself.


The basketball team here is amazing. I always brag about how good we are and how we have won a national championship. Basketball is a way of life here. If you are not at Allen Field House cheering them on, you are watching on TV. The basketball team is probably why many of the students chose KU.


There is a lot of school pride. We have the best basketball team in the country. There's is always something to do! And so many friends to be made!


The different kind of people I go to school with. I meet a new friend everyday.


When telling friends about my school, I bring up the beauty of it. Not only is the campus goreous but the lifestyle that is offered here is amazing. Your allowed freedom, but also taught to know the awareness of your responsibilites. I brag mostly about the accomplsihment one feels when you have completed an assignment or course with a good final grade, after working so hard the whole semster. I bring up how everything is worth the fight and it is an honor and prideful to attend this university.


I brag most about the wonderful opportunity I had to live in a scholarship hall, teaching an anatomy cadaver lab, and, of course, the Jayhawk Basketball team. I met all of my best friends and husband through living in Sellards Scholarship Hall and have encouraged students interested in KU to seriously consider living in one of the twelve halls. Moving into that envirnment was like moving into a family! I also loved learning and teaching other students through the cadaver lab at KU. I am so glad to have these experiences! Go Jayhawks!


When I tell people about my school I brag most about the schools film program. As a film major I find in fasinating that we have such a great film program. Our professors have made many independent films. Its interesting to learn from a profesor who has had experience on a film set. Also in our film classes we have the opportunity to have filmmakers come and speak to the class. I love to brag about the University of Kansas's film department.


The instructors who open your mind.


At KU there are many things to brag about, most notably, the sports. When I brag to my friends, I don't mention the sports, I brag about the incredible quality of my professors.


When it comes to The University of Kansas, the Jayhawk basketball tradition is the biggest bragging point.


The campus is beautiful, even in the dreary winter months. Also, there is a plethora of different types of people, and you are able to meet so many people with shared interests, hobbies, majors, etc. that you never dreamed existed. The on-campus jobs rock, and there are so many extracurricular activities to choose from, there is guaranteed to be something to interest you. Also, the university offers many programs designed to help students with troubles in any class.


I tell them that the campus is really pretty especially in the fall when the leaves are changing - the area around the campanile and Potter's lake is the prettiest. The view from the campus buildings higher up on Mount Oread looking south is really nice and winning the men's basketball national championship in 2008 usually comes up too.


When I tell my friends about my school I brag most about the academic's, campus living, the area, the great programs and opportunity's that is has to offer.


My school has so many great things about it. I love my campus; the buildings are all unique, and the lanscaping and views are all so beautiful. My dorm was very nice, the bus came right outside, parking was alright, our dining hall had many options, we had washer and dryers very available, and I would recommend it to prospecive students. Everyone on campus is usually friendly, I frequently see people I have had in my classes and it is always nice to stop and chat about classes. My schools athletics are also very fun to attend. School spirit!


The alumni base is incredible. The facilites are second to none. There is a huge fan base for athletic teams. There is never a night without a party. Very liberal.


KU dominates in college basketball.


When I brag to my friends about my school, I often speak about the excellent education and the wide variety of top-rated programs offered at the University of Kansas. Many graduates are currently CEO's, editors, engineers, and many more. The education received at KU gives students the knowledge and opportunities to pursue any job imaginable, and I can't imagine attending any other university.


The campus is an intersting place. There are a lot of events that occur on campus. There are good professors(and teacher's assistants) and staff. The students i know are friendly and nice. The atheltics teams are all good and nationally ranked teams. There are quality facilities on campus. Overall the campus is a great place to be.


I tell everyone that KU is an amazing school for just about any major. The classes are great and the professors are caring! Plus, the sports and campus life are so fun. KU has everything that a college student could possibly want.


I love living on campus. There are a lot of diverse people around and I am living on campus for the third year. I have met a lot of amazing people at KU, including faculty and other students.


When discussing different elements of our seperate college lives, I gush to my friends about KU and all of its offerings. One of my favorite aspects to mention about KU are the resources. As a freshman, I am already involved in tutor groups, study sessions, appointments at the writing center, and visiting professors during study hours. With even the slightest bit of effort, students can receive as much help as they want with assignments, papers, or just getting involved in campus life at the university. I appreciate how encouraging all the KU staff is in terms of getting students involved!


I brag most about campus. They truly care about our campus and keep it clean. Every time I walked to class I would just look around and appreciate the fact that I could attend such a beautiful campus. I also enjoyed it because students were able to study outside which made for a very nice break from the library when the weather was nice.


When I come home from school I like to brag about Budig Hall. The University of Kansas huge one thousand person lecture hall. I?ve had the most interesting classes there like Biology, Microeconomics, Accounting, and Information Systems. I like to talk about Budig because since there are 1,000 people in your class you have to have a lot of will power to stay focused on lecture and not look at your neighbors laptop while they?re playing games. I have to admit that I glanced over a couple of times but not too often.


I think my school is a lot of fun, it has a comfortable and carefree atmostphere but it keeps academics high on the list of priority. It is a beautiful campus and the staff is always very helpful and friendly. I love the lecture halls and the community itself.




Well, most of KU's bragging rights come from sports. Last year we won the National Championship in basketball and the Orange Bowl in football.


Its just fun.


That our football and basketball team are both national champions!!!


Sports Club programs are awesome: Ultimate is the way to go!!!


The campus is BEAUTIFUL, there is always an event/protest/speaker going on, the basketball games are like no other game you will ever attend (ever.), down town on Mass street is the place to be (especially when we win the NCAA championship), the people are all interesting, diverse, and fun, the city is located conveniently close to other fun cities such as Topeka and Kansas City, the staff is very helpful, there is a huge variety of classes, and there is a lake five minutes away. I do not mention the parking problem. I leave it as a surprise : )


I typically brag about how beautiful the campus is and how many things there are to do in lawrence. I brag about how fun massachusettes street is for shopping and eating. I definitely brag about our sports and how we won the national championship in basketball for 2008.


The sports teams


I mostly brag about our football team or our basketball team.