University of Kansas Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the size of the campus. Walking to every class is not always the option and the buses are not always on time. Some days, such as rainy ones, the buses are very crowded.


The worst thing about the University of Kansas is that they do not offer courses on important subjects like "Chicano Studies". Every college I have attended other than KU had this subject which is disappointing. I believe that leaving subjects like these out of universities lessens their diversity and cultral awareness.


The availability of the teachers and the knowledge of the advisors. The core classes to my degree (Biology, Anatomy, Physics, etc) always contained 100+ kids. Due to these large class sizes, the teachers rarely responded to emails or even had time to talk with students. If you needed answers, the teachers assistant was the only person whom you could talk with. As far as advising, I basically came up with a roadmap for my degree and had to plan out everything. If I had a question about classes, my advisor had a hard time answering.


Unless you are into sports, in a extracurricular club or are into going to bars there is little to do to meet new people outside of class. A suggestion would be to have a campus clean up or some other community service available on a monthly basis. As a campus we could even combine forces with habitat for humanity and with the turn out we could do some amazing things. Many degrees and scholarships require involvement in the community from the student and there is little involvement with community service unless you belong to an extracurricular club.


on the way to classes; classes are streched far across campus so it's hard to get to class on time. KU has a bus system but it's so confusing that you are better off walking to class. You would think KU would hae a lot of money to get a decent bus system


The worst thing about my school is the segregation of each major. Every major only associates with other people of that major.


It is a vary liberal campus and school in general, and if you do not fall into that category, you are sometimes ostricised for being conservative, or anything different. I sometimes felt judged and shamed for what I thought or believed and even at times had to defend my thinking to my professors.


So far I have LOVED my school. The only negative thing I have encountered was my ECON 144 class where the Teacher's Aide did not speak very good English so it was difficult to uderstand him. They also do not have a good "list of tutors by subject" available anywhere that I could find.


I think the worst thing about this school is that you have to constantly check on things you need done. For example, if you need a grade from your professor and you ask, and a couple of weeks later you do not hear anything so you ask again and then eventually you just give up because it is more of a hassle then it really had to be.


One of the things I really did not like about the school was the lack of dinning choices. I wish they had more sandwhich and healthy hot meal choices. However, the bus system is really great and there is a lot of places in town.


The school is well rounded overall. One disadvantage of attending KU is not being able to drive through the campus during school hours. It makes it extremely inconvenient especially since there are dorms on opposite sides of the campus.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be cost of education given that I am an out-of-state student. It is very tough to go to a out-of-state college when the tuition is so inflated. I chose KU because of the great education and atomosphere however; I believe the cost makes it out of reach for many students.


The worst aspect of KU is the hill that students are required to ascend when going to class. The daunting task of walking up the hill can be a huge deterrent from going to class. This leads to taking the bus more often, but this forces one to put complete faith in the buses. Whether the buses arrive on time, ahead of schedule, or behind schedule, every day is a new surprise. Missing the bus can dissuade students from going to class because of the enormous hill that awaits them.


The worst thing about The University of Kansas is the weather during the cold winters. Other than that, no complaints at all!


The worst thing about my school is the cliques. If you aren't a member of a so called clique it is very hard to find your niche. The good thing is there are so many different groups that appeal to many different people. In my opinion anyone who wants to be involved needs to be in a group, otherwise it is very hard to hear about opportunities to be involved.


The fact that the area is very liberal. Also that there is a lot of underage drinking.


The worse thing about my school would have to be segragation between with greek system and the rest of the school because the rest of the school doesn't understand why we are all in greek house and that it is actually a good opportunity instead of us "paying for our friends."


The overall size of the school makes it difficult to find help from the professors since there are so many other students they have to help too. same with the advisors; you can not have your own advisor. They have to advise hundreds of other students as well so you do not get a lot of help from them.


Probably the bus system, it was really bad this winter, especially where I lived. Often times the buses wouldn't be able to make it to my dorm so I had to walk a lot in the cold.


I consider the plus minus grading system to be the worst thing about the school because it makes GPA even more complicated. There is no such thing as an A+ yet a plus exists for every other grade.


I think it would be the partying and binge drinking at the school. I know that not EVERYONE binge drinks, but many, many people do. I personally don't care for binge drinking. I understand people think it is fun and the "cool" thing to do, but it would be nice if there was more fun things to do for people who don't really care to drink.


Campus Housing!!!! They charge you insane amounts for tiny little things like lockout charges. Also, they are extremely unorganized, and the lady at the Jayhawker Towers messed up our room placement. So, she threw us in a random room that we did not want, and then when we decided we didn't want to live there if we didn't get the room we originally were promised, they charged us $250 for cancelling the contract that THEY violated!!!! I STRONGLY recommend keeping away from KU student housing.


Research facilities are filled with clutter.


KU is discriminatory against non-traditional (NT) students. There are very few night classes offered at KU, and very little flexibility in the times that classes are offered. This makes it difficult for students to work off-campus while going to school. KU offers little online courses and the few that they do offer more costly. There are no scholarship opportunities for part-time students at KU. This is unfortunate for KU because in this economy there are more NT students than ever, many of which cannot go to KU because they do not offer programs that meet their needs.


I think that the worst thing about the University of Kansas is that the library isn't 24 hours on the weekends.


The worst thing about the University of Kansas is the high cost it charges for additional fees such as meal plans, housing, internet service, and parking permits. If students don't receive scholarships or grants, or have parents helping to pay for these things, students must take out loans.


The size of the school can cause average students to feel like just a number. There are ways to avoid this, by getting involved in clubs and such, but it is still difficult to feel important or valued. Some students, however, appreciate this aspect of the school.


The worst thing about attending a big university like mine is the seperation between students and faculty. At times, it seems that our professors are more concerned with their own research and studies than the students and what they are teaching us.


When it's freezing cold outside or boiling hot walking up and down the hill is not a fun thing to have to do.


The worst thing about the University of Kansas is how much partying takes place. It's easy to get pulled in to the party scene, and forget that school is takes priority.


I love KU but coming from a very small school going to a very large one was a little stressful. They expect alot from you and they don't give you any breaks. It's hard work, that's one thing you should keep in mind but on the otherhand, in the end it will be very rewarding.


The cost of attendance is hard. As a working single woman, it's difficult for me to afford tuition, living expences, and books.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that it is not very racially diverse. I think this is the worst thing because it is important for all people to feel comfortable in their environment of learning. At my school, the african americans on campus are mainly athletes and this should not be teh case. 2.5% of the population is dissatisfactory.


It has a way of making students feel like just a number because of the way they treat you (pretend nice treatment), and it seems as though it is just a business out to make money, like everyone's parents are paying for their kids school or something.


I live in Southern California and have to fly to and from my home to get to Lawrence Kansas. Lawrence Kansas breaks the streotype of the state of Kansas. The city is beautiful and is hilly, has big trees, has a lake on the campus and has a cool old downtown. Some people call it a flyover state (a state you fly over to go to cool states) but I think it is beautiful. It looks and feels more like a state like Wisconsin. Anyway, I will be going back and forth for four years until I graduate in 2014.


I consider that the University of Kansas does not give out enough scholarships and does not pay enough attention to their students to be the worst things about this school; they are more concerned about money than if their students graduate or not. There is enough money for them to give out more scholarships, but they do not.


The University of Kansas is primarily a basketball oriented school. I walked on for the football team and have realized that many of the fans are very "fair weather", meaning they only support when we are good. I do not believe that this is an acceptable way to go about things, and I believe that a school should come out to support their team in all sports no matter if they are good or bad.


Certain faculty- usually spend the least amount of time required for office hour help and taking questions in lecture


I consider the worst thing about my school the price of out-of-state tuition. I know that public universities usually always charge out-of-state students more, but as an out-of-state student myself, It's too high. I'm in a tight spot choosing between paying approximately $30,000 a year for college, or going to another school I know I wouldn't like near as much as KU. I'm going into debt as grants/scholarships and private funds are not nearly enough to cover these expenses. This bothers me quite a bit.


cultural diversity is low


Well it's hard to say. The University of Kansas is about the greatest place ever but I guess the amount of foreign teachers we have. It's kind of ridiculous. No offense


I consider the worst thing about the University of Kansas to be the hill on which the campus was built. Only during the agreeable seasons of Spring and Autumn is the long uphill walks from yellow-pass parking tolerable. During the Summer, students endure high temperatures and are often dripping with sweat for their first class, and in the Winter, hands and faces are raw from the bitter cold Kansas winds.


The worst thing about my school is definitely the cost. It is running me broke. Because my parents are not helping me pay for college, I am forced to pay for college on my own. As a result I have to come up with about $7000 every semester on my own.


The class size for some lectures.


The worst thing about KU is the financial aspect. I feel that credit hours here are expensive, but worth it because of the great education offered. However, it is extremely hard to get financial aid and even harder to get a job, on or off campus, in Lawrence.




I believe that the worst thing about my school are the Teacher Assistants for the Mathematics department. It makes it difficult to learn when they are foreign and there is a language barrier which makes mathematics hard than it already is for University of Kansas students.


I would not say that there is anything particularly awful about Kansas Universities campus. I am a music major, and do not mesh well with the fraternity/sorority crowds, and the Greek system here is fairy strong so I will sometimes get irritated with large groups of them walking on campus. On that same note though, there is also a strong musical/artistic community here so I am sure that the fraternity/sorority crowd gets irritated with us as well sometimes. Overall though, I am happy with Kansas University.


We do not have a Spanish Minor program. I would have liked to have something pertaining to spanish on my future resume-- I have been studying the language for 8 years. I believe it would compliment my intended Journalism major and Business minor quite nicely. In addition, it would compiment a multitude of other majors.


The dorms can get a bit dirty.