University of Kansas Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That KU is a party school and students are very liberal.


I think some stereotypes about KU students are that everyone is really liberal and they party all the time. Also, I think that people assume KU students don't have to try very hard to be accepted when they apply, like getting into KU is a "sure thing" for everyone that applies.


Many stereotypes about the state of Kansas is that all of us are backwards cave dwelling bible crazies. Well the students of KU are very diverse meaning that some could fall into this category but for the most part we are all very different ( and not bible crazies). A very real stereotype about this university is that it is "diverse" which the university likes people to believe. Being Mexican it is very rare that I see other Mexicans on campus, not that their isn't a plethora of different races on campus but it is a predominantly white campus. Other stereotypes of KU is that we are just a huge hippie campus and that the only thing our students do is drink, smoke weed and watch basketball.


KU Students include a diverse variety of groups that have stereotypes associated with them. I think and would hope that there isn't a stereotypical KU student. Though my perspective is skewed from living in Lawrence for several years, I would say the only thing stereotypical are the groups themselves.


People see KU as a liberal campus filled with gays and lesbians. Some parents from my hometown see KU as a college where people go to lose their morals. People also call KU students stuck up and snobby rich kids.


everyone thinks we're either gay or in favor of gays.


One huge stereotype about KU is that everyone is artsy fartsy or gay. I've heard it called GayU and "The Gay Capitol of the World." People also tend to think that most of the people who attend KU are extremely liberal hippies.


all the men are gay, we are all liberal, Gay-U, snobby university, claims to be diverse but isn't


I am not sure what stereotypes exist about KU and KU students, mostly because I am apart of KU and don't get to see what other people from different regions think of KU. However, I know that one major stereotype about KU is that it attracts a lot of liberal-leaning, "artsy" people.


Ku students drink a lot.


Ku students drink a lot.


The majority of students are liberals. KU has a big gay population. The students are accepting of the gay population at KU. KU has an awesome basketball program, but a not-so-good football program.


Most KSU and MU people think KU is full of gay people, and our nickname is GayU. They also think we are a bunch of liberal, Johnson County people.


that we're stuck up, rich, conceited, good at basketball, bad at football, overrated


The stereotype about KU, as with many places of higher education, is that it's a place infested with liberals and turns students into commie homosexual hippies.


That it is full of rich, spoiled, arrogant snobs that come from wealthy Johnson County families and drive their daddy's cars around and liberalists that are always protesting and way too extreme.


I guess KU, because of our AWESOME sports and our crazy fans, is known as a party school. The stereotype would probably be that a lot of our students just came here for basketball and that we just party all the time. Also, probably that KU is a super leftist liberal school that is hostile to other camps of thought.


That everyone is liberal


Most stereotypical would be the quote "snobs on the hill" and that we are all homosexual.


That they are all from Johnson county, rich, and spoiled.


There are two stereotypes: 1) We are all from Kansas, and specifically Johnson County, a suburb of Kansas City. 2) Because we are a state-school, the students are not as intellectually capable as those of private schools 3) We are really good at basketball.


That everyone is a Johnson County snob.


That most of KU's students are rich kids from Johnson County


I think that people think of KU students as homogenous, white-bread, not particularly diverse. I think some of my friends that go to private liberal arts schools look down on KU a little because it is a state school and they don't see it as being very prestigious. Some people probably see KU students as caring more about sports than about academics.


That all KU students are rich brats from Johnson County.


That every one is here is a snob.


Drink too much. Drive in their parents expensive vehicles. KU runs Lawrence.


That we are all hippies. That there's only 4 of us because no one lives in Kansas. That we are all from this area. And possibly less common, but I think some conservative Christians would feel KU only indoctrinates wordly attitude and that they, as conservative Christians, would have a hard time fitting in.


That we are rich and stuck up. that we are all from Johnson Count. That everyone is gay. Gayhawks is what I've been told. We are known for bball and we have our rivals. That everyone hates every other school.


KU is known at other colleges as "snob hill". The students at KU are known widely to be wealthy kids from Johnson County whose parents pay for everything.


KU students are pretty diverse, I'm not sure that there's any overarching stereotype... There's the idea that KU's a bit of a party school... KU is reputed to be a little more liberal than, say, K-State.


I never really had stereotypes about KU students before I came here, mainly because I only visited the university twice and hadn't really heard much about the students. As far as the University goes, there are a few stereotypes. People say that it's really liberal, and it's also slightly pricy


Usually, you'll hear that KU students are stuck up, rich "Johnson County" kids and that students from families of less money won't fit in. KU itself is viewed to be very liberal (considering its in KS) and expensive.


The biggest stereotype about KU and its students is that they have a haughty or snobbish attitude, especially toward basketball.


KU is known to be a party school. KU lets almost anyone in so their quality of education must not be that high.


Good at basketball! Stuck-up and liberal, but that's only from within Kansas.


I think there are stereotypes out there about a lot of state schools and the people who choose to attend them. Oftentimes, we are painted as people who either couldn't afford to attend a private college or university or weren't smart, motivated, or involved enough to be accepted to one.


liberal political views, open mind,


KU is known for its basketball team. It seems that everyone thinks that KU only has a basketball team because that is the only sport that excels at KU.


The common misconception is that KU students fall into one of two categories: Greek or Hippie. Neither extreme is quite accurate, but I would say that KU students are generally warm, friendly, and a bit apathetic.


Studying hard, Playing hard, Working hard, Having fun


Around Kansas, KU is seen as "the snobs on the hill." This stereotype stems from the fact that Lawrence is one of the more "hilly" places in Kansas and that many students come from Johnson County, the richest county in Kansas. Another stereotype of KU is that we are just a bunch of drunks.


They're all Johnson County kids, for one. And that it's easy to get lost in the shuffle at KU.


KU is full of rich Johnson County kids who are given everything from their parents. KU is a party school. KU students are liberal.


The biggest stereotype about KU and KU students is that basketball is more important than almost anything else around the University and the surrounding city. Another stereotype would be that the University and its students are snobbish.