University of Kansas Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


very diverse as we welcome everyone, it is true


KU is known as a party school which is true of some students, but not all. Since KU is a rather large school there is a wide variety of people and groups.


Kansas is a pretty diverse school. We have a large Greek system, but it's not really very divisive. Most people get a long. The basketball program is really great, so they're often perceived as super stars, but they're normal students too. Lawrence gets a bit of a reputation for being "hippy" because it's one of the only liberal areas in a highly conservative state, but again there's a wide variety.


A common stereotype people might place on students at KU is that they are hippies and value basketball over everything. KU is a liberal school. But in many ways, this can be a good concept. People are allowed to express their opinions, and by living in on a campus like this, one can learn a lot more about other worldviews. Students are given a unique opportunity to land themselves in the middle of a student body that comes from everywhere. I might not ever be able to travel to India and China, but I do know two guys from there, so I can have those experiences through them. The second stereotype that people might have about KU students is that they value basketball over everything. Students do value basketball a lot, but not over everything. KU is a very prestigious academic institution known for their research. However, KU does indeed have successful athletic programs that are rich in history. This blend of academic integrity and athletic tradition makes a school like KU hard to pass up.