University of Kansas Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?

Hima Bharathi

My school is great.


I like it, but it is very expensive.


To me, the size of this school is just right. It's not a huge university where you feel like you don't know anyone, but it's not so small that everyone knows each other. Going from the Kansas City suburbs to Lawrence, however, is quite a change, and I'm not a huge fan. The only reason I'm going to KU is because it's a short drive to KC and I can go back on the weekends to actually do things - there's not much to do in Lawrence. One thing I don't like about this school is all of the school spirit. Personally, I've never had any kind of school spirit, but a lot of people assume I do and start talking about sports that I care nothing about. However, this is probably true with most universities, so there's no getting away from it.


My overall opinion of this school is very high. I didn't think that a University that houses 30,000 students and is well known academic-wise as well as athletically would be able to offer opportunities to get involved for a nobody like myself. However, through networking and meeting people it hasn't been nearly as hard as I thought. The first semester my freshman year I wrote for the campus newspaper and this spring I will be helping the football team. This University is big enough to offer a plethora of opportunities, and small enough to allow you to get involved in virtually anything you are interested in. The University of Kansas is hard to beat! The location just adds to KU. Lawrence is one of the few "college towns" left. Massachusetts Street is always buzzing, and located a short distance from campus. It offers a variety of stores and restaurant and is a very nice location for a Sunday evening stroll. If you are the outdoors type, Clinton Lake is a nice place to get in touch with nature. Whether it is taking your boat out or pitching a tent, you will be able to get away from "city life" by only driving a short distance away from the heart of Lawrence. Overall, KU offers a unique unrivaled college experience.


The school pride at the University of Kansas is strong. Every student here has seemed to absorb the school spirit and this is displayed in the strong showing of supporters in all of our games and events. The size of the school is just nice and I feel comfortable walking among the students and getting to know new people each day. The best thing about this school is the culture that all students respect each others race, opinion and beliefs. As an international student, I am proud to be at KU where I am accepted for who I am. The experience that I will always remember is the Lunar New Year Party where I met a lot of Japanese, Korean,Chinese and American students whom all came together to make dumplings and sushi to usher in the Chinese New Year. It touched me to see so many students from different countries come together to learn more about each other. The most frequent student complaints are regarding the school's parking system. I t is very strict and sometimes unnecessary to hand out so many tickets.


When I was in an airport in Raleigh, North Carolina over spring break, I was sitting in a terminal with a Kansas t-shirt on. A man walked up, introduced himself to me, and told me that he graduated from KU recently. We talked for a few minutes and I asked him how he enjoyed his experience at KU. He replied, "I loved it." When my plane connected in Chicago, the exact same thing happened when I met a woman who attended KU over thirty years ago. If I am back home in Colorado and make eye contact with someone who is wearing Kansas gear as well, they will smile and say "Rock Chalk". Everyone really enjoys their experience at KU. Everyone takes great pride in being a Jayhawk. At KU, one gets the true college experience... A busy street that everyone flocks to on the weekend, a lively party scene, amazing traditions, students laying out in the grass, awesome athletic events. Lawrence is a true college town and an ideal place to spend your college years. There are a variety of dance clubs, coffee shops, eclectic restaurants, neat stores, and awesome music venues that attract great artists every month. The campus is beautiful. It sits on top of a hill and has many different levels to it. The red roofs can be seen from miles away. The campus has a great bus system so one doesn't have to walk up the hill to class if they don't want to. Everything on campus is within walking distance from another spot on campus though.


When I was in an airport in Raleigh, North Carolina over spring break, I was sitting in a terminal with a Kansas t-shirt on. A man walked up and introduced himself to me and told me that he graduated from KU recently. We talked for a few minutes and I asked him how he enjoyed his experience at KU. He replied, "I loved it." When my plane connected in Chicago, the exact same thing happened as when I met a woman who attended KU over thirty years ago. If I am back home in Colorado and make eye contact with someone who is wearing Kansas gear as well, they will smile and say "Rock Chalk". Everyone really enjoys their experience at KU. Everyone takes great pride in being a Jayhawk. At KU, one gets the true college experience... A busy street that everyone flocks to on the weekend, a lively party scene, amazing traditions, students laying out in the grass, awesome athletic events. Lawrence is a true college town and an ideal place to spend your college years. There are a variety of dance clubs, coffee shops, eclectic restaurants, cool clothing stores, and awesome music venues that attract great artists every month. The campus is beautiful. It sits on top of a hill and has many different levels to it. The red roofs can be seen from miles away. The campus has a great bus system so one doesn't have to walk up the hill to class if they don't want to. Everything on campus is within walking distance from another spot on campus though.


I think the best thing about KU is the laid back environment. I would change the hills if I could, walking up a giant hill to an 8 a.m. class is not much fun. I think it's just right, you can avoid people you may not want to see and still run into others you don't see enough. Since I'm from Topeka they don't really have much of a reaction when I tell them I'm going to school at KU. Most of my time spent on campus is either in class or at the library. I think Lawrence is a definite college town. I don't know much about KU's administration, I feel like maybe it isn't talked about enough. I think the biggest recent controversy on campus is trying to change the way the dorms deal with the underage drinking of the freshmen. Yes, I think there is plenty of school pride. We have White Owl, he's pretty unusual. I will never forget when we won the championship game, it was my Freshman year and we also won the Orange Bowl that year, it was the greatest Freshman year I could have asked for. I think the most frequent student complaints are about people smoking on campus.


Usually when I tell people I go to KU they give me a lot of respect. Normally because of the basketball and football programs but also because it is known as such a great university in the mid-west. If I could I would change the tuition rates that way more people from lower income levels could attend a great university at a more affordable price. Now that I am a senior I spend almost all my time in the Journalism building because that's where most of my classes and friends are. I try not to spend too much time in the library but when I need to study I usually am in Watson library because the others are way too loud. I like to hangout in front of Wescoe beach and talk with my friends. It really isn't a beach people just call it that but it is one of the more popular places to hangout because it's in the middle of campus. School pride runs deep within the student body. During homecoming there is KU stuff all over the City of Lawrence and the sororities and fraternities chalk pictures of Jay Hawks all over campus. Jay hawks are so unique because no other school has the same mascot or the historical significance behind theirs which is why school pride is a big deal in Lawrence. KU ALL THE WAY!!!!!


Best thing about KU is the variety of campus activities available and experiencing Lawrence.


KU has a great atmosphere and is filled with people who are very interesing and fun to be around. The only thing I would change about KU would be the cost of attendance; I know that it is less than a lot of other state schools, but it is still very difficult for me to find money for tuition. When I tell people that I go to KU, they always smile; it makes me proud that they know where I go to school and our traditions. I mostly spend my time in my scholarship hall; there are a lot of people around and it makes our community very interesting and fulfulling. There is so much pride here, especially now that we won the basketball National Championship; I think that has been the greatest experience yet. I will always remember Mass St. after the game and how many people packed the streets to celebrate.


KU is a good place for mostly everyone because we are so diverse. The town of Lawrence is an awesome college town with tons of different things to do. There is definitely a ton of school pride, especially after winning the National Championship. Although, we had plenty of pride in our school along the way to winning the championship. Students seem to complain about the parking the most. There isn't enough space to park and the spaces are about 1/2 the size of normal parking spaces.


The best thing about KU in my opinion is basketball, because I love the sport. Also, I love the campus, and the independence I get to experience. It's very large. Most people think KU is awesome, but there are always people who will disagree. There is a lot of school pride, and I personally love my school. Of course, the biggest experience I will always remember is the basketball team winning the national championship.


The best thing about KU is that the University is only an hour and a half away from my hometown, but it is a breath of fresh air because of all the different views you encounter when you get there. I feel that even though the campus has around 28,000 students, it doesn't feel too big at all. If I tell someone that I go to KU, they are usually surprised because I came from a small town where most people choose to go to K-State because of its closeness and more conservative stereotype. This year, there is an amazing amount of school pride because we won both the Orange Bowl in football and then the NCAA Championship in basketball. It's a great year to be a Jayhawk, and I'll never forget it!


Four words: 2008 NCAA Basketball Champions!!!! I will never forget the best basketball game in the world played on April 7, and subsequent mass crowds and partying that occurred on Mass. Street following the game!! KU is a really unified school, and I think that it is partly due to the outstanding KU athletic teams (basketball and football). Also Lawrence is a great town! Many people think that because it is in Kansas, it must be a hick town. It's the complete opposite! It is a very forward-thinking, open, beautiful town (very Boston-ish). Lawrence's pride in Mass. Street and its aura also unifies the University of Kansas and creates a great deal of pride in being a Jayhawk!


ku is a good size.


ku is a good size.


I would change the amount of parking available to students at KU. KU is building more facilities (like a practice field for the football team -- which is being built where parking for the football stadium used to be -- and a new scholarship hall) without building more parking. And if I had the ability, I would change the amount of hills on campus. I don't think the KU campus is too big. Some of the buildings need to be updated b/c some of them have so not-so-safe parts, like the elevators for example. KU is definitely part of a college town. Whenever school is not in session, Lawrence is almost completely dead, except for the townies. KU needs to change the math and physics departments because they both are not organized well and they don't have sufficient professors to teach. KU definitely has a lot of school pride. One thing that I love about the students is that we love our school, but we don't out-right bad mouth others and purposefully start fights. Yes, we bicker w/ our rivals, but we aren't down-right mean. I will always remember this school year and how our football team won the Orange Bowl and our basketball team won the NCAA Championship.


I love this school. I love the sports games, the pretty campus, the overall atmosphere. I don't feel like KU is very big, and I come from a town of 1,200 people. It really doesn't seem that big to me. This is definitely a college town, and Mass Street proves it. I will always remember how we won the Orange Bowl, and I was there for it, and how we won the basketball championship, and I was on Mass for that.


watching sports is never dull---we're awesome at basketball, and becoming good at football. its the perfect size, and the town is awesome. there are always things to do, ku has tons of activities...its just a really fun place to go to school. there is tons of pride. I'll never forget winning a national championship, and the sense of unity our school has. celebrating on mass street after victories is never dull!


KU has a beautiful campus. The architecture is amazing--the red roofs make for a wonderful view from the top of the hill. The landscaping is lovely--the trees in the fall turn vibrant colors. The steep hills and tall trees often surprise students from the "flat" areas of Kansas. KU has many renowned programs and students excel academically. KU can be a great choice for people who like large classes and for people who prefer smaller classes; both large lectures and small honors sections, large dorms and small scholarship halls are available. Lawrence is a fabulous college town. It's an amazing community; it offers many opportunities for attending concerts (both classical and rock), volunteering, and expanding one's interests artistically and academically; it has an awesome downtown scene--you can shop to support local businesses or just have fun on Mass Street. KU has many excellent staff members and professors famous for their work in their fields. There is a LOT of school pride, demonstrated after we became basketball champions! The only big complaints I hear are about the ridiculously strict parking rules and the difficulty of working with the bureaucracy.


Lawrence is a college town that is perfect for young adults to adjust into the real world. We are far enough away from Kansas City that you can distance yourself from your family if you want, but if you ever need to fall back to one of your family members they aren't too far away. The town is amazing and the sports program is fantastic. Being a college town, there are plenty of ways to get involved and there is an excellent night life around the city. The faculty are top notch and if you are looking to go to a graduate school, KU has some top notch ones to attend if that is something you would like to pursue.


KU is an unbelievably great place to go to school. It is a big school with a lot of big classes, so you have to be able to handle the relative lack of personal attention. However, if you seek them out, professors are more than happy to work personally with students. Lawrence is a great college town that offers a lot to college life. Downtown offers great restaurants, live music, local businesses, and small coffee shops (a must for any college town). We LOVE our basketball here, as evidenced by the insane celebrations after we won the national championship. Being an athlete, I have a unique perspective of the school, and that perspective makes me love it here even more. KU athletics really does strive to be excellent in EVERYTHING we do, not just sports (although we are pretty good at that). Our student-athletes are high achievers in the classroom as well as the community, and the administration is dedicated to helping us live up to the gifts that God has given us.


No matter who you are or where you are from, you have a place at KU.


The best thing about KU would have to be the atmosphere. Everyone comes together for sporting events, football and men's basketball, specifically. We have some of the best traditions that have been going on since the university was established. I can't really think of anything I would want to change at the university. The greeks are an overwhelming population, so I guess I would like to see the university advertise more ways to get involved than just by joining a sorority or fraternity. I believe KU is the right size for me, but an opinion on the size of a school depends on the individual. When I tell people that I go to KU, most react by saying I went to the "wrong" school. In other words, everyone from my hometown are huge KSU fans...and I chose to be different. Otherwise, a lot of people think that it's cool that I chose to go somewhere most of my high school classmates didn't go. Most of my time on campus is in a library. Being a pre-pharmacy student requires a lot of studying! Lawrence is a great college town. The best are the Lawrence residents, who support KU and the college students and have the same spirit we do for KU. The biggest recent controversy on campus would be gay pride week. Fred Phelps decided to show his presence. Most do not like Fred Phelps anyways, but he of course caused controversy with his radical ideals. KU has A LOT of school pride. How can you go to such a great college without having pride in it...especially after winning the Orange Bowl and NCAA championship within one year?! I love walking into classrooms and seeing the wave of blue, red, and white KU t-shirts. It just reminds me of how much school pride and spirit all of us have. I have had many experiences I will always remember. I will remember Mass St. each time after each big NCAA basketball game. I will remember my experiences going to basketball games in Allen Fieldhouse and the traditions we have there. I will remember the football games in Memorial Stadium, the band playing Michael Jackson's "Thriller," and many other things having to do with KU football. I will remember having the "famous" athletes in some of my classes. I will remember the first time I came to KU, when I fell in love with the campus, the great views from the hill, and the red rooftops. The most frequent student complaints are usually about Lew Perkins stealing all our money and parking. Parking is probably the most complained about. The scholarship halls have minimal parking for how many students live in them, the dorms can in no way support how many residents they have, and parking at the recreation center isn't that great, either. But parking definitely should not deter any decision of attending KU!


The best part about KU is how pretty it is when the seasons change. In the fall it is really breath taking. When I tell people I go to KU they usually respond with "wow you must be really smart." KU is a big school, but it honestly doesn't feel very big. The only time I notice it is at football games when all the students are in one general area. I think KU has great fans, I have never been on campus and not seen someone in some sort of KU shirt. I will for sure always remember the basketball championship game.


KU is a large university, but it is also close-knit; it is not so large that students "disappear" when they come here. Despite its size, I always run into someone I know, whether I am on campus or in downtown Lawrence. School spirit is a huge part of the university's personality. The best experience I've had so far is KU winning the national championship in basketball. The school really united, even more than usual, and the excitement was amazing.


KU can be a daunting place for some students. It is a Big 12 school, and it is easy to get lost in the daily grind if you don't find organizations to join and extra-curriculars in which to participate. Even as an honors student, I find it difficult sometimes to meet up with like-minded students, or those who are not apathetic about school work. Because our standards of admissions are not as rigorous as private colleges, KU does have a group of students who do the very least to get by with non-failing grades. Many people also perceive KU as dominated by the Greek community. While many students do choose to join fraternity or sororities, they do not by any means rule the campus. The Greek vote does play a huge deciding factor in student senate elections, but as a resident of a scholarship hall, I do not feel infringed on by the Greek community. KU is really into sports. Nearly everyone watches the games, and most people here own more KU apparel than non-KU apparel it seems. Sports bring in a lot of revenue for the campus and the surrounding Lawrence community. KU is also a comprehensive research institution, though, so I don't think it is fair to assume that KU is only concerned with sports. Overall, because it is such a big school, it offers a lot of diverse opportunities to fit a student's needs. However, a student must expend a lot more energy to find or create those opportunities for themselves here.


I really like the size of KU. When I talk to some of my friends at really small schools, they complain that it feels like high school because you always interact with the same people. I think KU is great because you meet new people all the time. I also like that there are so many different majors to choose from and classes to take. I also love living in Lawrence because there is always something to do. There are great restaurants, coffee places, shopping, and more. I'm from Wichita and I always wonder what WSU students do for fun. Wichita just doesn't seem like a town for young people the way Lawrence does.


When I tell people I go to KU they usually look at me and think im some snob or that I have a lot of money. I definitly love going here though because there is no place like Lawrence and KU. There is so much to do here you can never really get bored. As far as school pride goes I think it would be very difficult to find another college with more pride than KU, just check out photos of Mass street after we won the championship this year.


The best thing about KU is that sometimes you get teachers that are inspiring and passionate. For instance, Professor Brent Steele and Professor L. Keith Miller take you through adventures in academic learning. Their curriculum is set up in such a way, that makes is both challenging and interesting for students. I think we need to build electric wind generators to set an example to the United States and the world. School seems to be, population-wise, just right. People usually are neutral or positive about KU in their reactions. However, you can always find a negative view of KU. I spend most of my time on campus in Blake. 'Tis a college town - becomes more of a college town every year. My opinion of the KU administration is too specific to just target KU admin in general. There are several administrative bodies and administrative employees that put the University before the students, which I think is backwards and damges KU's good name. Lots of school pride. Sports helps the national pride, but it seems we lack a lot of local pride. KU Med Center is something to boast about, but its prices are too steep. Running for Student Senate and meeting some of the most important people of my life here.


I love that there is so much going on. I would change nothing. KU is great the way KU is. It's huge but you find your spot. You see people you know. You don't always feel like a speck. It does happen and that's when I wish I was involved in more not at a smaller place. Where I'm from ppl think you are stuck up when you say you go to KU. Like you are too good for them. I spend most of my time at the library where I work or just in class. Lawrence is a college town! I don't have any problems with the administation. I don't honestly know what the biggest issue was. We have loads of school pride. You can't walk anywhere with out seeing a Jayhawks! KU is a place you just have to experience it can't be explain fully otherwise. I will always remember every game from football season. Marching band, as much as I disliked it was memorable. The hills and the cold lol!


I love the pride of KU. Students are not afraid to tell the world of their love of Jayhawks. However, I think there is a communication barrier from Administration to students. We don't hear about shootings at E's unless it's by rumor, and important announcements don't make it to students. Many students don't know what the University has to offer because there is such a breach in communication. Lawrence is a great college town. There is so much to do every single night of the week. Social life is never a problem.


When I tell people I go to KU, they either say "Oh! okay!" and start telling me about their sibling/offspring/parent/second cousin once removed who goes/went here. If they're K-State fans, it's more of a sigh of resignation. If you ever question KU's overall school pride, go to a home football or men's basketball game. Even if you go to an away game, there's always huge turnout, lots of noise. Alumni come to visit and go to games all the time. There's no question of our school pride. When I got here I was kind of apathetic about it all, the cheers were weird, etc. But if you're surrounded by people who "get" the KU pride thing, then you really get into it quickly. Coolest experience? Seeing Sasha Kaun all over the engineering building. As an engineering student, I think it's awesome that he can maintain a tough schedule while playing basketball. And he's tall. Student complaints... well, the dining hall food does get a little old after a while. Mrs. E's is great, but sometimes, you just want something else... and then there are plenty of places to eat off campus that are cheap and cater to the poor, destitute college student. Still, Thanksgiving dinner at the dining hall is pretty good. If I could change a few things, I might make the engineering building a little prettier, not quite so brickish. KU is great size wise for me. It's huge, but it's really easy to make friends because of it. At the same time, once you get going in your major, you keep seeing the same people over and over again, especially if you're in a professional school. Those people are your support system, so be nice to them. I spend a ton of time in Anschutz library. My freshman year, I took a fairly heavy courseload, so I need that time and space to finish all my work. The strange thing is, more than half the people I know I met in Anschutz. We're all library junkies, so it work out for us. It's weird, but we take a certain amount of pride in it.


I would think that the best thing about KU is its diversity. I love walking around campus and hearing people converse in 5 different languages. You don't have to go far to see different cultures. I think the school's big, but there's definitely bigger schools than ours. It's about 25,000 students, 30,000 total including staff. There's absolutely no way that you'll get to know everyone. But what I love about KU is that once you meet someone, you'll see them all over the place all of a sudden, as if they were always there but you just failed to recognize them. KU's definitely known for its basketball, and Allen Fieldhouse where all the home games are played at. I'm not big on sports so I don' t know much, but definitely check it out! Lawrence is definitely a college town though. It's pretty small, about 27 miles across. We don't have any malls, but we have a main street called Massachusetts St that we abbreviate "mass st." which is where ALL of the shops are. And it's just like a downtown area, but it's only one street and the college hang out away from campus. The streets got food, clothing, and when it's nice outside people playing guitar or other instruments for tips on the corner. Everywhere you go you'll see college-aged employees, adding to the young atmosphere the town has. I'd say there's definitely a TON of school pride. KU's really good about giving away free shirts, so you'll end up having at least 5-7 KU shirts by the end of your first year without even buying any. There's also a ton to buy though. Going to the football and basketball games are a really big deal here. Pre-game partying for football is a must and people camp out for about two days before basketball tickets go on sale for the more major games. One issue that I've run into is that if you're living at the dorms it's hard to find parking for your car. You really don't need a car, because there's a bus system that takes you around campus and hits all the buildings that your classes are in. There's also busses that'll take you to mass street, but if not that then you can always walk, it's only 3 blocks away from the end of campus. But parking at the dorms is limited, which is a pain if you're coming home late.


There are a lot of great things about KU. Basketball games definitely rank pretty high on the list. Allen Fieldhouse is amazing and the atmosphere is unbelieveable during a game. There are also people from all walks of life here, so its very easy to find someone you have something in common with and make friends. Being an engineering student, the majority of my friends are in my major or another engineering discipline and they understand exactly what you are going through, so its great to have people you can interact who have similar interests. If I could change anything about KU, it would be the advising system. I don't believe that my adviser has played much of a role in my education, and I know many other students (even outside of engineering) who feel the same way. I don't really notice the size of KU much anymore. It is a fairly large school (around 28,000 students), but one you get over the freshman shock of being in college, you really don't notice it anymore. Some classes are large, especially as a freshman and some upper level science classes (I'm afraid I can't speak much for anything outside of science/engineering), so that takes some getting used to. But once you get into the swing of things, the size isn't noticeable. Usually when I tell people I go to KU they ask how the basketball games are or if I know a basketball player, but not always. The reaction isn't usually much, they just ask the usual question of what year, what major are you. Most of my time on campus is spent in the engineering library studying, somewhere in the engineering building studying or in my dorm room studying. Most of my classes are concentrated within the engineering complex, so I don't see the rest of campus too much except for a few classes. There's a great spot to eat lunch at in the middle of campus that my friends and I will go to a few times a week (its busy though!). Lawrence is definitely a college town. There are lots of bars, some clubs, and its fairly easy to get around the being under 21 thing. There's also stuff to do on campus, such as bowling at the union. There's a big local music scene here. And you can always find a party if that's your thing. Students at KU have a lot of school pride. The past year in athletics has definitely helped that with football. The basketball team is always good, and students generally take pride in that.


The best thing about KU is the variety of majors KU has and the quality of those majors. Because KU has so many great programs, a student who isn't sure about what they want to major in can experience many different quality programs. The biggest thing I would change about KU would have to be the cost of meal plans in the dorms. Students are really being screwed in the long run. The food is over priced and, in some places, low quality. That isn't to say that all of the food on campus is bad. For the most part the bad food is only related to student housing. The University of Kansas has a huge campus. If a student wants a small atmosphere, KU may not be for them. The city where KU is located, Lawrence, does have a friendly atmosphere. The University can be intimidating as far as size goes, but the fraternal feeling KU has more than makes up for it. When people hear that I go to KU they are generally very pleased. KU has the reputation of being one of the best public universities in the country. Because I am a journalism major and a member of the newspaper staff, I spend most of my time on campus in the William Allen White School of Journalism. The University's administration works well to meet the needs of its students. The student senate holds open forum meetings to hear the concerns of students. Changes usually happen in a timely manner. The biggest recent controversy on campus involved the manner in which certain departments were disposing of student records. The University newspaper ran a story and the following week measures were taken to reform the record disposal process. School pride isn't a problem at KU. Our Basketball and football teams are recognized as championship contenders. Sporting events bring the student body together on a weekly basis. Being that this is my first year at KU I can't really comment on the unusual aspects of the campus. The one experience I will always remember is my first basketball game. KU basketball games are a circus that everyone should experience. The most frequent student complaint is dorm food, hands down.


The best thing about KU is diversity; I meet a new person almost everyday and they always have something different to say. One thing I would change is having the dorms on either end of campus; they need to be all in one place. The size of the school is just right for me. Some people have the reaction of ohh, do you get ANY studying done? Then there are others that tell me about opportunities that lie in KU that I should explore. [A lot of the extracurriculars that you find at KU should be things you go out and look for or else they wont be fun.] The engineering campus: Eaton, Learned, and Spahr. I love the engineering campus; it is one of my favorite places on campus. Also, the resources available there are AMAZING. Lawrence is most certainly a college town. There are so many things to do here and there is simply a different feel as soon as you step into Lawrence when compared to what it feels like at home. KU's administration needs to be able to communicate more with the students. There have been a few shootings in Lewis and Mrs. E's. There is a LOT of school pride. Everyday, you see someone wearing a KU t-shirt and at games, it's insane! What is really unusual about KU is that even though its a HUGE campus, it's possible to bring us all together at a basketball game or at a football game. Tailgating before the KU football games this year! Students complain a lot about the bus system, but its just a matter of being able to read it correctly.


The location, Lawrence is great. I would make the dorms wireless. It's just right. They think it's cool. In the dorms. College town. It's okay; the athletics people are jerks. No big controversies. There are lots of little ones if you pay attention. Yes. We have an awesome Mascot. We're really good at basketball. Going in the tunnels under the school. Buses running late.


I would have to say that the very best thing about KU is the feeling of community that exists here. We are all united by our love for our school. This stems from the success of athletic programs like basketball and, recently, football; it also comes from the cooperation and collaboration that occurs in the academic fields, as well. We're all rooting for and helping each other. Lawrence is a fantastic college town, too. There are so many different environments to be a part of here. There's great dining and shopping downtown, excellent residential areas full of growing families, and you never have to look far to find a beautiful natural landscape.


I am obsessed with KU. I love it so much, it's insane. I'm so excited to be a part of such a great community and I have never been more proud to be associated with something. I go home on breaks and I wear KU clothes everyday just so people will look and say "that girl goes to KU."


KU has an open, effective administration that works closely with student leaders and parents. They do give too much leeway to Athletics, but unfortunately, that is one of KU's largest sources of income. It has always seemed to me that KU students are Jayhawks for life. As a fourth generation KU student, it was never much of a question where I'd go to college. The campus is beautiful. It has quirks, with quite a lot of modern architecture, but it feels like home. The community of Lawrence is an anomaly in the state of Kansas, and many call it "the liberal oasis." That isn't far off. Residents are frequently political, welcoming, and intelligent. There's an emphasis on local business, and the downtown area is great for shopping, eating, and drinking.


KU is a good place to study. I love the KU traditions. I think we need to have a post office on campus. A lot of other colleges have post office on campus.


School pride can be seen all over campus. In every class, there's bound to be someone wearing a blue KU shirt.


Best thing about KU--definitely the honors program. It lets students really have a chance to shine in an academic setting. In all my research on other colleges, I didn't find one that actually tried to give students a better education for being in the program. The honor program here allows for smaller class sizes, taught by professors, not TAs. If I had to change something, it would probably be the the classrooms. The buildings are beautiful--but walk into one of the classrooms, and everything is industrialized. Give us some color, not white walls! KU, as I said before, is just as large as you want it to be. Find the community that's your size. A lot of them say wow--don't you feel lost, coming from a small town? Nope, not at all. I have more close friends here than I ever did back in Paola. I spend most of my time in the schol hall community. College town. If you like dancing, drinking, and shopping, Lawrence is the place to go. If there's one thing I hate about KU, it's the administration. It's one place you'll never feel like anything but a number. I guess they have to do it that way, though--so many people. Controversy on campus--I think we're too diverse, too spread out for anything major. But KState beating us on their turf--that wasn't cool. Not cool at all. Well, yeah. Are you kidding? I'm wearing a KU t-shirt right now! The schol hall system is really unusual. Check out the web pages, or take a tour if you want to find out more--otherwise, I'll spend five pages just raving about it. I can't name just one experience, since I have new experiences every day. For the observant person, or just someone who wants to get involved, there's always something to do. Parking at KU is the most frequent complaint. The parking department is populated by Nazis. I'm not even kidding.


The best thing about KU is the diversity. We have students here from all around the United States and all around the world. It is nice to meet people from different backgrounds than your own because it helps give you a different perspective. I feel that KU is the perfect size. Granted the undergraduate population is about 21,000 students, it is not hard to get involved in one of the 500 clubs we have or meet a friend from a different state. Lawrence is also the perfect size because everything a college student needs is within 5 or 10 minutes. Target and Wal-mart are just down the road and there are so many unique restaurants to try. KU was my first choice when it came time to pick a college and three years later, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.


The best thing about KU is the open mindedness of the campus as a whole. If I could change something I would add more majors. I feel that KU is the perfect size. People acknowledge and respect me more when they learn that I am a student at KU. I think that KU is run very well. I spend most of my time in my Residence hall doing homework and hanging out with my friends. Lawrence is a great city to be a college student at. Our downtown is so much fun. Our administration works hard to provide students with diverse opportunites and to keep us safe. I have not been aware of any large controversies on campus. There is an enormous amount of school pride here at KU. Just go to a game at Allen Fieldhouse, and you'll see. KU is very openminded and accepting of other cultures and ideas. I'll always remeber my first week of school. There were so many events going on, and I made so many new friends that first week.


The best thing about KU was meeting all of the different types of people who attend the University. I was very pleased with the set up of my dorm room and even more pleased when I discovered that the people who lived on my floor all came from different backgrounds and had different interests. I lived next door to two of KU's lacrosse players who lived next door to a student from bolivia who made the most delicious tea who lived next to a Marine who just finished basic training. Those are just a few of the people who live on my floor and all of them are fun, interesting people. While KU is a large school, the laid-back, homey atmosphere of Lawrence KS, contrasts well with the huge feeling the University gives off. The owners of the establishments around Lawrence are friendly and willing to talk. The locally owned restaurants provide unique and interesting culinary options for anyone with an adventurous pallet.