University of Kansas Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Every type of student should attend KU. They offer clubs and organizations to fit with any type of person. Anyone will be able to find a place they fit in on campus.

Hima Bharathi

Any kind of person can attend this college. Especially, students with Computer Science major can attend this college.


Anyone can apply here and are welcomed. There are alot of diverse groups of people in our campus. Everyone is freindly and nice. They are open and respect other people based on gender, race and etc. Its very freindly environment, and our professors are ver freindly.


KU has a diverse campus population so almost any student can find thier niche. A person looking to attend KU would thrive if they have a strong desire for comradery and an openess to multiformity. The ability to appreciate the different opinions and goals of other students is part of what makes KU a school of good-fellowship. Someone with high energy for school spirit and a passion to be challenged as they learn about their chosen area of study will find this school a great fit.


A person that is looking for a diverse group a students that is willing to be unique and express their own ideas.


Several different kinds of people attend this school, so there's not one kind in particular that I have in mind. However, someone who has strong school spirt and/or love and support for their school and the organizations/sports teams that the school has might enjoy the school a lot.


One of my favorite things about KU is that it proudly welcomes and accepts anyone and everyone... once a Jayhawk, always a Jayhawk. It doesn't matter what religion you are affiliated with, or what color your skin is... it doesn't matter if you're from Kansas, or New York, or China, or Peru. KU welcomes each and every person from all walks of life. The University of Kansas may be a large school situated on a massive campus, but once here, you become a member of something special, the close knit, Jayhawk family that Lawrence is famous for.


A student who wants to meet a lot of people and have the opportunity to be involved in many things will thrive at KU. The school offers a unique community and atmosphere for students who are ready to be challenged and pushed outsite their comfort zone.


A person should go to KU if they want to attend a great school. If you want to join Greek life or love athletics this is a great school. There are many different programs here that are great for students who wants to explore many major options. If you are interested in the medical field this is a great university to attend. I would highly encourage prospective students to attend KU for the experience. This is an all around great college to attend, if you want a typical "college experience."


The same students should attend the University of Kansas as should attend any school: those who are passionate about their fields, who approach the problems offered by those fields with academic and personal integrity. One's education is eventually one's career, and one's career eventually one's life. How can one hope to find fulfilment in that life if one is not absolutely dedicated to one's field of study? It is my hope that all students view their education and their career choice as a grand adventure, not a burden or merely a means to an end.


Someone who is outgoing, wants to get involved in a lot, and someone who wants to partake in Greek life.


The University of Kansas has something for everybody! The main campus is broken down into different schools: Journalism, Pharmacy, Nursing, Liberal Arts/Sciences, etc. There are so many different avenues to go, even for those with an undecided major. The type of person who should attend this school should have a willingness to learn, school pride, and a desire to grow. At KU we bleed crimson and blue, are branded as the Kansas Jayhawks, and are the only ones who understand the meaning "Rock Chalk." Plus, we have the best calves in the nation!


People with a lot of school spirit and an eagerness to learn.


People who are outgoing, like to have fun, but also have good time management skills. It's very easy to get caught up in the social aspect and to not focus on grades enough, so they need to be able to juggle them both. We have a good diverse community, so being friendly and outgoing is very important. Really, anyone would like the University of Kansas, there are so many kinds of people with so many different interests that anyone could find a group they connect to.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who wants great guidence from teachers and advisors and who wants to be prepared for the next step into the real world. The type of person that should attend this school should also have an open mind to the diversity, and willing to make life long friends.


Persons who are responsible and hard working should attend this school because if you fool around all the time, you will probably flunk.


There are many unique people that attend KU. One could be liberal, artsy, athletic, easy-going, etc. Sports is a huge part of campus (basketball) but the arts are equally as important. Lawrence is known for being liberal and all types of people are accepted. The person needs to be focused on their education and self-driven to succeed. It is a large campus but there is assistance if needed.


The kind of person who should attend the University of Kansas is someone who is self motivated and goal oriented. They should be able to easily adapt to a large and diverse student body, and should be open to new ideas and experiences.


KU is a great match for people who are looking for a large campus, but one that feels like its own community. At times KU feels like one big family, during Hawk week and sporting events for example, but there are also opportunities to break into smaller groups that have specific interests in common. There is always several events happening on campus, so if you like to keep busy, this is also a great place for you to attend school.


Someone who is driven and responsible would succeed at my school. At a major university you don't get the one-on-one time you would in smaller settings, therefore it is important to be self-motivating and not let the atmosphere of college life distract you.


a person who is looking to find themselves.


A liberal, open minded, driven person should attend this school. They should be comfortable being in a crowd or small groups. They should be able to work very hard for grades. They should be interested in volunteering inside or outside the school itself. They should aslo be interested in participating in clubs or school activites. Perferrably they should be interested in basketball, but that is not required. It is also best they have good time management skills, for they will be busy will all the activites of school, volunteering, and a social life.


Anyone who would like to experience the full college life.


Anyone who wants to be accepted for who he or she is. This is a really great place to go if you often have a hard time fitting in or are socially shy/awkward. Everyone is very accepting, and social towards all of their peers.




A person who enjoys a fun scholastic atmosphere with lots of venues for success. Also, a person who is unsure what field they would like to go into because KU offers many programs. And, a person who enjoys an enthusiastic extra-curricular atmosphere.


Anyone should attend KU. It's a great school with diverse experiences. There is something for everyone here.


Any! The University of Kansas is diverse and very large. We have students of all backgrounds and walks of life. This university is a melting pot of individuals.


The kind of person that will fit into KU is pretty much anyone. The friendlieness of the Midwest is here in the heart of America, and everyone in Lawrence is very accepting. If you look hard enough you can find yourself a great teacher amoung the faculty and perhaps even learn a little.


Any person who wants to be involved and have a good time! People here are really nice and enthusiastic, and everyone is included in something fun. Theres something here for everyone.


At KU, you find every kind of person imaginable. There are the outgoing, social networking people, the quiet, shy type that keep to themselves, the party people (of course), and the ambitious, goal-seeking minds that live to succeed. The University of Kansas is a very dynamic campus, suitable for anybody looking for friends and a good education; just be sure you're ready to walk at least fifteen minutes to each class and are ready to attend school with tens of thousands of other students on a huge campus!


There is a diversity on the campus that allows a broad range of students. In answering this question it might be more apt to say who shouldn't go and that might be liberal or artistic. It seems these are the groups on campus that are the most out of water in this enviroment.


THere really is a place for everyone.


This school is very diverse and any type of person could find a group of people they are compatible with. However, I will say a person considering attending the University of Kansas would need to be willing to go out of their comfort zone to meet people, especially if they don?t already know anyone.


Anyone who wants to enjoy college


Someone who is dedicated to their schoolwork, someone who is ready to be involved in clubs/sports, etc, and someone pursuing a career in the Medical or Nursing fields.


An outgoing, fun loving person. A person who is passionate about whatever it is they do. A person who loves basketball.


The type of person that should attend KU should not be afraid of a big student body. They should be willing to get involved and meet new people. This is a great place for those willing to meet new friends and try new things.


A person with high academic goals, willing to go the extra mile to set off on their career while having a fantastic social and liberating college experience. There are many opportunities to learn and to grow in the classes and on the campus, and there are thousands of other students who are looking to acheive their goals as well. A student looking for a diverse, exciting on-campus and off-campus life will find what they are looking for.


Anyone who is driven to succeed should attend KU, classes are tougher than most would think. The people who will do well there are the people who put a lot of effort into their education.


Anyone. If someone is used to a lot of diversity they may have some culture shock.


There is room for any type of person at this school. The athletic crazed, the study focused, the social butterfly, and the insanely shy person. There will be other people that share interests with you, and you will always be able to find friends.


Someone who wants to be a part of an exciting school but also has the ability to tear themself away and know when school needs to become their first priority.


I think any person could succeed at KU. The resources are there to help whatever trouble you might have.


Admission to the University of Kansas; especially, the School of Business is very competitive. The kind of person attending the University of Kansas must have a minimum of 3.5 GPA. Hard work, dedication to attain a degree, and time management skills are must traits in students attending KU. Students with full time jobs must be willing to leave their jobs to attend the college on full time basis. For adult students, personal savings of at least $10,000 are a must. This is on top of financial or any other aids and scholarships.


People that choose to attend KU should be ready to work hard in order to succeed. The kind of individual that is worthy of attendance should be one that is persistent and dedicated to learning difficult material. In addition, the kind of person that should attend KU needs to exhibit a high level of self-discipline and maturity. There are many distractions within the University that could potentially harm a student's academic success. However, if the student knows how to balance "work and play" he/she has a likely chance of success in KU.


An individual who is prepared to pursue an education and is interested in a career that requires a college degree. Even an individual who is not 100 percent sure what they see in their future would fit in at KU because there are pleanty of classes that you can take and help you can recieve to find what really intrests you. Determined, open minded, hard working individuals will fit in perfectly at the University of Kansas.


The University of Kansas is designed for students who are interesting in pairing with a faculty mentor in research. For students who are passionate about science, engineering, Spanish, English, or journalism, KU is full of resources. Slightly poorer areas are the fine arts and some languages, but there is representation of almost every discipline here. Those who plan to study abroad will find a home in Lawrence; not only does KU strongly suggest all students study abroad, the city itself offers a wide variety of international restaurants and influences. KU is for the adventuresome, surprisingly.


The University of Kansas is a very diverse school. I like in a scholarship hall on campus and have met people from all over the world. Each and every person I have met are unique in their own way. I believer anyone can feel at home and comfortable at this school because there is something for everyone, whether it be sports, academics, music, art, volunteering, etc.


Anyone who is willing to learn. Anyone at all should attend even if they are unsure or not sure if they think college is right for them.