University of Kansas Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Highly motivated and goal-oriented students are most suited for the University of Kansas. The large campus and class sizes make it easy to put atual "attendance" on the back burner, so a desire for success is a key value for students at this institution.


People who want a campus with large student groups, a tons of ways to get involved, and an amazing theatre and music scene. Creative people who are willing to share ideas and excited to explore all types of scenes and venues.


KU can be a perfect fit for a huge diversity of students. From engineering to the classics, KU offers research unique to your field. The campus is large, but completely accessible by foot with a free bus service. The Jayhawk legacey runs strong for those interested in sports, but our 24-hour libraries and computer labs provide comfort for the more studious minded. While some classes may be big, most provide Graduate Assistants for personal help. KU is also a leader in study abroad for the more adventurous, and Lawrence's thriving downtown serves a rich local music scene.


Friendly, focused, level-headed


Anyone looking to have a good time, and still get a great education. You have to be willing to commit yourself and work hard, but the weekends provide plenty of activities to relieve all your stresses from the school week.


Someone who wants to have a ton of fun everyday (especially weekends), but also study hard and be ready for new challenges in some of the most interesting ways. I can't imagine going to a different school.


Someone who is willing to step out of their comfort zone. The type of person that is energetic and outgoing. This school is all about meeting lots of people, going to parties, going to sports games, and drinking. A person should attend this school if they want a sense of history, tradition, and pride in their school.


The type of person who should attend KU is someone who is looking to find his or herself in an open and accepting environment. A prospective KU student should be prepared to work hard, but know that they will have a great deal of support on the way.


This university is open to any and all people. Anyone would fit in in Lawrence Kansas and the University of Kansas.


A person interested in attending a large school in a rural area within an hour of a large city. The University of Kansas allows an individual the ability to make a lot of choices and the ability to explore many academic fields. It is a good place to go for an undergraduate degree if you are not decided upon the possibility of a graduate degree. The preparation at the University of Kansas will prepare one for a graduate education if one so chooses.


Someone who likes to be involved on camups and have a college-town experience while enjoying school spirit.


Anyone should attend this school. There is such a variety of people that go to KU and everyone gets along really great. It is the perfect place for anyone to go.


A person who has a strong sense of self, who can be very committed to succeeding in their studies, who is looking for a university within a city they can truly embrace as a second home away from home, and someone who is willing to be a part of a tradition rich environment and surround themself with some of the greatest opportunities that can be offered at the university level


ANYONE who wants to succeed, meet interesting people, and have the time of their lives!


Anyone can attend KU. There is not a perfect person to attend KU. There is a place for everyone to be accepted and fit in. I have met so many different people that I wouldn't usually have talked to in high school. I haven't met many close minded people at KU. You are free to live the way you want and no one will judge you.


Someone wanting to focus on school work and really learn, not afraid to walk up and down a lot of hills


An open minded person focused on school but knows that it is a college town and doesn't mind large crowds or lots of people.


Anyone who wants a great education.


Liberal, down-to-earth people


A lot of rich kids from Kansas City come here to get business degrees and join the greek system. But there are a lot of individuals here able to be creative in there own thing as well so it kind of evens out.


One that will preach of the greatness that is Jayhawk Nation!


a fun loving hard working student