University of Kansas Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who does not want the full college experience involving academics, extracurriculars and social events because The University of Kansas effectively balances all of these elements to create a wonderful college atmosphere.


I feel that the type of person that should not attend this school is the type of person who detracks from the overall friendly and open learning environment. A person who's purpose is to only take away from the other students oppertunities of knowledge and learning.


Do not attend if you do not like a big school, some of your classes will have over 200 students but others only 15. School does good job of picking which classes are large though. (math and english classes are guaranteed to be small).


KU is not situated in Manhattan, Chicago, San Francisco, and it shouldn't be suppsed that the pace in Lawrence, Kansas is anything like those cities. We are quiet, liberal bicyclers situated amidst fields and grasslands. KU is not for the haute couture, though we know what that means, and neither are we for the heartless. Lawrence and KU pride themselves on being socially responsible, both on personal and ecological levels, so gas guzzling, alligator purse holders should leave their animal-tested make-up in L.A.


People who are focused soley on partying. We study hard and we party hard at KU.


You should not attend this school if you don't like being around a lot of people. It is a large University, it is still easy to enroll in small classes, but if you are scared to be around a lot of people this probably isn't the place for you. Also, it is a very challenging, quick paced school. You really have to stay on top of your work to do well...there are no easy As. I would say that KU is probably not for the timid, outgoing people would do well here, but overall accepting of all.


Any person who has a problem with a liberal mindset. The campus is wonderful and accepting of almost anyone except conservatives.


If you don't have enough self control to keep yourself away from the parties to study, this isn't the place for you. We lose a quarter of our freshman class each year for a reason which usually involves late nights and lots of alcohol. If you can stay focused on your school work as needed (or aren't really a partier), then no worries. Also, it can be hard to get into small classes until your sophomore year or later. If you want a lot of attention from a professor, you may have to work for it.


I don't believe there is a type of person that shouldn't attend this school because there is such a wide variety of students. Kansas University has many international students I have ever seen, and so many different clubs or activities which involves many different types of people. The community welcomes every person who enters and is always willing to help others, I don't believe there could be one person who shouldn't attend at this school. Once you become a Jayhawk, you become one with everyone as a loyal Jayhawk student.


Someone who wants to balance their school work and social life. Great place to go for an all around college experience!


If you're shy and don't like huge crowds, this school may be too big for you. Freshmen who are taking general-education classes often have big lectures of 500 students or more, but as you go along in the school, the classes get smaller.


Very conservative people.


Students who are entering a highly competitive field should probably consider going elsewhere. While the education is good, the university looks unimpressive on a resume.


I think people who are only interested in the number of parties there are and the number of cute boys or girls there are should not attend. It's hard for the students who are serious about what they're doing to get attention from the professors because the professors have to deal with all the students who just don't care.


Really conservative people, i.e. people uncomfortable with the human condition and uncomfortable with new ideas and new people. KU is a fantastic place if one is willing to loosen up a bit and try new ideas. If not, then one will not have much enjoyment. Be friendly, be open, be somewhat outgoing. Even if somebody is a borderline hermit living off campus such as myself, sticking around campus and soaking in the environment goes a long way.


To truly appreciate the KU experience, students should be open-minded and driven. Having an open mind is vital to the social and academic venues at KU. Students will meet people with different personalities and backgrounds. The ability to embrace these situations is extremely beneficial. Students should also be open-minded when entering the classroom. This isn?t highschool anymore, and each professor will be different. Finally, prospective students must be driven. Success is a common attribute of the university and is what we are all aiming for. Students need that drive to succeed to appreciate the value of KU.


Someone who cannot socialize well and doesn't do well away from home.


Any one who wants to should attend KU. Everyone will be welcomed and no one will be ignored.


If you think drinking and partying are importent you will enjoy the activities outside of school. if not. you wont.


a very conservative person


Someone who is overly competitive. Being into sports is one thing, but hating the other team so much they throw bottles and beer cans at another team's players, fans or band is unacceptable. Also someone who is wasting their parents' money shouldn't attend KU. they'll probly drop out anyway after spending their first semester sitting around avoiding classes.


Extremely narrow-minded, super conservative people.


A person who is looking for a small school should not attend ku, there are about 30,000 students that attend this school. Also, a person who is an extreme conservative probably shouldnt either, people are pretty liberal here.


Uptight students


I think anybody can find a place where they feel welcome here, but people who are very politically/socially conservative would probably feel uncomfortable with the student body as a whole.


Any person who is easily lost in a crowd, shy, inhibited, depressed, a "loner," finds it difficult to connect or make friends or get involved in new activities or groups should not attend this school. HOWEVER, this all depends on individual differences; with a strong will, motivation, and drive, any student can succeed-- even if he possesses these characteristics.


Complete slackers, people who hate basketball


Doesn't exist--though maybe closed-minded individuals should think hard about it.


Missouri Tiger and Kansas State Wildcat fans.