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What's the most frustrating thing about your school?

Hima Bharathi

There is nothing that frustrates me about my school.


Out of state tuition


Classes are graded very poorly and give students little room to raise grades up. For example, some classes base the students grades on test scores alone. Therefore if there are only 4 tests in the course and the student does poorly on one, there is no way for them to raise their grade up and/or other assignments to balance the grade out.


The most frustrating thing about my school is some of the requirements for degrees. Every degree has different requirements and they change every year. It is confusing to know where you are standing and to make sure your on the path to graduate. I have had a few friends who thought they were ready to graduate when they found out they had a few hidden classes that their degree required.


When I was brand new, I was there all by myself. It would have been helpful to have a representative at the dorm to walk us through the basics and figure out how to get to registration, sign up for bus pass, etc. I was a bit envious of those that had parents there to help them with those basics.


The most frustrating facet about the University of Kansas is the fact that the KU basketball team takes all the funding for mens sports. This allows for hardly any funding to go towards other sports. If you are wanting to participate in mens sports other than basketball and football, the university of Kansas is not for you. Also the intramural leagues aren't organized very well.


I have been most frustrated with my department. Since KU is such a large research institution, many of the instructors are there mainly to do research but also must teach. This division of their time leaves them often committing less to their teaching duties. This lack of interest in teaching can be frustrating and hard to handle at times.


The most frusterating thing about KU is the math department. The department could be doing a lot more to help students. Also, The teachers are not consistent with what it taught each semester.


Knowing that this is where I make the difference in my life. I can push myself towards succession or I can fall into temptation. Looking towards the future wanting to be successfull drives me to try harder, but I always see the ways that I could fail in my journey towards my career.


Many students at the University of Kansas refuse to take their education seriously. They hope to graduate with the minimum amount of effort required. I constantly hear other students complaining that such and such a teacher is "too difficult" when that teacher is merely attempting to push her students to give their best. I fail to see how these students can consider their efforts honorable, or how they can pretend to take a definite interest in their career paths if they do not wish to do the work required. Such students make life much harder for those who are dedicated.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how hard it is to transfer into. It is a fantastic school, but because of the size it can be very overwhelming and difflicult to feel apart of it.


Trying to work full time and go to school full time. You feel pressured to work so you can pay the bills and then there is no time to study. It would be nice to have a happy medium. Also the fact that school can be so expensive itself.


Expensive. Too many little fees that add up. Parking.


I think that one of the most frustrating things about the University of Kansas is its lack of small classes for most general education classes. Most of the science classes are pretty large and it somewhat hard to get help if you need it.


Since I am a perfectionist, the most frustrating thing about school is accepting grades that are not A's. B's and C's are still passing and I should be proud of myself for those grades, however I have a hard time accepting that those grades are decent. High school was not a challenge for me, so obtaining A's was not very difficult. However, in college, if I do not receive an A on assignments and in courses I am too hard on myself.


our football team is not very good


The most frustrating thing about my school is so far during my freshman year everyone seems kind of secluded from everyone. From what I was shown at orientation before I started school I thought everyone would already be open and friendly and be able to help you with anything. In my hall I live with 50 women so I have many friends that are there to help me, but classwise I do not have anyone to work with over assignments. I think it may be because we are freshman and still uncomfortable, but I did not expect it all semester.


The fact that I see people from my high school every day.


Parking is the most frustrating thing about my school...there is never enough, but I don't know what school as ample parking.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Kansas is definitely the amount of money it takes to attend. Although I think this university is worth the high price it is still frustrating, and the financial aspect can be very burderning at times.


Its located on a steep hill, and is literally like an ant hill with all the people running around. The parking department charges unfair amounts for tickets and is not forgiving. The number of places to park close to campus is minimal. It seems to be a bit of a rat race, and the non-professor faculty all push you on to get your questions out of their hair.


The most frustrating thing about the university are the hills on campus and the distances the classes are. The campus is big, which means buildings are spread out on campus making walking difficult when the weather does not permit. Another frustrating thing about the campus is that there is not enough undergraduate parking on campus for those who drive to park on campus.


you can't drive on campus Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:45am-5:00pm because it's closed because we have that many students walking!


The Program, Photomedia, I'm in is new, to the University, in the department of Design. It is quite frustrating, to me as well as my fellow classmates, the constant inconsistencies every semester. The required curriculum has changed. It is difficult to get into the required classes due to the few number of professors/instructors. It remains difficult to effectively plan a desired execution to graduation. We just roll with the punches, as they come. Gathering the needed knowledge for my future career path.


The most furstrating thing about my school is that I am very interested in becoming a nurse, and in order to do that at the University of Kansas I will have to leave campus before others in order to finish my schooling at a hospital, and KU Medical Hospital is not located close to the school.


I am a Graphic Design student and the program here is very intense. I have a lot of work and sometimes it is hard to keep my social life or stay focused. I talk to other friends at different schools in the same program and they don't have nearly as much work as I do. I think this is a good thing though because I am learning and experiencing more.


The most frustrating thing would have to be trying to keep up with all the bills KU throws at you. I never know when or what is due.


The amount of money spent attending any college is the most frustating part for me. I hardly have enough money to continue attending so I am always working during the week. It really makes it hard to put all of your effort into school when you have to work all the time. During the 2009-2010 school year I was extremely stressed I felt as if there was no time where i was not at work or trying to meet a deadline for a class. I just wish I could have focused more on my classes and not my finances.


It's cost prohibitive. I'm a Kansas resident returning to school for my master's degree in Clinical Social Work this fall. I have taken out loans to cover tuition and books due to the department's providing very little in scholarship funding. Fortunately, I was offered government loans. Without them, I wouldn't be able to attend.




I am a non-traditional student and a single parent. It is so important to me to finish school and earn my degree, but it is more challenging to do this being someone of my demographic. Although KU has alot of resources available for advisors and counsellors and even an on campus daycare, it is still challenging to find classes to take to be full-time so I can finish in a reasonable amount of time and still work. Hence, needing scholarships!!!


parking so far from the dorm


The most frustrating thing about attending the University of Kansas is that everyone is so disconnected with each other. Everyone you pass has headphones on listening to their ipod, completely in their own world. For me, it seems that nobody bothers making any friends because chances are when passing someone on the sidewalk, you?ll never see them again. It?s hard to feel connected with the campus and the people who attend KU.


I don't find anything frustrating about the institute i attend to. The only way i could see anyone seeing the University of Kansas frustrating is if they are dealing with people who frustrate them on campus; which is not an appropriate way to view something. If I thought my institute was frustrating then i probably wouldn?t be planning on returning to the university next term.


Sometimes the classes are so large that it is hard to make friends if you live off of campus.


The expensive living expenses and meal plans the school offers.


The lack of security on game day. I live in the dorms and no one polices our parking lots so people going to the game are able to park in our parking lots and the residents must resort to parking much farther away.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Kansas is, ironically, also its greatest strength. The attribute that I refer to is the sheer size of the University. While there are an immense number of resources available that a student at a smaller institute would not be able to access, it still can be quite easy to get lost in the crowd. Whether it is the lectures held in "the biggest roomon campus" (roughly seating 700 students) or simply strolling down Jayhawk boulevard it can easily begin to seem like you are faceless among the masses.


The most frustrating thing about KU is that it is a sports school. With such a successful athletics program, it is sometimes easy for students to get very distracted by what is going on with the basketball or football teams. Instead of the student body being concerned with current events or social issues, more often than not, we are talking about Game Day. This is a little worrying and can be very frustrating because we will soon be in the "real world" where things like politics will be much more important than sports, and we need to be prepared.


The most frustrating thing about my college is the abundant amount of students who spend more time partying (drinking) rather than focusing of their schooling. Many of my classmates are disruptive during class or still drunk from the night before. I just wish that more of the students at my college would care more about the education they are paying thousands of dollars for. I live in a dorm and also find it difficult to sleep and study because other people on my floor tend to be loud all day and well into the night.


It is a large number of students that are enrolled here and it is hard to get a good group of friends if you aren't involved with different organizations; be that sororities or fraternities or campus or religious clubs.


I am currently frustrated the University's lack of effort in remaining affordable for students. It seems like everything here is overpriced for already in-debt students. Simple spiral notebooks for classes cost no less than $5 at the University Book Store when in my hometown of Overland Park, they could be found for less for the same amount. Drinking water is also over-priced; most especially flavored water costing double what it normally is in other communities. KU recently cancelled its two-year housing contracts, preventing students from locking in on already inflating on-campus housing costs.


In college, more people voice their opinions and ideas more widely. I have adjust to this and be patient with certain people that held views that were different from mine. The high school I attended, more people held the same views and me since I went to a school that was dedicated to a faith. Sometimes it was hard to believe that someone could be in favor of certain views. Through these experiences, I have learned to be more patient and show more passion for what I believe in.


So far, 3 of the 5 professors I have had were mediocre at best. The math department is almost entirely foreign, which makes for language barriers.


I think KU is a great choice for my college career but, if I were to find one thing frustrating, I would have to say, as a sports fan, the proceedure to get into the fieldhouse for a basketball game. I can't even imagine how much worse it it going to get as we start the Big 12 league games. Of course, the reason for the hassle is due to the excellance of our team so I really can't complain too much at all!


The most frustrating thing about my school is the distance of the campus from my house. Luckily there are online and off-campus classes.


Advising could be better and more finanical aid like grants and scholarships.


The most frustrating thing is the way they do enrollment here. Seniors get to enroll first and so on until you get to the freshman but often times all the classes I need are full by the time my enrollment time comes around.


The most frustrating thing right now would definitely be how expensive living is near campus if you're looking to get a house.


The amount of homework