University of Kansas Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the University of Kansas is the community. I have been to several colleges and never felt attached to any of them. I always thought these schools were a place to learn and nothing more. At the University of Kansas, I feel as if it is my home. KU offers several clubs and events where I was able to meet people and make several life long friendships.


I consider the community the best thing about the University. Everyone belongs somewhere on the campus, be it a sport, the crowd, or the classroom.


The best thing about KU is numerous options extracurricular activities, clubs, and fraternities that are offered. For the sporty types of person, there are soccer and basketball games that are organized by students. For someone who is looking to socialize, there are numerous fraternities to join and frequent watch parties for movies or KU games. Regarding the professional, academic options, there are a vast amount of professional fraternities and speakers that come in.


Basketball; because we're awesome at it


The best thing about the University of Kansas would be the fun and exciting activities that are offered each and every day. There is never a dull moment at KU due to the different organizations and clubs that are waiting to be joined and enjoyed. Every day there is an activity taking place as you wonder up and down Wescoe Beach or even by the Union. This is the best thing at KU, because it keeps us students wanting to go to class just to see what waiting to be handed out in front of that class.


School Spirit. My favorite memory was the recent Missouri vs Kansas basketball game. I was unable to get a seat in Allen Field House because so many students camped out, so my friends and I went to the Buffalo Wild Wings on Mass. street. I felt like I was in the field house with all the cheers all the customers were doing. After the amazing win after overtime. Mass street when crazy. People running around screaming "rock chalk", cars honking, everyone high fiving everyone. It was just pure euphoria and something I will never forget.


K.U. is a school that combines the excellence of the best schools with the relaxed Mid-West atmosphere.


The location and size. It's a great large university with a lot to be involved in and do in and around campus.


I love the sence of community here at KU. There are hundreds of ways to get involved in anything going on around school. The organizers of these groups are considerate enough to make sure that the commitment they run will not take up all of a student's time. I enjoy the three organizations I am a part of and still find enough time to get everything else I want to get done. They are the way I have met most of my friends here at school and the first things that made me feel truely welcome after moving here.


What I consider the best thing about the University of Kansas is the warm and inviting community.


While some schools have ivy league names and boast of the price of education, KU offers a solid education at an affordable price. The quality of education given at KU at the low price of an in-state school is the best thing about KU.


school spirit


At KU there are no limits to what one can do. KU has something for students intersted in sports, politics, government, the arts, and even teaches over 40 languages. There are numerous department internships and an outstanding variety of housing options on campus. I live in one of 12 scholarship halls on campus. In the Union there is always something going on, movies, talks, free bowling, meetings for student organizations. There is always something going on around campus and because we are so close to historic downtown, many students spend free time enjoying the nationally renowned down town.


I think the best thing about this school is that students are able to become as involved as they want to be. Students must take the initiative to get to know their professors and conduct research in their field, but KU offers many opportunities for those students who are willing to go the extra mile.


I enjoy most of my classes and my teachers but I really like the amount of other activities that one can participate in. I am in a sorority and I enjoy the greek life a lot. I feel that through the greek life I have not only made many friends but also am involved in the community in many was. I enjoy being a part of Natural Ties, a service program. I think that in being in a sorority I am able to interact with many different people and I get the cahance to interact with all the houses.


The University of Kansas offers a fun and culturally diverse campus! I am a non-traditional student and was very anxious about college, but KU has made me feel welcome and accepted! The teachers are helpful and make themselves available to students. In my short time at KU, I have overcome my worries and become a proud and successful Jayhawk!


The University of Kansas is a great environment to go to college. It has a very open atmoshphere and everyone is interested in learning there. KU has great traditions like "Jayhawk Generations" which tracks those families who have sent more than one generation to this university. I am a 4th generation Jayhawk and am living the academic traditions and other great traditions like KU Basketball for the past 100 years! I am a Freshman but because I took some AP classes in High School I am already taking sophmore level pre-business classes. Rolk Chalk Jayhawk Go KU!


My favorite aspect of the University of Kansas is the Honors Program. This program encompasses all interests from sciences to literature all the way to art. The professors of my honor classes are brilliant. They have a strong background in their field. I have had some of the most philosophical yet challenging talks in my honors discussion. For example, I looked at Lord of the Flies as humans are inherently savage in high school. However, in college I was challenged by my professors and saw the children merely imitating adults. I have grown mentally from this program.


Outstanding atmosphere and tradition. Athletics and academics both breed this atmosphere.


It's location is close to where I live and work full-time. It also offers an undergraduate degree in a subject in which I am interested and hope to use in the future. A number of the classes are offered at a convenient time since I work full-time during they day.


The variety of majors that are offered.


The atmosphere. The students here are serious about education but also know how to have a good time. KU has so much history and tradition that it is impossible not to get involved and enjoy your time here.


KU has always been my top choice, with amazing housing choices, outstanding academics, great basketball, the list goes on and on. One of my favorite things is that Lawrence is a KU and KU is Lawrence, they coincide with each other and it's an amazing atmosphere here. KU has great classes that can appeal to everyone and it's a great place to find yourself and get a degree. Another great thing is the locked-in tuition, which allows you to pay the same pricer per credit hour for four years!


KU is conveniently located just west - southwest of Kansas City, with easy highway access. Lawrence is a pedestrian oriented city which accomodates the University and its students nicely. Due to the closeness to home, for many, yet far enough away, KU is an excellent choice for many students. Being close to the big city also works well for non traditional students, commuting daily.


The University of Kansas has an amazing amount of oppurtunities. It's one of the top research schools in the country for many different fields of study. It has a great journalism school, engineering school, and study abroad program. Not only are the academics wonderful, but there are so many clubs and committees to choose from as well. Anyone can include themself in campus life. This makes the big size of the campus seem smaller and less overwhelming. Basically, the overall feel of the campus is the best thing about the University of Kansas!


The University of Kansas has great variety . This applies to courses provided for many different majors, the school's atmosphere, and the opportunities awaiting students both during and after their years at university. I have taken a variety of courses that will lead me to a general studies degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. With these courses, including the opportunity of taking an anatomy cadaver lab as an undergraduate, I will be eligible to apply to Physical Therapy school. Upon completion, I will be able to work in a variety of professional settings.


The University of Kansas is known for its basketball team, but I believe our unity and team spirit expand far beyond that. We have a certain community that is unique. Lawrence is a smaller town, with a big city feel. The majority of the population here is college students, which means we are always on the go. What that doesn't mean however, is that we don't take the time to "stop and smell the roses." Just walk around campus during the spring or fall and you will see people enjoying time outside, relaxing or studying.


The social aspect of this school is amazing to me because my high school was small and I got to know everyone, but here it's expansive but it gives more oppurtunity to meet new people who come from very different backgrounds then what you're regularly used to.


The atmosphere. There are so many different types of people who are always in a great mood on campus, always friendly. No matter what day or time of the year you can always walk around campus and there will be people out doing things or promoting awareness or raising money for organizations.


The best thing about the University of Kansas is the environment that is created at our Campus. It is a very accepting and very friendly environment. Basically, everyone that I have met, even though busy with their own lives, have always given a warm welcome and an accepting attitude among people. This is very unique to the university of Kansas because the kindness of students, faculty and others in the KU community can be seen through everyone that is a part of this university. Also, it makes KU a great place to come study and experience the college life.


The school spirit here is vast and spans beyond this state. The strength of the sports and academic programs here is one of the best in the country. The alumni association also supports this university very well.


Strong academics, great school spirit


The best part about my school is the University Daily Kansan, the school newspaper. I am currently on the advertising staff as brand manager and that experience has really open up new doors to my future. The Kansan provides an effective way to really experience what it is like to use what I am learning in class. I can try different paths and experiment with the best way to perform daily tasks ranging from a simple phone call to actually creating a new product. Without it, I honestly would not be able to picture myself working in the real world.


The best thing about the University of Kansas is the high standards that are set for the faculty, students, and alumni. We are proud, not arrogant, and will continue to work hard to best represent the university. The University of Kansas demands the best from all of their followers: alumni, parents, students, faculty, and additional supporters. KU is very proud of their reputation and works hard to maintain its standards of excellence.


I love The University of Kansas because it is extremely beautiful. The campus has a perfect layout and none can beat it. The courses are very helpful too in relation to the major identified.


The school spirit s incredible - game days are the highlight of the weeks!


The University of Kansas is best known for Mens Basketball. We have one of, if not thee, most storied college basketball programs in history. Everyone knows about the Kansas Jayhawks. Everyone knows about Allen Fieldhouse. We attract the best talent to play here, and our records show that.


The best thing about KU is the athletic and academic tradition. School spirit is huge here, and it makes going to volleyball, football, or basketball games amazing. The teachers are also dedicated to making sure you received the best education for your money.


The opportuinity to find internships and jobs easily through the career fairs throughout the year.


The best thing about my school is the amount of diversity the school has both with the students and the faculty. In the middle of Kansas, one might not expect there to be a level of diversity which rivals a university in a more culturally-rounded state, but KU has that diversity. It's rewarding to step onto campus and see the different cultures and ideas that are reflected by the people contained within it.




The best thing is the Scholarship Halls on campus. The people living in them don't just only become your friends, they become your family. They are houses that have 50 men or women living in them (they are gender specific), and the 'scholarship' part of them is that the cooking, cleaning, and touring of the halls is done by the resedents in them. They are a wonderful way to live with smart people (there is a GPA requirement), and they are the best thing with my college experience. Scholarship halls are unique to KU, so that's cool too.


The supportive engineering department as well as the envolved and exciting student body.


What I consider to be the best thing about the University of Kansas is the many extracurricular activities available for students to participate in. Not all colleges give students an opportunity to participate in activities outside of classes or with as wide of range that the University of Kansas has. Being able to be involved in activities outside of a student's major grants a better college experience.


I consider the best thing about the University of Kansas to be the opportunies that are given to its many students, including the extracirricular activities. This is so important because it helps me to get more involved in other things outside my major and to continue things I liked to do in high school. Not all schools have a wide range of extracirriculars to participate in and I believe that is what makes the Univesity of Kansas such a great campus to live on.


The best thing about the University of Kansas is the small-town community within the big state school. Lawrence is a welcoming town. It?s not only a college town; in addition, there is an established residential community. That feeling of comfort and home make the college transition easier. There is also the aspect of Kansas pride in being ones of the state universities. Big time athletics, conferences, and performances give us more opportunities and unlock doors to success.


This is a big campus, but allows a small town feel. There are many clubs to join, and the professors are eager to meet you during their office hours.


KU lets me be everyone that I want to be. When I want to explore space, when I'm interested in alternative health therapies and when I want to crush my anger in the form of a rugby field - I can do it all. I can spend hours in the library studying with hundreds of other students or participate on campus, apply for internships or just be a normal kid trudging to class and home, working through the day-to-day environment that bewilders us all. My school is all-encompassing.


The best thing about KU is its academic rigor. This is KU's best attribute because it prepares its students for the challenges that they will face in the real world.


There are many great things about the University of Kansas, but the best would have to be the teachers. They are always available when you have questions, need help or just want to talk about the class. They are an endless source of knowledge and support and make the University of Kansas a great learning establishment!