University of La Verne Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school has opened doors of many opportunities which I look forward to embarking on a journey with this group.




Small campus with a diversity of students and facutly/administration. Class sizes are small to encourage discussion and cooperation with fellow peers. Many people are involved in something on campus and truly care for one another and the community.


Dedication, is the key to success, worth the thousands of dollars that we spend on our edcucation, a feeling that can never be taken back but worth a hundred opening doors.


The University of La Verne is a university full of opportunities; letting someone become a leader, advocate, creator, while extending their vision and reach into the LA Area.


It is a small school with peoplpe who are close-knit and very friendly.


University of La Verne is a diverse environment where students get the education and attention they are paying for, dedicated professors, welcoming staff, friendly students, what else do you want from a university?


My school is small, and a private university, they are diverse and help students out a lot financially.


The best Private University in California!


the university of la verne is a great school its a private school but it has my major its a small school with 2,000 people in the school. the university of l verne is a friendly school they help you a lot in school. The University of La Verne is a private research university located in La Verne, California, United States (about 35 miles (56 km) east of Los Angeles). Founded in 1891, the university is composed of the College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business & Public Management, College of Education and Organizational Leadership, college of law.


The University of La Verne is a warm friendly enviornment with great reasources, full of people who care and make an effort to help one another out to achieve academic success.


It looks like a very nice school for an undergraduate.


A great time with friends, alot of academic learning, and fun with sports


University of La Verne is a great school, with the ability to give you indidivdual attention that a public school could not give you.


The University of La Verne is a great school that cares about each and every one of their students.


University of La Verne is an academic, economic, small, successful, and quiet campus to obtain an achieving character of leadership, teaching, and volunteering traits after graduating; overall, this university is recognized as one of the best colleges on Forbes Magazines.


great education, poor social life.


La Verne is a small school where students recieve amazing indvidual attention in small classes where the student to teacher ratio is usually <20:1...even in general ed classes! The school spirit is off the charts and the atmosphere makes it very easy to make new friends!


I would describe my school as being a small community with small classes, which gives the students the possibilty of having better communication with professors.


Never take a dollar for granted. Make lots of friends in the event of needing notes for class. Become very opportunistic. Always remember that college is where the important decisions in life are made.


A peaceful, intimate, setting where students can bond with the professors and feel safe as they walk the campus.


My school is a small campus that has great professors in an up-beat city that likes their community members to get involved and help each other out.


It was a wonderful experience with a lovely campus and great faculty and friends surrounding you.


peaceful small campus where you can meet great people and stay focused


University of La Verne has a warm aura that once you enter its terrain, you do not want to leave.


Friendly, and small very nice and quiet community.


A small tight knit community of very competitive students.