University of La Verne Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The University of La Verne developed a cohort for child development majors on the campus of San Bernardino Valley College. Unfortunately , I have never physically been to the campus. The indivduals that I have been working with thus far have been extremely helpful and encouraging. Because we are an off-campus group, I only know that they are known for their child development program, which I am eager to begin with the hopes of getting a scholarship.


The University of La Verne is best known for its committment to its students in regards to providing them with the best teachers capable of ehancing their knowledge of various concepts as a way to ensure the success of the stuents future. Each teacher on campus is understanding of the various types of students they encounter and strive to help the student as much as possible. By providing their cell phone numbers, and emails the teachers are always available to their students so that the students may ask questions and clarify any misunderstandings they may have.


University of La Verne is known for being a great school for diversity. We were actually voted the number one school for being so diverse.


Univeristy of La Verne is best known for the high acedemic's. Also for the great commnication between students and teachers and classroom limitations.


My school is best known for being a private instutite that provides us with a great college atmosphere. It is a small beautiful campus that makes you feel like you're at home. We are known for academics. and will continue to succeed. It's an expensive school but worth it.


My school is best known for liberal studies for example teachers.


Are school nis best known for the business programs as well as for students studying in becoming teachers.


La Verne is best knowm for thier academics and thier undergrade programs. La Verne is also known for thier small population at the school, which allows for the school to have small class sizes for better teaching.


Business department and athletics


Its best known for its community involvement, activities, and philanthropies happening all the time.


Its best known for its small size, rank ( one of the best schools in the US being #8 in Southern California.) and for its Buisness and Art programs. It is also known for its golf team and because of its fast moving growth and high standards.




My school is best known for its great spirit and pride. La Verne really supports their students into putting their all into bringing pride and spirit to the school. Faculty and students all support one another and we have become a small community family.


For being a small university, for their business and pre-law program.


University of La Verne is best known for it's private community. Everyone knows everyone. Good thing when you want to find someone.


For a strong Business program


being student-centered


My school is best known for its classic beauty and history. The University of La Verne has been around for a long time. It strives to help students with financial need to gain an amazing education. Its faculty and staff are continually there for support and reassurance. The community is very friendly and welcoming. The University of LaVerne helps establish brilliant young students and leaders. The University is constantly presenting the students with leadership opportunities to help tem learn and grow.