University of La Verne Top Questions

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What is unique about University of La Verne is the class size and the surroundings. The area in which the school is located is all within walking distance, and the school grounds are beautiful! It's a small town feel right in the heart of La Verne. The class sizes are small. Professors know your name, will engage in converstation with you if you see them around campus. You aren't just a seat number in a large auditorium. You get an experience like no other here at ULV!


I love the fact that we have small class sizes and are able to have a one on one relationship with our professors, we are not just a number to them. If we miss class they make sure we are okay, If they can tell something is upsetting us they talk to us and make sure we feel better, if we are struggling they are there to help us. I never feel alone, I always know if I need help there is someone I can turn to that will be there for me.


The student to professor ratio is what made ULV unique.


My school is a small campus and everyone is very friendly. You feel like La Verne is your home away from home. Since it is such a small campus, you feel like you know everyone. Everywhere you go, you have to say "hello" to at least one person, which is awesome because you know that you are not alone.


It is very small school. There are less thean 30 students in a class. You are able to know better your professors.


I started back to school at junior level at University of Phoenix (I was told) and took 15 units. They did not keep their promises about how much prior credit they would give so they cost me a lot of money - I transferred to Univ of La Verne because they have accreditation I can take to the bank and they underpromised and overdelivered when it came to financial aid. I can trust them.


The fact that the class sizes are small is great because it is a private school. The campus is beautiful, green, and safe. They have many extra curricular activities including sports, music, and campus events. I always feel welcome around campus and it has a beautiful student center where people can relax. The library is very large and has a lot of room to have quiet time in order to get work done.


It's a lovely campus, lots of trees and very old buildings. You can get anywhere you need to go within five minutes, on foot. There is not much emphasis on careers so if you are interested in learning for learning sack this is a good school to attend. However, if you are really interested in your future career then you might choose a different school.


They have special programs for students over the age of 25.


The campus has all the opporuntities of a big university with a small town feel. It's so enjoyable to walk the campus and feel the ULV spirit


The teachers are very social with the students and work with them on a lot of things.


very small classes and give the feeling that everyone knows each other


My school is not to big or too small, its just right. The community is very beauiful an so is the campus, crime rate is about zero percent and the students get along very well. The classes range from sizes of 10 to 30 students an professors know you by name, and the are very supportive and helpful.


The most unique part about ULV that distinguishes it from other schools is the classroom size. At ULV you are not just a number. Every teacher knows every student by name and there are only two large lecture halls on campus. Most classes tend to be around 20 people and this really helps create personal relationships amongst faculty and the students.


What I feel sets La Verne a part from other schools is the size and location. The school is small and almost everyone knows everyone or has seen them around and because of that it offers a more warming, welcoming, and friendly environment. Also, since the school is small you can try new things or activities and not be afraid, the campus and people are open and that makes it easier to try out for sports or clubs.


As well as the campus its the right size allowing the students not to get lost.