University of La Verne Top Questions

Tell us about the food and dining options.


For students that live on campus, there is one main dining hall. (that may sound crazy to students at other colleges, but our school is small enough that we don’t need more than one). The hall is open all day, but serves hot food three times a day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The other times, they have fruit, cereal, and sandwiches. Students that don’t live on campus or have a meal plan are able to eat at the same dining hall for a hefty fee, but it is all you can eat, and the options are pretty large. There is always pizza and a grill, along with a salad bar, cereals, and a sandwich bar. With that, there are usually 3-4 main dishes to choose from. There is also another place to eat on campus, located at the Campus Center, which is the building in the middle on campus. This is a Mexican food place called Barb’s, which also sells chips, fruit, and other grab-to-go goodies. Commuters usually stop by here for lunch. There are quite a few places nearby, walking-distance that are decently priced. We have a yogurt shop, a barbeque place, Greek food, two Asian food places, a pizza joint, and an Italian restaurant. We have a wing shop coming in soon.


This past year our campus changed their food and catering provider. Because of the new change the food had been above and beyond on campus and they really listen to the students in regards to changes they would like to see in the eating hall. I have been to other schools eating halls and I can honestly say that we have really good food and should be thankful for the options that we are given. Although we are too small of a campus to have a vegan station, there are still many vegan and vegetarian options, you just have to use your imagination to think of something delicious you can put together.