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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Sports and Art


Greek life is definitely predominant at ULV. There are six active Greek organizations on campus, and a few that are on campus from other campuses. Although we do not have as many as other schools, the Greeks at ULV definitely do a lot to make themselves known. At any given day, there will be a Greek org hosting an event, be it philanthropic, social, or simply public relations. Athletes are also a large population of the school, nearly 30%. They also partake in their own philanthropic events, and teams support other teams wholeheartedly. The athletic program at ULV is extremely supportive and has a family-feel to it. Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Student Government (ASULV) are also big on campus. CAB is who hosts events on campus, and ASULV is who funds them (and all other groups on campus). Events that are put on are comedy shows, concerts, philanthropic things, food trucks, craft days, club fairs, holiday activities, and so much more. I am the president of CAB and we host so many events - about 3 a week. They are well-publicized and we get really good attendance at them, and the students really enjoy them, Students in the dorms do leave their dorms open, and the dorm buildings tend to grow into a family. Students in one building usually grow together and hang out with one another. All events on campus are popular, although tey are popular with different crowds. Athletes tend to all support other athletes, but tons of students go to their games. As for CAB events, a large mix of students attend those. Speakers are usually attended by Greeks and athletes, because they are mandated to go. Theater also has a large array of random attendents, including lots of students outside of ULV. A lot of students who go to ULV tend to date outside of ULV, seeing as how it's so small. However, what I've noticed is that students who date within ULV tend to have long lasting relationships. I met my closest friends through dorming my first year, being in a sorority, working on campus, and sports. If I'm awake at 2AM, I am probably watching TV at my apartment with my boyfriend, or out with my sisters. Traditions we have include commuter days, (events that cater to commuters), an easter egg hunt, undie runs, LaVernaPalooza (A big-name artist concert), soakfest (a large outdoor water fest), and quite a few others. People party almost every weekend, but it really depends on who you hang out with. If you know people in every group at ULV, it is very easy to find a party every weekend. However, every group doesn't party every weekend. Greek life is very prevalent on campus, and a lot of the Greek students hold other leadership positions, mainly because they have friends who are already involved in them and they are able to get inside information. Last weekend I was studying for finals almost the entire weekend. On a Saturday, I can go to my sisters' house and sit in the jacuzzi with them, then go inside and watch a scary movie or make some dinner. Off campus, I usually sleep because I spend almost all my time on campus.


The most popular orgs on campus are definitely the greek organizations. Campus activities board is also a popluar one, along with our associated students of La Verne (our ASB). I was involved in a little bit of everything from greek life, cpa (the governing board of sororities), student body, housing, a held a regional housing position, admissions and orientation. I had an absolute blast! We are building a whole new resident hall so I am excited to see how that goes! In two of the resident halls the doors are usually left open and people gather in the lounges to hang out, in the third hall the doors cant stay open by themselves but they still hang out in the lounge. The sport events are really gaining enthusiasm! Football games were a blast this year and we did better then we have done in the past five years! Our womens volleyball and basketball teams rock! We have a lot of guest speakers, concerts, and educational guests. You have to search for some of the advertisements, but they are there. The dating scene is different. You start to know everyone on campus so some people you do not want to date, some of the datable people have already dated your best buddies so you cant break that code. But students can usually introduce you to friends from other schools. On the other hand several students have left La Verne dating each other and getting married soon after (a lot of people have done this). If i am awake at 2 am on a tuesday then I am for sure walking to the circle k for a tasty snack or driving with my floor mates to donut man for a donut that size of my face. They are open 24/7 so its a great late night indulgence. There are a lot of parties around La Verne. Many of the students move out the resident halls after two years and move into nearby houses or apts and thrown big parties. Some are in walking distance. The fraternities hold events at nearby bars and they are always in good attendance. This past weekend I went to Montanas (a nearby country bar/club) for a friends bday, I also attended the NRHA races which are in walking distance. I also worked and went out to dinner with some friends. Friday I went out to dinner with a group of the La Verne staff members! There are several events on campus that are thrown by the campus activities board that do not involve drinking such a comedian or cooking events!