University of La Verne Top Questions

What do students complain about most?


Students tend to complain about parking a lot. We just built a new parking lot that has almost 400 spots, so that complaint has gone down a little. However, our new dorms are opening up next fall, so people are worried that that will do to the new parking lot. Hopefully our school continues to grow outward, and will build another parking lot if necessary.


students complain about three things: bad food, lack of parties, and lack of parking. Unfortunately the students who do complain about these things are not knowledgeable about the issues. They complain about parking but do not realize that we only pay 30 dollars for a parking pass when other nearby schools pay 200 bucks for one. We also just built a new parking lot. They complain about the food but haven't been to other schools to know how good we really have it. They also complain about the lack of parties, but we have parties, just not huge on campus parties because we are a dry campus.