University of La Verne Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I talk about Univeristy of La Verne, I tell them that the community is so close that you feel like you are a family, they want to help you achieve all your goals, and are willing to help. The other best thing about this school is that its not to small and not to big so you see different faces everyday but still recognize others.


When I tell my friends about my school I brag most about the fact that my school is not overcrowded and so I am able to get the classes I need without having over 25 students in each of my classes. I enjoy the idea of knowing that I will be able to graudate in four years as opposed to five, six, and even seven years that some of my friends who attend junior colleges and cal state schools will graduate in.


there are accademically competative. you are able to get your classes. it is small and privite.


The old town community revolves around the university - small college town atmosphere - love the pizza place - great professors - choice of online or traditional in classroom instruction and can do both or even take courses that mix both classroom and online. With all the greenery, mature trees etc - it's a relaxing place to be.


When I brag about my school I tend to talk about the class size mostly. The University of La Verne is a very small private university and the class ratio from teacher to student is about 1:12 . I think that by a class being this small I have a better opportunity of getting to know my teacher better. Most universities have class sizes of 500 student or more but by the class sizes being so small here it makes me feel more comfortable and much more at ease of knowing I can count on my professor for help.


I tell them that the debate team are worldwide finalists in previous years and that it's known for its psychology, business, and teaching departments. I also tell them that the teachers and counselors are incredibly helpful.


I brag about the weather in California, and the fact that I have met alot of nice Californians that I have become close with over the small amount of time that I have been here.


That my professor came to the school parking lot at 1 am to help us study for a test the next morning. They drew amino acids with us on the parking lot.


the amazing finantial aid i get and the small class sizes


how small the class room sizes are.


I brag on how the University of La Verne is small and has trees all over the place that give it that small town feeling, which makes you feel safe.


I am able to attend small classes and be able to get to know the professors. The professors are willing to help us out and they are available to us. Everything is within walking distance. The school is a small community that after a while,some of the people that you see around campus become a familiar face.