University of La Verne Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Our dining hall's food. Limited options for any dietary needs and such a lack of healthy food options


Our dining hall's food. Limited options for any dietary needs and such a lack of healthy food options


Close to home. I would have loved to go out of state.


The worst thing about the University of La Verne would have to be the way the campus is structured. A lot of the buildings are spread apart and some are so far away that it becomes an adventure, just trying to get a book received in the mail.


The worst thing about my school is the cost. It is a great school with lots to offer but it has become quite costly.


The only down side of La Verne is that the campus is too small.


I believe the worst thing about University of La Verne is the parking! I have known the the university wishes to meet the students expectations with builiding a parking structure to accomodate the commuting and non commuting students, however, the city is not permitting this parking structure to be built. Every day, the routine of searching and fighting for a parking spot to get to class on time is ridiculous. Along with this situation, the city has not permitted parking in nearby streets without a parking permit which has just contributed to the chaos that occurs each morning.


The worst thing is parking because there are not enough parking spaces. There are so many commuters at this school that there are not enough spots left for students who have cars and live on campus.


Certain classes are a bit to small. If lectures were a bigger I feel that there would be an increase in diverse conversation.


The worst thing about La Verne is the financial aid that they provide to the students. As an incoming freshmen they offer students large amounts of money mostly to convince students to attend in the fall. People expect the same amount of financial aid the next year for the fall as they recieved previously. Once award information is released to students they find that they have received an extremely lower amount then the previous years. Which is completely unfair when some students have financial problems and the financial aid office is unwilling to help.


I really don't have anything to say that is bad about La Verne. It was my first University choose, and I have found the school to be a great school that is always very helpful to the students.


The social life for people who do not live near campus is pretty weak. If i did not play sports I would have made much less friends and much less memories. People who live on campus have much more fun and get the whole "college" experience.


So far, i am enjoying everything! For some, the small size might not fit, but I haven't found that.


The worst thing about my school would be the fact that the majority of the students are commuters. Ther are students in the residence halls but most go home in the weekend and if there is no means of transportation, it will be pretty boring.




The worst thing I consider about my school is that the school does not involve commuter students enough. Commuter students are those who travel from their place of residence to the school. Most commuter students become aware of student activities after the date has passed, mainly by other students that live on campus.


It is not in a known city


I do not feel like the facilities are up to date for what the price tag of this school consists of. At times I felt like I was receiving the short end of the stick with this school in terms of the facilities.