University of La Verne Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The University of La Verne is an incredibly engaging college experience requiring hard work, dedication, and passion in order to be successful. The idel student for this school is committed to learning and enjoys working hard while setting high goals for themselves. As long as the student is willing to try hard by giving 100% of their effort to their education they are perfect for the University of La Verne. All gender and ethnicities are welcome and further more encouraged to join the La Verne student community to add to the diversity among the students on campus.


This school very diverse, they have a lot of good programs along with good professors. They provide you with the tools you need to learn what you need to know when you graduate. This school encourages it’s students to be successful not only with their professional lives but in their personal lives as well. The University of La Verne, is a good school for anyone who is intersted in small class sizes, and attentive professors.


University of La Verne provide small group session classes, thus, an individual who seeks high interaction classes should attend La Verne. Also, University of La Verne is well known for its small campus and community, which allows the students to feel that they're apart of the the community of La Verne. Thus, those who are seeking for a small community to be apart of, La Verne University will be an excellent choice.


The type of person that should attend the University of La Verne is one who is ready to take the next step in their educational career and is open to broadening their cultural horizon. Perseverence is important in order to succeed in college because there will be hardships and difficulties but it will be only beneficial during one's life.


Anyone and everyone, love the diversity!


The professors at ULV are amazing and so knowledgeable. They really want you to succeed in your academics Show the professors that you really care about school and your grades. Say you get a bad grade on a test, schedule an appointment and have them go over the test with you. When they know you make an effort they help you out a lot more and are easier on If you're looking to just party or want good sports teams, this is not the school for you. La Verne is known for it's academics and continues to excel.


People that come to La Verne are very open, they are not afraid of the things they are not used to and they are ready to learn and experience new things and are open to allowing the things that they learn to contribute to becoming a more complete individual.


Someone who enjoys having hands on class and likes asking questions during lectures and being able to communicate with professors after class and during the weekends. Or athletically for athletes who want to play sports, but also EARN their college degree.


The kind of person who should attend University of La Verne is one who is serious about completing their education, whether it be by degree or certificate program. The CAPA program is specifically designed for students like me who hold full time jobs by allowing students to decide their own pace. Some students are full time, others may take only one class per semester depending on their life situation. It also helps to have all general requirements completed before transferring into the school.


A student that is well off in their home, able to pay the expensive tuition without worry of falling behind, and one who is able to adapt to the rural surroundings, if they dont have a car to get to other places will do good in the school. A student that is able to make friends with alot of people quickly and easily will do good as far as the social aspect , and if they are good students in the classroom as well they will do excellent at the University of La Verne.




The type of person that should attend this school is someone who like personal attention in class by the professor. The class sizes are small and the professors actually care if the student is doing well in the class and attending class. If they are not then the professor will call them out on it.


someone looking for a small , fun liberal arts school


Someone who likes a small campus in a friendly neighborhood.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who wants a small school atmosphere where they know all of the students, staff and faculty. This school offers a variety of liberal arts classes, so it is effective for someone who may not know what they want to study. This school is also great for someone who wants to get involved on campus because there are many avenues and ways of going about it at this school.


People who are interested in having a great relationship with their teachers and fellow classmates should definitely attend La Verne. Knowing your teachers on a first name basis really helps you to grow as a student as well as become more involved with your school.


Anyone who is looking to get a good education and learn alot.