University of La Verne Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are the type of person who doesnt want to try and go to class and just wants to show up here and there and be disrespectful this is not the school for you. This school makes it a point for you to show up and do your best and if your not willing to do that then dont waste your time.


Students who are not focused or driven to accomplish their goals. It is important for all students to understand and value the importance of an education and focus on accomplishing all the requirements needed to fulfill their degree.


We a very small campus and pur classrooms have small amounts of students. Because of this we are required for a lot in in class interaction. If you like to just go to class and not do much interacting La Verne is not for you.


An individual who wants to have that "BIG" college expeiernce. This is a small school designed for indivdiuals to focus on their goals more on small scale.


A student who does not like small enviroments should not attend La Verne. La Verne is a very small campus where students build a very close bond to professors and other students, but you literally run into the same people everyday. If you are a student who likes big, open environments then University of La Verne may not be the best fit for you.


A student who feel indfferent towards a small community college shouldn't attend University of La Verne.


If a person just wants to go with the flow in college, the University of La Verne is not the place. Students here need to be dedicated and willing to do hard work.


The kind of person who doesn't like to talk, becasue University of La Verne is a very small school and the teachers know who you are by name.


Someone that cannot take on a challenge.


If you like the professors knowing you by first name than this is the school for you. You shouldn't attend if you're a slacker, professors will notice if you're missing.


someone who is not disciplined should not attend.


A person who does not like that their teachers are invloved in their studies, as well as a person who does not like to be sorrounded by a staff that wants to help students to the best of their ability.


I believe every type of people including full time workers should attend this school. The school has many great schedules to accommodate anyone and has many great major degrees. This school is great because is has small class sizes therefore the teacher/student interaction is always available. The students that are currently attending this school are friendly and helpful.


Students who do not want their ways of thinking challenged and those who can not handle large projects should not attend the University of La Verne. The professors at the University of La Verne try to challenge, not change, the way students think for the most part. Many of the students are from the surrounding area and are unfamiliar with liberal thinking and the professors like to expose a more liberal thought base to their students. Also, classes often have large papers or projects due that serve as the final itself or a large part of the final.


A person that just wants ot party. Anyone who is looking for an easy A.


A person who does not like diversity or small classrooms. There is a lot of one-on-one learning since class sizes are very small. Also, do not attend if you like to fade into the background, everyone knows everyone! Even the professors call you out if you miss class, you always run into them offcampus!




The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is going to be lazy, with no motivation or is just looking to barely get by.


A person who likes to be surrounded by people and has more of a socail life. This school is almost like a high school in which there are only so many people around and you basically see the same people everyday. If you want to be meeting people everyday, this isn't the school for you.


Someone shouldn't attend this school if they are not serious about their studies. Also someone who would love a huge campus with a ton of people. At the University of La Verne we have around 20-25 students in a class. It can be less depending on a major.


Individuals that like small schools in which the classes are not more than 30 students. It is a small community in which the people are friendly and willing to help to those that need help. It is really easy to get access to resources,the only thing is that you are required to go and search for the help. Everything is within walking distance.


Students who are looking to be just a number in the crowd should not attend this school. This school focues on each individual and if a person is not seeking to have a one on one relationship with the teacher then this is a school they should not attend.