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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If only I knew then, what I know now! If you ask me, it's quite difficult to graduate high school, go directly to college and have to decide right then and there, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" You fill out your college application, select a box with your degree, and run with it. But what happens if you aren't sure? Only some of us know exactly what we want to do with the rest of our lives straight out of high school, but unfortunately, I was not one of those! Why do I have to check a box for my future at 18 years old? My advice would be, to enjoy your college experience! Live on campus, study aborad, meet new friends, do good in school, pull all nighters, join a club, jump in with both feet and immerse yourself into college life. Then, decide along the way what you want to be! College is a time to reinvent yourself, to be your best self. Don't check the box to please your parents, or hope to make a million. Check the box to the life that will make you your happiest you!


If granted the opportunity to guide my high school self, I would definitely tell her to live for you. Many times as a high school senior I tried and tried to please many different people in my life. Some of these choices lead to sacrifices which caused a missed opportunity. I would tell myself to live for me. It is ultimately my life, and the people I live for then, will only be a mere memory now. I would encourage myself to use her voice and become visible. I would encourage myself to be a more active participant in life and not wait for the next door to open; I need to pull the handle if I want the door to open.


Don't let people get you down so easily. You are a strong, beautiful girl and you know it. Keep pushing and trying your hardest. Teach yourself the material you know will help you in life and what you intend to persue. Act on that drive you have and continue to work on your passions. Don't let anyone weigh you down either. If you feel that someone is stunting your emotional growth, than you need to walk away. You have to remember that you are in control of your own life. You can't fix everything and things will not always go your way but you need to realize that you have the strength to get through whatever life has to throw at you. Be who you absolutely want to be and never change yourself to appease someone or keep someone around. If they cannot accept the true you than they do not deserve you. When you get into college, don't hold back. Go out and have fun, safely of course, instead of worrying. You want to enjoy yourself and take in everything this great new life has to offer you.


If i were able to go back to high school and give mysely advice Iwould say be ready to work hard. I would tell myself to get used to reading the books assigned in class. I would tell myself to get used to driving because that is what Ispend most of my time doing. I would say to start saving money and stop buying random stupid unecessary things like clothes and purses because there are more important things that need to be paid for in college. I would say pick your roomate wisely and tell myself exactly what I need and dont need to buy for a dorm room. Lastely I would tell myself not to buy books untill your professor states you absolutly need them because there have been instences where my professor has told us to buy books that we have not needed or there have been mix ups in the system to where they tell us the wrong books to purchase and it is a big hastle to have to return them or resell them.


As i sit here and think about what college life has been like thus far ive noticed that organization and participation have been key in my success. If it were possible to go back in time and give myself some pointers about what college would be like id definately make it known that finding good study habits and participating in class are largely beneficial to my education. In highschool i was very engaged in class mentally, however i feel as though it would have helped me learn alot better if i became physically engaged as well. Participating in class by asking questions, creating study groups, comparing notes, and staying after class, to better clarify my understanding, are all crucial to my educational success. I find that for myself becoming more active in the classroom has really helped me to find out who i am and how i learn as a student. To sum up my advice id say, " Dont be affraid to be heard in class and enjoy your education. Meet different people and learn how they find success because ultimately it my end up helping you find yours. Good Luck Alissa!"


Make sure you get involved with the right group of people. Also, make sure to study and and not party too much. Grades are important to get into a graduate school. If you know you have a test coming up, study in advance; not the night before. Do not procrastinate. Ask your teachers for help when you need it. Do not be afraid to go to their office hours. The professors are there to help you, not scare you. They want you to succeed. And sometimes a teacher will bump your grade up if you attend office hours. Just make sure to try your hardest and know who your real friends are. Make friends in your classes. They will be the ones you should study with. Also, go to class every day. You are paying a bunch of money to attend school, might as well make the best of it and get the best education you can.


I would tell myself to never give up. That although it's tough it is not impossible.


I would tell myself about time management and how it is very important in completing assisgnments on time and accurately, being prepared for next class, and don't allow yourself alot of time on one subject. Give yourself enough time like thirty minutes on a reading walk away and come back refresh. Never cram it only helps to pass the test and could forget the much information needed to retain. Always utilize the help centers in your schools tutors are there at your convience. Try to maintain an excellent relationship with teachers, advisors, and instuctors they could be some potential references in the future. Never go through a class without any questions there is no wrong or right way to ask something you are not for certain about. I would tell myself make sure you know where you are going so you would know what tools you'll need, who can help to get there, and how long you need to accomplish the task. Be careful of the sources you use in seeking information about anything that portain to subject at matter do your research first. Lastly, make sure what ever you chose be your best.


The advice that i would give my self about college is to remain focused in eacha dn every class. Eventhough the classes are small in size, students still have to work hard in order to recieve the grade that they believe they deserve. Also to remember to study hard because when students do not study and believe they dont have to usually do not pass classes as easily as the student that did study. Not only is studying the main focus in college, srudents should also make sure they have fun and college is a time where you can meet knew people and join extra activities through out campus. Getting involved in different school activities are exciting and lets students exsperience the other half of college which is fun and new things.


Life after high school is very different, I thought I had a good idea of what to expect after high school but I didn't know what it was actually going to be like. Sure I took all of the International Baccalaureate classes and while some of them were'nt relevant to my future I still shouldn't have blown them off. I would remind myself to not procrastinate, to complete all of my homework on time if not early no matter how tedious; to do well in all of my required classes; to not spend a year in depression; to not wait until tomorrow to find a job or apply for scholarships. It's not until after I graduated that I realized the impact of my decisions and while I may be better off than some of my peers I know that I could've done much better throughout high school had I understood how important preparation was for college.


For me, senior year was about having fun and sliding by with average grades and efforts. Now that I am an adult in the workforce I would love to go back and do things differently. I would tell my high-school self to slow down and take more time to think through my decisions. I would tell myself to stop saying I would continue with my education the next semester or the semester after that. I would tell myself to continue with my education every semester until I reach my goal, and earn the job I deserve. Being a single mother at the age of 23 is difficult, but had I thought through my decisions my daughter could have the life both her and I deserve.


If I had to go back in time and give advice to my high school self, it would go as follows: Maria, you come from a family of hard working people who put serious emphasis in education. You were very lucky to have the emotional support of your family, however, what you didn't have were the resources or guidance to figure out how to attain the education without having serious financial means. My advice to you would be to seek out financial assistance by looking for grants, loans and scholarships at both your school and with various organizations. Although your education seems unattainable financially, it can be done. Don't give up because you feel you can't afford it. Your grades are great and there are plenty of organizations out there that offer scholarships for low-income or hispanic students. You can do this. Check with the college you are considering to see what they have to offer you. Also, seek out loans from the government. It may seem like too much to take out loans, but in the end, you're degree will help you get a great job that will help you pay that debt.


If I could give myself an advice as a high school senior, I would tell myself this: College is not that hard, and it is not as scary as it seems. Living on campus is a great experience, you do not have to worry about living away from your family. Trust me, everything will be fine, you are going to love it! Get out of your comfort zone, go out and make new friends and connections. Get involved as much as you can becuase it helps you feel more confident about yourself and become an independent person, plus, there are more things you can add to your resume. Also, try to get a job as soon as possible because it will be worth it, but always think that you are going to college to get an education. Whenever you have time to do your homework, do it! Do not procrastinate! Overall, study hard, and enjoy college! The next four years will be the best years that you've ever had and experience in your life.


When you first begin college it is alright to come in and not know what to do because that is what college is, an opportunity to figure out who you are and what you want to do in life. What is importannt is you have confidence in yourself and your abilities. As long as you know your identity no one can tell you what to do and how to live your life. It is important to be yourself and understand that pain is temporary, but quitting lasts forever. Classes are not everything, get involved in as many clubs as you can and help out within the community. You learn way more things if you are involved in extracurricular activites than just showing up to classes. Also an important thing is just to have fun because this is an experience you will never have again and if you stress too much you will miss out on all the small things in life.


I would tell my old self to use all resources, like other people who have been through the college life. Also to not go this route alone, having a full support system is key to success in the college life. I would always say time management is everything, and you will need it for the rest of your life.


If I could go back to senior year. I would have listened to my parents I would have pushed my self even harder, and gone to University Of La Verne first Instead of transfering. But I cant take back what I did but only tell myself that everything happens for a reason. That this was the path, that was set for me.


Finish school while you can. While you do not have a family, do not have a full time job and the responsibilities of a wife, mother and student. Take advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself. Yes, after 12 years of school you are ready to branch out, be your own person, become independent but you can do that and go to school at the same time. It's not as hard as it seems. If you're going for a Bachelor's Degree, four more years really is not that long.


if i could go back in time and talk to myself i would most definitely remind myself to never give up and never take anything for granted. i believed that high school was a joke especially senior year, but it is high school that framed who i am today and high school was also a contributing factor to colleges accepting me into their institutions. i would also tell myself that the friends i had then have nothing to do with my future and my ability to succeed. i would remind myself to remeber that im still a kid and to enjoy my senior year. the most important piece of advice i could tell myself is too never give up, no matter how hard it may seem to get, everything will always fall in to place if you continue to strive for success.


If I could go back and talk to my high school senior self I would tell her that everything she is doing now will pay off and to keep going. The main advice I would give to myself is to truly consider what is best for my financial situation, and chose a college wisely. Now as I struggle to pay for school I would have adviced my senior self to do more scholarships and take advantage of all the help given to high school seniors. I would also tell myself to finish strong, just because school is coming to an end does not mean to start to give in. But, I would mostly encourage myself. I did a lot of extracurriculars during high school and this balancing act as greatly prepared me for college. I would also tell myself that everything will be okay, college and the transition is great. That I would make new friends that are just as great as my old ones, and their will always be a bond with my high school friends. My two key points being that everything will turn out fine and to keep pushing forward.


As I look back, seeing myself as senior in high school I wish someone would have advised me about certain things that I will face in the future. At least a fair warning. I would have told myself “Studying for an hour is not the worst thing”, keep increasing the hours because as a college student the hours multiply. Now as a college student, I advise my younger self to push myself, not to limit or settle of less. All of my hard work will pay off in the long run. I would have said to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone and see what new experiences I will encounter. Not to be afraid of the unknown for it might be gratifying. Be open minded to advise and different thoughts and feelings. Enjoy the free hours and be young and do not worry so much. Discover new things that once got your attention and accomplish it. I would also tell my younger self to enjoy being youthful and careless and the cafeteria meals.


I would tell myself to look for something that I would be interested in. Learning things that you are interested in is the best way to keep you motivated and will not be bored of. Also, I would tell myself not to be sacred of the crowds and I need to speak up or make more friends at school. I had been to another college before, and that was not the right one for me. The UC is a really big school that I barely make friends and was not able to speak up or ask question in front of 300 students in a class. I think La Verne is absolutely perfect for me. The teacher and student ratio is around 1:20.


I would tell myself to quit messing around, your going to find out very soon that you will need a college degree to get where you want to be and what you want out of life. By you not paying attention, not going to school, or doing your work, your only hurting yourself. Stop worring about being the cool girl and start looking at what you'll be facing in your future. Trust me your going to regret the choices your making now! So get your self together and start planing your future in college. It's going to be so much easier for you to finish high school and go straight to college, rather than having to go back after being out of school for 7 years!!


If I had the chance to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to prepare for not being on top anymore. Now that I have experienced my first year as a college freshman, I have found myself doubting my capabilities. The reason for this is because I was so used to being a top student in my high school classes. It was fairly easy for me to get good grades, however as a college student it was a huge surprise when I didn't come as easy as I was used to in high school. So I would tell myself to get ready and prepare to work even harder than I ever had.


To enroll at a 4 yr college right after high school. It's harder after you get older. You do not get a high paying job without a 4 year degree. I want to work smarter, not harder is my new motto!


My high school self never really took school seriously. I did what I had to do to get by and managed to make it far enough to graduate. While there were a few challenges along the way, and I am proud to say I am a high school graduate, once I got to college I realized that I could not just barely get by to get where I wanted to go. It was new and very challenging, but I was able to change my study habits and learn how to be the successful student I wanted and needed to be. This transition from high school to college would have been much smoother had I taken my high school education more seriously. If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to straighten up and start taking education more seriously, or else I was going to have to have a serious wake up call once I got to college!


Remeber to never give up on your dreams because things will fall into place just as they are meant to be. Make good grades and do your homework first so you can have time to do the things that you want to do. start school at 9 am because sleeping in class is not cool dude. Do not take Mrs. Santosh class! I repeat do not take Mrs. Santosh class! Trust me man its Alex from the future! I know theres a cute girl in the class but take another teacher! You will save alot of stress. Don't stay up till 3 on Netflix its not any benifit and besides you don't even like that many movies cause they all suck with a few exceptions. Take music theory classes even though you play everything by ear it will help you with piano playing. I know right now you don't play piano you will want to in the future man. Its alot of fun! Do not buy a Maschine Mk2 its only a waste of money and you will want to sell it! I know your thinking "what the heck is that?" $800 is not worth it!


I would tell myself not to stress out and that I am going to have a ton of fun. I would also tell myself that my teachers have prepared me well for my future adventures. I would tell me that I need to be regimented in a laundry and study schedule. Probably most important of all I would tell myself to make lots of friends and a good network of connections.


Going into my senior year of college I have learned so much. I have grown so much from the person I was back in high school. Not only do I look different, my attitude, relationships, jobs and much more has changed. I remember being in high school and being excited to graduate and to enter college the following August. I was much more than excited though, I was nervous. When I finished high school I thought everything would continue to be the same, but little did I know that everything would change. Going through this transition in my life had made my freshman year very difficult. I was trying to figure out who I needed to be. I put too much pressure on myself that first year. If I could go back I would tell myself that change is inevitable and instead of stressing and dwelling on the past I need to look forward. Life goes by too fast, and to make time for loved ones. I would also tell myself that although it isn’t easy growing up, it is normal to make mistakes, and to make sure you learn from them.


I would tell myself to stay focus! It is so easy to get off track and get distracted by friends, parties, and even relationships. Getting a Bachelors degree comes around once in a lifetime and I do not have anytime to waste. While you decide to sit around and procrastinate, there are people out there who are working hard and taking what could have been yours if you had just worked for it. In the future there will be so many parties that you will be able to attend so there is no need to focus your attention on it. Friends come and go so you need to be wise on how much energy you decide to give people when you should be putting it towards your studies. The same goes for relationships. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so there is no need to worry "if I will get a boyfriend or not." Sometimes in life we only get one chance to prove ourselfs. Dont waste time and do your best. You cannot compare yourself to others because you are who you are and you will succeed to your fullest potential.


FIrst and foremost I would tell myself to never procrastinate many college students have problems their first year adjusting to the work ethic and the best advice is to pace yourself, manage your time wisely and finish evryithing on time. Another thing I would tell myself is to get involved in school my first year because it really does change your college experience for the best. I am more involved this year my sophomore and i regret not being more involved my Freshman year. When you get involved you feel connected to what is going on at school and you feel a part of something important. Lastly, one more thing be opened to the new expirience your beginning and at the same time be opened to meeting new and diverse people because some of these people will be friends for life, you will really gain lifelong friendships these are the people you will have at your wedding and be like your second family at school, a home away from home.


Although, many things, such as doing scholarships, may be very time consuming do them! There is nothing I regret more than not being able to dorm because of financial reasons. Always do what you have to, have at least three other peole read and proofread your essays and everything you write so you can get more opinions on it, which would potentially make it better. Another things is, never be afraid to ask for help. Questions do not make you look dumb for not knowing, questions make you look smart for actually wanting to know. If you aren't sure about something you are doing or are going to do, ask. You will regret it if you don't.


Enjoy the time you have here rather than be in a rush to graduate, enjoy your surroundings and your friends. Everything comes at the right time there is no need to hurry. Enjoy your time, study hard and you'll thrive there is no need to worry about that.


Whenever you believe that you've digged enough, dig deeper. Do not set yourself up for failure, but for greatness. Don't allow failures and dissapointments slow you down; embrace it, learn from it, and allow yourself to mature from it. The power of mind defeats everything; it all starts with you, positive thinking will guide you through your obstacles. No matter what, always have time for your family; they are your priority.


Dear (past) me, I would just like to advise you on a few things that may change your/my path on life for the better. Number one; do not drop out of classes because you think they are too hard. They are difficult yes, but not impossible to overcome. You are an honor roll student; you know good grades don’t come easy. Number two; do not apply to all the colleges and universities your friends applied to, nor intend to major in the same thing as them. You apply to the schools that will best cater to you; what may work for your friends may not work for you. And finally number three, and I know I’ve said this to myself time and time again, but please, do not procrastinate. It is detrimental to your college academic performance that you keep up good work ethics and personal responsibility. I know college is just a semester or two away, but do not lose the momentum you’ve been trying to sustain since junior high school just because you think it’s over. Keep working hard and don’t lose sight of what is really important. Sincerely, (Future) Me


I would tell myself to look for more money, and look for people who can push you to do things, not people who just say "Hey, do this, do that." But people who know you, and push you to your limits, and Oh work more for more money.


Make sure you do research on the schools you are applying to, do not just apply to schools because they are far away from home or easy to get admitted into. Do not take scholarships for granted, apply to as many as possible because it is free money and college is expensive. Also do not procrastinate and leave schools work for last minute, you want to make sure you have enough time on your work to make it sound intellectual and you dont want to rush through things. Make sure you get your applications read throughly by a guidance counsler and apply to a variety of schools. You do not want to regret these decisions you make in high school because they will have an effect on your life in the long run.


If I can go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would assure myself of all the doubts that I had about entering college life. I would make sure that I understand the importance of time management. Being a college athlete is very time consuming with practice everyday and games during the week, so it is imperative to not waste time and to study whenever given the chance. Communications is also key for success in the classroom. If the professors are not aware and informed in advance of when I may be missing a class then I can miss out on important lectures and information. Do not worry about making friends because the chances are that there are hundreds of other people who are looking to meet new people as well so it is not something to be concerned about. You will get the chance to meet people from all around the world and share cultural experiences with them, creating friendships that have the potential to last a lifetime. College is an experience that should be cherished because it does not last forever and is a privilege that should not be taken for granted.


I would advise high school seniors to accept that their lives will change and they should embrass this change. I would also stress the fact that college is difficult emotionally ie: your priorities, friends, family, love, and educationally ie: even if you aced AP BIology the college course is much more difficult and intense. So be prepared to grow up and be thankful for having a strong foundation. College expects you to do your best at all times. Stay positive and cherish the support of family and friends. Enjoy your summer:)


If I can go back and talk to my high school senior self, I would definitely tell him to immediately look for jobs in the area, save money any way that you can, and try to get as many scholarships that you can. Sure coming to school here is fun and it's an enjoyable experience, but you can't always depend and rely on your parents for the financial part of the ordeal. Books are expensive, housing is expensive, meal plans are expensive, so save your parents the burden by starting to look for a part time job, save up your money, and become more self-sufficient as soon as you can so you can be prepared for the college lifestyle.


I would tell myself to stay to listen to her heart and follow her dreams, because I know even though times were rough, I am exactly where I want to be and have no regrets.


Be who you are and everyone will love who you will become! Stay strong when times get tough and it will ... but do not let adversity trouble you but let it become you. Do not blink because just like that you are a senior and you are about to get into the real world , looking for a job when unemplyment is over 7%. Have fun and be you.


If I was to give my former high school self one piece of advice, it would be to narrow down and focus on my intended major. I would convince myself to focus more on my passionate subject which is biology. I finished my high school in my country, Iran. During my high school years, I divided my focus on random courses and arts. Therefore, instead of focusing more on science, I took art classes, piano class, and dance classes. Although those classes made me excel at art and expanded my hobbies, they stifled me from perusing my passionate subject and focusing a majority of my time on it. Since I love biology, I bought extra biology books to read besides my school work. In college, I studied harder in order to get A in each exam. Even though I was able to get A in all my college courses and the only B I received was from Organic Chemistry two, my studies in college would have been easier if I did not focus on art while I was attending high school. Overall, my advice would be to focus on biology and chemistry courses which are essential to my major.


Be a reponsable student, do every school work since the day you get it. Have fun studying don't look at the boring part there are more ways to study than just reading. You can study in a dynamic way with friends it's all up to your imagination. Remeber to put your studies first, sure you can hang out and stuff but always study first and give it your all in college, because the choices you make now will determine your future. Enjoy your college life to the fullest without forgetting this.


Money is a fact of life whether it is in abundance or not. Find every way you can to advance your knowledge for life. Investing in loans for school is not a mistakes if you have no immediate scholarship. Search the internet, ask counselors, and ask other students for any information on scholarship that they may know. Apply, Apply, Apply for all the chances you can to help you pay for your education. It is an investment you will never regret. Never give up! It can happen to you. You can control your dreams with critical thinking about your future. Why not be all you can be for yourself? A really good education is something no one can take from you except yourself. You can find so much knowledge to find yourself and find the pathways to your dreams. A well wrinkled brain full of knowledge that will help you help your children, neices, nephews, and others in your life. Live that dreams do not let it fade away. Scholarships of all sizes, shapes, and forms are out there, just waiting for someone with determination to find them.


If I could go back to the high school senior version of myself, I would constantly remind myself perservance is the key to success. I would also paid far more attention to in my weak subjects which are Math and the Sciences. I would have work alot hard with my challenging subject so that the fear that I currently have of taking these subject would have disappeared once I started college. In high school I was more focused on friends and getting into mischief, now that I am older and wiser I would have made better choice in friends and the activities I was involved. I realized now that the teaching I received in my home country of mexico has help me become a better college student and I strive of excellent at all times in studies. I would advised myself to work hard at whatever my hands found to do, focus a lot more on my academic endeavors, read more, use time spent with friends and family wisely. High school was fun however I could have graduated with a higher GPA if I had settled down and focus on my books and less on what friends were involved in.


I would tell myself to never give up and hard work does pay off in the long run. If you want a good great than you have to work for it and nothing in the world is every handed to you, and if it is than its not worth having.


I would say take ap classes and the test. apply to more schools. apply for more scholarships. take summer school to get ahead of credits.


The advice I would give myself would be to learn how to manage my time wisely not to wait to the last minute to do homework or projects. Become part of the University and become involved in the school join organizations and clubs.


I would have a lot of things to say to my high school self. I would have specific advice and a few clichés. My advice would help my future self be more prepared and successful for the future. First I would tell myself to be more involved and not hesitate to be in as many activities as possible. Participation leads to knowledge which is one of the most marketable attributes. I would encourage myself to become part of the social scene, join clubs, sports and become an integral part of my community, home and work place. After creating these relationships, I would advise myself to completely commit to everything. In sports, school, clubs, and every relationship: commit! Commitment is the key to the experience, and to completely appreciate an experience, you must completely commit. My final piece of advice, the most clichéd and the most important; would be to live in the moment and appreciate even the smallest of memories. Not only appreciate the moments, but to also learn from them. Listen, learn and grow. Don’t run from things you don’t understand. I would tell myself to appreciate, accept and grow from every person and event.


During all my classes in high school I wish I would have tried 100% in each class rather than slack off. The better your GPA, the easier it is to be accepted to colleges and gain more financial aid, or "free money" as I like to call it.