University of La Verne Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Nothing, before attending university, the school was able to give me enough knowledge and i was well interested by all of the activities, education and more


I wish I had known how to befriend my teachers. The Universty of La Verne puts a lot of worth on techers and students befriending each other. It would be a lot easier getting along with the professors if I had practiced communicating with my high school teachers.


I wish i would have known how truly amzing it is to be there and to be considered a leopard. i also wish i would have known more about greek life so i could have joined earlier.


I would have liked to know more about dorming and living on campus and how much of a difference it is. I would have beforehand explored the school and their buildings. The feeling of belonging to a school and the community makes a differences.


That this school has a adult accelerated course for adults 25 and older. Each classroom is 25 students only. It provides extra attention from your instructor to learn.


I wish I had known that laundry is really expensive when the college charges to use their washers and dryers.


I wish I knew a lot of things beforeI came to thing school, most of them have to do with life in general. But the one thing I really wish I had known before going to the University of La Verne is how to plan my 4 years there.


I wish I had known about the food choices here. There are not a lot of selections when it comes to variety. I know that the food does not make the university, but it is a very important part.


I wish I would have known that how awesome the school is so I would have given the school more attention during highschool. I seemed to be fixated on my dream school, and when I didn't get in, I viewed every other school as just not good enough. I sure was wrong! La Verne is an amazing school and I'm actually glad I didn't get into the big name university I had orignally planned on attending.


I wish I had known how what I was getting for my money. La Verne is a private school, so it costs upwards of $30,000 to attend. I was offered a $10,000 grant, which on top of financial aid I thought would cover my costs, but I still end up taking out $5,000 in personal loans every year. On a social not as an off campus student it is nearly impossible to make friends and really connnect with other students unless you spend all your time on campus.


I wish I had known how fantastic the legal studies program was before I enrolled at University of La Verne. Had I known, I would have enrolled much sooner than I did. I also wish I had known how easy it was to enroll. I realized at the informational meeting, which was held two weeks before Spring classes began, that it was possible to attend immediately as opposed to waiting until Fall to start my courses. This is allowing me to graduate eight months sooner than I initially expected.


I wish i had known how helpful the staff is. If you need anything you can always go to them and they will help you with any problem that you seem to be facing.


The University of La Verne does an excellent job of informing students of what to expect. Since the day i first attened class I was very well prepared and knew just what to anticipate. I was very well informed of the social life, student services, and what to expect from professor's. La Verne left no room for any suprises.


The amount of time that is required to complete courses in the major field. The school is so small, and students pay such high tuition that the professors push to the students to work hard and earn their degrees.


I wish I had known how extremely close it would be to my house and that the way to get involved would be through a sorority or fraternity. If you do not live on campus, commuters are not aware of the events held at night and throughout the day.


I wish I would have known exactly how many students actually live on campus compared to the ones that commute.


I wish I knew a bit more about the social life in the school and the people that attend the school.


I wish I had known how great the school was before I had came to La Verne. I was afraid of transferring to an university from a community college. Once I arrived at La Verne, the school has embraced me and encourage me to finish. I probably would have been finish with school sooner if it wasn't for my fear.


I learned everything I needed to know with prior research about the school & attending orientation.


I wish I had known it was so small and secluded. There's not much to do around here so that's why everyone is always hanging out with each other. If you don't have a car, you're stuck on campus with nothing to do.


the school is really, really small. you will not get the big campus environment here.


iI dont think there is anything i wish i would of known, it was everything i expected it to be an more. I love the college life it got me out of the slums an helped me make new friends and grow as a student an a person.


That the competition between students is intense.