University of La Verne Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I believe the best thing about my school is the small close-knit campus. This small campus allows for everyone to get to know each other and not feel overwhelmed with the transition from high school to a University.


I consider the best thing about University of La Verne to be the instructors. They challenge, motivate, and expect a lot out of their students.


I love how my school is small. All of my classes have no more than 40 students in them. One writing class only had 5 other students. The student teacher ratio here is perfect for discussion and really allows us to master the concepts.


How close everyone at the school is. Whether you are an athlete or nonathlete, everyone gets along with each other.


My campus is extremely small, allowing for the students to get to know teachers much better and vice versa. There is also more of an opportunity for students to get involved, because the likelihood of them knowing someone who is involved in something is very high. Most of the students know each other. I know some students at other schools who only know a handful of students. Because of my small campus, I've had the chance to meet hundreds of students.


on campus activites!


I loved how people were so friendly and welcoming. La Verne is a great community and the people I met there made it a great experience for me. The best thing about school was meeting people, playing baseball, and going out.


The small class size. It is an intimate setting. It has made it easier to get to know new people and get involved.


The best aspect of La Verne University is that every one is so friendly. As a new transfer, going to a new school is very scary and intimidating but everyone at La Verne has been very helpful and nice. From the staff at admisssions to the student workers in financial Aid, I have been helped and guided with no hesitation or lack of patience. I feel very lucky to be in such a helpful enviornment.


I love the small class size because it allows your professor to get to know you as a person. They are also all very reachable, on the syllabus they give you their house number, cell number, and both email addresses. They are always willing to help.


I think that the best thing about my school is that it is small. Because of the small amount of people that go to the university everyone tends to know everyone and most of us get along with our peers.


The class sizes and the teaching staff at the University of La Verne provide a wonderful learning atmosphere. My smallest class had 6 students in it and the largest had around 35. The teachers are very in tune with their students and tend to make lasting relationships with some of their students. The teachers are very available to talk with students after classes and they have plenty of office hours. Professors at the University of La Verne teach all their classes themselves and only use students to grade papers, not teach a course for them.


The best thing about the University of La Verne is its size. La Verne educates less than 2,000 students allowing classroom averages of twelve to about twenty-five classmates. Professors are able to give you the attention you need and more including one-on-one time. At a larger school there would be lines and appointments to meet your professor for just a few minutes, here it is no problem. With less than 2,000 students it leaves more educational and financial services for attending students. When chosing a school I would highly reccomend a small school.


The best thing about my school is the small community and how nice everyone is in that community. I like being able to know a lot of people on campus, and I know it is a good day when I see more than one person I know on my way to class.


The best thing about University of La Verne is that class size is small. For me, having a smaller class, helped me involve myself more and participate in class discussions. Smaller classes are also better because professors don't have as many students and are available most of the time when you need them. Smaller classes also makes you feel more welcomed. You get to know more people.


Small class size. Professors give multiple contact options and can help nearly 24/7. Always excited to help when asked. Professors and staff treated like family friends.


The best thing about the Uiniversity of La Verne is the small classroom setting. Students are better able to know their professor one on one, and in the long run have a better relationship. On campus everyone is more or less nice, and the city is beautiful. We are near a lot of different types of areas so there is always something to do.


The professors are very involved with they students and really try their best to help you in class and out of class as well.


The best thing about my school is the education. The class size is small and you learn in an almost one-on-one type basis. The professor care and want every student to do there best, students and professors are usually know each other by name and have spoken to every student individually with set meetings outside of class.


The best thing at our school is that the classes are very small the right amount of students are involved and its much easier to interact with your peers and professors.