University of Louisiana at Lafayette Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


No one will turn you away if you need help or have to ask for directions on campus.


Like many places, you've got your introverts and your extroverts, your school-spirited bunches of pom-pom people, and the quiet study-heads lurking in coffee shops, library nooks, and every there's people! To make friends, you've gotta let go of judgement, of others and of others judging you. Sometimes, the world is a lot better than what's on your mind. Don't be afraid. Take someone's hand, look 'em in the eye, and say, "Hi. My name is _________."


My classmates are well-rounded, outgoing and truly value their education.


As a fourth year college student I would describe my classmates driven. Being a biology major I have noticed that overall everyone has the same mind-set, which is to give every required class their all. There is a noticible difference between biology major classes and others. Classes which are required for biology majors is a friendly compeition. Everyone gives every assignment and test their overall best, while at the same time everyone is willing to help one other achieve their goals. The classes are large compared to those of a high school, but meeting people is rather easy.


My classmates all seem friendly yet focused mainly on their education.


Most of my classmates are lazy, inconsiderate, impolite, rude people; but, there are a small amount of students who are kind, couetuous, polite and nice.


The students at my school have a ton of school spirit and pride for the surrounding area.


My classmates are like the Mercedes in a Wal Mart parking lot, simply put... GREAT!


My classmates are very supportive and encouraging. My major Nursing is very competitive, but everyone treats each other fairly. I like that and hope my career can continue with these kinds of honorable people. We all just want help everyone we care for in life and in the hospital.


The students on ULL's campus are primarily pleasant to be around.


All unique in their own way.


My classmates are outgoing, diverse and open to new cultures!


My classmates are self-motivated.


Most classmates are friendly but keep to themselves in their on social group.


My classmates are helpful, friendly and focused on learning.


On the morning of the test, most of us arrived either hungover or still drunk and/or stoned; the average grade was roughly a 79/100.


Our school is like many other schools; people will hang around people who act and look like them. For the attire it depends on if they have test or not. I know when I have a really big test I will most likely come to class wearing my pajamas. Many people will dress up for class like it is a fashion runway but not me. Jeans and a comfy shirt will do.


I'd like to think that there's no real issue here. There's plenty of religious and social groups out there. You just gotta go out and enjoy!


The student body seems kind to different races and religious people. Its an open campus. Different type of students interact all the time. The topic of earnings does come to topic once you've realized how much money you're looking on earning. It makes going through all the hard classes worth it. Some students are politically aware, and some students are politically clueless.


I don't think anyone would feel out of place at ULL because there are a variety of different kinds of races. I think most students wear clothes that are the most comfortable to class.


UL Lafayette students get too dressed up to go to class---it's not a fashion show! But it is def. easy to make friends in class and find study partners if needed. People tend to be very friendly on campus.


As far as I know, UL Lafayette students are very active. Thankfully, I am not one of them.


no one should feel out of place here. it is kind of cool to see how different everyone is from each other.


Not answering any of these.


Honestly, there are a lot of nerdy people at UL always studying. I've become one of them. Haha. Not too many cool kids i guess. I'd rather have nerdy nice people around me than cocky cool people anyway, so it's a very friendly atmosphere.


Most students wear clothes that are comfortable, someone that dresses up for class and walks around in heels would not fit in (although there are some)


I don't think ULL has many problems with "cliques" on campus. I've never noticed any groups that stand out. I've met most students that are really down to earth, from all financial backgrounds. I'd say the majority of students are from around this area.


I do not encounter any experience with racial or religous groups on campus. I do not think anyone in particular would feel out of place at UL. Most students wear jeans and t-shirts to class. Yes, all different types of students interact.


I don't think our university is very diverse at all. So many other schools are more diverse, including high schools only a portion of our size.


there are two types of people at UL. the ones who dress up and the ones who dont. the ones who dress up are the ones who get up every morning and wear nice clothes to school. Like dressier shirts, jeans, and heels, or slacks and jacket. Then they have the people who look like they woke up ten minutes ago and threw on a pair of jeans, a tee shirt, threw their hair in a ponytail and put a hat on. the latter one being me. Most of the UL students are from local towns, being Lafayette, New Iberia, Delcambre, Loraville, ect.


If you are looking for a university that has just about every type of ethnicity, religious background, political background, etc., UL is definitely the place! The university is very culturally diverse. I don't think there are any type of students that would feel isolated or alienated at UL.


The football players are pretty rowdy and undisciplined. Most of them are black racist, selfish individuals. There are lots of economic-backgrounded people. Multiple religions. Unfortunately, as a die-hard conservative, I often feel out of place here. People who have experienced the world would feel out of place among young students who really don't know anything about life. Most students bum it except for first semester freshmen when going to class. There are nerds in there, then there are all the black people making noise and tossing food everywhere. Then there are all of the normal-to-half normal just trying to find a place to sit and eat our nasty ill-nutritioned food in peace. Most UL students are from all of the surrounding areas going 30 miles in any direction from Lafayette. There are a few from north Louisiana as well as New Orleans. Most are middle-classed. Students are very politically active, but not very politically aware. It's really funny to watch them. More often than not, they fall left to center. Earn what?


If you are looking for a diverse college, UL is your number one choice. We have an enormous international student body. we also have over 11 different religous organizations. Students wear whatever they want to class, I have gone to class in pajamas many many times.Most students are from Louisiana, generally from the New Orleans and Lafayette area.


I think UL is a very well-rounded college. White Americans are the majority but there is definitely a huge minority. I can't think of a student who would feel out of place. Most students dress very casual to class, almost too casual. Although the university is diverse I do notice that the different races usually stick together. I would say most UL students are either from Lafayette, or from small rural towns in Louisiana. We have many from Texas as well. We also have a very large Indian population. I would say there is no financial situation that is prevalent. There are students from rich or poor backgrounds and many students who are very independent paying for their schooling alone. I do not hear much about future salaries or much political talk.


Sometimes, people look at me funny or dont expect to do well because i am black. black and international people. pajamas, sweats, or some people dress up really nice. mostly in the classroom if you are assigned to groups, but mainly NO! jocks, international students, popular blacks/whites, non-popular blacks/whites. half and half; U.S. and non-U.S. middle-class in prevalent. most are aware and some are active. not sure. some do.


I don't think anyone would feel left out on UL's campus. We have such a diversity at UL that no one is alone. In fact, we are about to have International Week to recognize the international students on campus. It will be comprised of games, food, and much more! Most students wear just jeans or shorts and t-shirts. Although, on any given day, don't be surprised to see student still in their pj's - also don't be surprised to see some people in nice dresses and heels.