University of Louisiana at Lafayette Top Questions

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UL has a very fun campus with several professors who genuinely care about their students. It has a beautiful campus that's continuously being improved. It also happens to be the most inexpensive university I've ever heard of, and yet you can still get a quality education. It's even ranked as one of the top universities in computer science and in engineering.


The campus! It's beautiful and completely a testament to our cajun culture. There is a swamp smack in the middle of campus, complete with cypress trees and pirougues. It's full of alligators, fish, and turtles. You can feed them on your break along with the friendly campus squirrels!


The school focus on helping the students learn morals for life while learning the field that the student is pursueing. Since I been in college I learned its preparing you for life , this college do not take any slack and wants all their students to succeed.


On campus the school has a swamp with live alligators and wildlife. There are also many stores and companies across the street that offer many job opportunities to the students to help pay for tuition.


University of Louisiana at Lafayette is unique because of the community in which it is located. The Acadiana area is fairly large, but for its size it is pretty close knit. There are always things to do here between campus activities, local festivals, and concerts. As we say in South Louisiana: ""lesse le bon temp rouler!" Which means: "let the good times roll!" We know how to have fun but when its time to buckle down and do work we put our hearts into it.


The school uses Louisiana culture and traditions and uses it to events and activites. No one else has the the cajun culture and great food like lafayette, Louisiana.


IT is very affordable for the education you recieve.


We have a Quidditch team!!


My school is very caring and friendly.


our school is the only university in the united states, that has a swamp, i think that's awesome!


All the student events are so distinct, especially lagniappe day.


The food, the swamp.


Same as question above. The atmosphere here and the feeling you get here is unmatched by any other school. The people are very genuine and really take the time.


I feel this school is much more social. There are lots of things students can do to hang out with fellow students outside of the classroome.


Nothing is ever set in stone. Once you start in a major you will soon realize if it's what you expected and don't be afarid to change if it's not you. You go to college to stimulate your ideas and motivations for the "real world" and getting a degree in something that doesnt do that is worthless to you. If you graduate in something that moves you work will be interesting just almost everyday and less like a job. Good luck and follow your dreams!


The culture of the area.


This university is really close to home.




That's about it


love my schoool. wouldnt rather be anywhere else.


That pretty much covers everything.


i hope my opinion is valued, used, and appreciated by you.