University of Louisiana at Lafayette Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at University of Louisiana at Lafayette accurate?


Most of the stereotypes I have mentioned are very accurate. The classes are pointless that are needed to obtain my Bachlors Degree. The students, not to mention the faculty (not everyone though) are very rude and just not friendly! The teachers are much more harder than the ones that taught me at SLCC.


our downtown area and a place called "the strip" are located right next to campus so the drinking and going out scene are really big. I don't think that defines our school however.


Hell no! The smartest peopel I know either go here, or graduated from here! NOT from lsu. Or should I say, ls-who?


Dont know.




Absolutley not! I chose to go to UL Lafayette and not because I couldn't get into LSU


-It's true! We have a real swamp on campus. Just be aware of the alligators! -While we do have a Chili Pepper at our sporting events, our official mascot is a Ragin' Cajun!


The party part is true but UL students are by no way not as smart as LSU students. Not everyone is rich, stuck up students, who have to go to a certain college to make a name for themselves.


for the most part yes. not everyone is country though


In my opinion, no. While we do like to have fun, we have top programs such as nursing and computer science which take hard working and dedicated students.