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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Most of the stereotypes I have mentioned are very accurate. The classes are pointless that are needed to obtain my Bachlors Degree. The students, not to mention the faculty (not everyone though) are very rude and just not friendly! The teachers are much more harder than the ones that taught me at SLCC.


our downtown area and a place called "the strip" are located right next to campus so the drinking and going out scene are really big. I don't think that defines our school however.


Hell no! The smartest peopel I know either go here, or graduated from here! NOT from lsu. Or should I say, ls-who?


Dont know.




Absolutley not! I chose to go to UL Lafayette and not because I couldn't get into LSU


-It's true! We have a real swamp on campus. Just be aware of the alligators! -While we do have a Chili Pepper at our sporting events, our official mascot is a Ragin' Cajun!


The party part is true but UL students are by no way not as smart as LSU students. Not everyone is rich, stuck up students, who have to go to a certain college to make a name for themselves.


for the most part yes. not everyone is country though


In my opinion, no. While we do like to have fun, we have top programs such as nursing and computer science which take hard working and dedicated students.


Not at all,UL courses are just as hard








no to everything but partiers. most students can easily partake in nightlife


To some extent, a lot of us are from south Louisiana


I don't think any of those stereotypes are true at all. It's not all about partying, I study A LOT! And had absolutely NO interest in attending LSU.


not sure


Thses stereotypes are definitely incorrect. UL has one of the best Engineering and Nursing programs in the nation. It also has one of the best Business schools in the state. Lafayette is not a college is a community. Many people were born in Lafayette and plan to stay here, but not everyone by far. We have a high percentage of foreigners who attend UL as well.


No, these stereotypes are definitely not accurate.


No! I know tons and tons of people who willingly choose to come to UL for many reasons, and I'm one of them. I also know many people who leave LSU to come to UL because they were not happy there.


Absolutely not, read above.


Well, im not saying that everyone there should be going to college, because there are some people i wonder how they did manage to make into college. As far as UL being dirty and old, it is. The buildings that have been there forever are old, and dirty. But the newer buildings are okay.


People in Louisiana need to face the fact, our lives don't evolve around LSU. What kind of education does LSU have? UL has some of the best programs in the country, including nursing, engineering, architecture, and computer science. Not only that, but the people are much nicer. The main perk about UL is its price. Okay, so our football team may not be the best, okay they are really bad, but the baseball and softball teams were both ranked in pre-season polls and the basketball team just won its division.


UL does have many students from the Lafayette area, but there are many many other states and countries represented Since being a student at UL, I have been very pleasantly surprised with the "top notch" academics. The classes and professors are by no means second rate. It is true that the student population at UL parties a good bit, but if clubbing is not your thing, they are still plenty of students who do not.


There are a good portion of students who have lower self-esteem, but not nearly all of them. Lafayette is the fastest growing town in the state. UL is good bang for your buck as far as cost and education is concerned.


If you go to college anywhere in the U.S. there will be partying; Its college! UL students are just more experienced. UL has some of the top colleges in the Nation. Our Nursing,Engineering,Education, and Art are among the top 10 in the nation. Our faculty and staff consists of some of the greatest professors available.


I do not feel that this is accurate because there are some very bright students, as there is everywhere. For example, I could have attended LSU if I had wanted to but I chose ULL instead! This stereotype is partially true because although students do go out and have a good time, there are numerous students who stay home and study. Lafayette is an expanding town which offers many distractions to students, but I feel that just because Lafayette is an entertaining and fun town that its students are still very productive and well educated.


We may party a lot but everyone that I know and has associated with still take their school work seriously.


for the most part, but it is also two competitive departments on our campus.


I don't know if you can call it a "stereotype" because I believe all of these things to be 100% true! UL Lafayette and it's students are AMAZING!