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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Concert on Campus


Lagniappe Day activities


Lagniappe Day activities


-ULL is positioned in Lafayette where there is an abundance of dance clubs and bars. Drinking is the social past time of students at ULL. This may not be true for all, but the majority of students like to party.


The most popular organizations are UPC, SGA, and frats and sororities. I have been in UPC. It was fun. You got to feel involved and there was always an activity to partake in. Athletic events are very popular. They are enjoyable to watch, but I like sports. Dating scene is okay. Ive always had a serious boyfriend so dont really know how dating scene is in depth. People party alot at UL. Frats and sororities are important to some, I am not into it but I appreciate it. Homecoming happens each year and is a great tradition.


If I stay awake late on a week night, it's because I'm up studying. Fraternitites/sororities are not that important to me. I have friend in there but I'm not apart of that. Last weekend I worked and went fishing. On a saturday night, I could watch a movie, have a get together at the apartment and cook, visit with family, catch up on school work, and work.


I think we have a diverse group of organizations. I don't think campus living is what is should be. That could def. be improved by doing more throughout the dorms and updating them (which I know is going on right now) The Student Union could use a face lift as well!


greeks are the most popular


Lafayette has an awesome social scene. Greek is the way to go!!




The only group i am in is the accounting society. It is ok. Nothing spectacular, but it's ok. I study constantly. I don't really have time for anything else. I work 20 hours a week and then study all the rest of the time. I make sure that i go out almost every week. That might be more than normal people, but i need a social life. At school, I think so much, I don't really talk to people. The baseball games are fun and some of the football games, well usually just tailgating at the football games.


greek life. sga is where my heart is. no doors open. athletics could use more of a draw and more spirit. guest speakers- nope. theatre-no school interest. dating scene-messy. came to ul with them. getting home from a bar.homecoming, footoball/baseball/basketball season, lagniappe week, greek week, film series, eyes wide open, ragin roar, midnight madness, elections. frequent partiers. greek life is very prestigious, worked and partied. probably nothing. volunteer and work.


SGA probably is the most popular organization, Im in a sorority and its great when you are just starting college but as you mature and head toward graduation it becomes more time consuming, Im never awake at 2 am on tuesday EVER, last weekend I studied and hung out with my family, on Saturday you can go bowling or hand out with friends at a coffee shop or go to the movies


I really wish the athletic teams would get more support from students and the community. I think they would really start playing better if they knew they had people supporting them.


I think the Greek system is very popular on campus, but I am biased because I am a Greek. Athletic events are somewhat popular. Personally, baseball is my favorite time of year. I met my closest friends through my sorority and my majores. If I am awake at 2am, I am studying and definitely not at a bar. Now if it was a Friday or Saturday, that would be a different story. Some people go out from Monday to Monday with no break in between but others just go out on the weekends. Last weekend, I stayed home on Friday to catch up on sleep and then I went out on Saturday. A Saturday night without alcohol could consist of going listen to a band play, movie, dinner, and maybe house parties with no alcohol. There really isn't much to do on campus so everything is pretty much done off campus.


UL students are scattered all over campus. There is not one particular spot. No, students in the dorms usually lock their doors. The athletic events are not that popular. I think that is something we need to work towards, be more supportive. I met my closest friends in my classes. We have the same major so we end up in classes together for quite a few semesters. If I am awake at 2am on Tuesday, I might be studying. We have Laniappe week that happens each year. I think people party pretty often. Sororities and Fraternities are very important to me because I am part of one. Last weekend I did some homework and hung out with friends. I can hang out with friends and watch movies. Off campus I usually do homework and study or hang out with friends.


I think the more popular organizations on Campus are SOS and UPC.


UL has over 100 different student organizations from academic to religious to athletic to community service to just for fun. Dorm life is not hug at UL. Most students live off campus or in campus apartments. There is always a decent amount of students at every sporting event. I met almost all of my closest friends from student organizations. Although, I am not involved in Greek life, there are many that are. Although, I would not say it's the main thing to do. Every spring, the University Program Council hosts Lagniappe Week. It involves a variety of events from community/charity events to movie night in the Union. Homecoming week is similar, and it takes place in the fall. If you are awake at 2am on a Tuesday, you are most likely cramming for a test or writing a paper, but on a Friday or Saturday, you are most likely out with friends. Lafayette has a very large variety of restaurants, most notably Cajun cuisine. There are also several movie theaters. Downtown Lafayette hosts many fine arts events. Once a month there is an art walk. There are many places to see local bands, and there is even a restaurant that hosts salsa dancing and several Cajun dancing venues.


Fraternities/sororities. Chi Alpha, a born-again Christian cult just about. I am in UL Judo. We just like hanging out together and the conditioning, grappling, balancing, and competitiveness that judo has to offer. My closest friends were all in the same suite living together our first semester. That was it pretty much. The rest were pretty scattered about and random. Sometimes they leave their door open, sometimes not. It is foolish, I have always locked mine. I am in bed by midnight or 1 unless I have work and get back at 3. Up late I am messing around online or doing the homework I put off while exercising. Every spring there is lagniappe week (I hope I spelled that right). There are canoe races in the swamp and all kinds of bizarre stuff. They'll sometimes shut down this one one-way street on campus and have all kinds of booths and trucks and stuff set up. People go out a lot, almost every night of the week. Frats are there, but not overbearing. Last weekend I went home to see my fiance in New Orleans. Saturday night, I am usually working watching people there get drunk or I am at drill or in New Orleans. Something to avoid homework. Off campus I am working, visiting friends, or out to get a beer maybe once a week.


Our Greek life on campus is very dominant. Being in a sorority was one of my better decisions. Greeks are very involved among the commmunity as well as our athletics. Greeks support UL more than any organizations on campus. UPC and SGA are also big supporters in making UL the best it can be.


Football and Basketball players are very well known. Fraternities and Sororities are also popular at UL. Although I am not in a sorority, the majority of my friends are in one. Most students who are involved in SGA are also involved in other activities and are usually recognized around campus. Football are a lot of fun for Tail-gating, even though most people don't make it into the actual game. Basketball and Baseball games also draw big crowds. There is a HUGE downtown scene. Most students go out every weekend to local bars and clubs. The bars are usually pretty slow on weeknights.


greek life. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is based on sisterhood, scholarship, and service; we devote our free time to others in need and have fun doing it. no. only football and basketball matter to the students. it depends what they are speaking about. it depends on what is being showed. I dont date anymore. I met my closest friends in the dorm and in my sorority. studying, writing a paper, or helping a resident. Homecoming, Greek show, Greek round-up, greek-expo, black history progams, gospel choir extravaganza, etc. they party from Wed-Sat. every week. frats/soro. are VERRRRRRRRRRRRY important. I went to my sorority's conference in Baton Rouge. movie nights, skating rink, go shopping, play cards/board games, etc. i visit my family or go on mini-vacations with friends.


The most popular groups are probably the fraternities and sororities. We always see chalk around campus promoting different groups. I am involved in many different groups. One being the Student Government Association where I represent the voice of 400 students in Nursing. Another amazing club is Up Til Dawn where we throw events to raise money for the children at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. At 2 am on Tuesday most people are probably just leaving from a fun night out. Me on the other hand, I'm probably last minute studying for a test Wednesday morning! Every year we have Lagniappe Week. This includes a different activity everyday ranging from a crawfish boil for the students to the famous swamp jump. We also have canoe races in the swamp which everyone should experiece!!