University of Louisiana at Lafayette Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I can't find anything wrong with the school


THe worst thing about my school is teh busy offices. There is never an open line to call, and that can be very annoying.


I throughly enjoy my school and the pride it attains. The only downfall would be the parking. Pretty much everyday I have to pay to park my car on campus. Yes, there is a bus from Cajun Field, which is offered for free however the few times I have tried to take advantage of its' services it has not been on time. I would not consider parking a major deciding factor because there is a new parking garage being built now. There is always safe, free parking at the nearby park.


The worst thing about this school is that they do not provide education for the graduate degree I am currently working towards. There is a pretty big emphasis on greek life here.


The lack of diverse entertainment and people are things that I consider to be the worst about ULL. However, it is not the Universities fault for why the diversity rate is so low; it is simply the location in south Louisiana and the French/Creole culture that attracts more of a particular race of people. Entertainment on campus includes: orchestras, burger bashes, crawfish eating, supporting the not-so talented football team, and sorority get togethers. There may be other things that I forgotten...go figure. Off-campus events include football tailgating, after-hour shopping...


The worst thing I consider is how some people can get away with things thqt others can not.


The worst thing about my school is that it is always under construction to bring it up to date and majority of dorms are unsanitary. Also there is no decent parking available on campus nor around. This is what has made me move off campus to my family.


The worst ting about my school would have to be that there is not much that goes on in the evening or weekends because it is a huge commuter school and not many people live on campus.


The worst is clinical work in the hospital. We all have to wake-up and be at the hospital by 4 am. If we are just a minute late without an emergency excuse we fail. Anyway, it is the life of all nurses and if it doesn?t kill us it will make us stronger nurses. This is a part of the job so it is good to get a feel for it early so you know if it is something you really want to do.




I love my school. I don't think there's anything about my school that I don't like. Well, expect for parking, but it's really not that big of a deal. I think I would have to say the old dorms that we have on campus that aren't in use. They should be torn down, and replaced with apartments like the other ones they have. It would be a lot more convienent and useful. But due to budget cuts, that's not going to happen.


i don't like how some of the professors are foreign and its really quite hard to understand them.


I thimk the sidewalks are too small. There is always alot of "people traffic" going to and from classes, and someone is always forced to walk off the edge of the sidewalk.


The worst thing about my school is that it can feel a little overcrowded when trying to get meals on campus. You have to wait in long lines and often it's not worth it to stand in line for an hour for a cheeseburger.


The lack of a student ramp park for BMX bikes and skateboards. There are lots of students who BMX and skateboard on campus that would like a free student facility to practice their sport.


The amount of financial aid given to students in insufficient. Most of us can barely afford to go to school here.


There is a little problem with racism, since it is the deep south.


Not realizing it, school activities are focused around soroties and fraternities, causing others to feel left out.


The school does not offer many classes for the liberal arts majors. I have seen better psychology programs at other schools. My sister is majoring in anthropology, and it is very difficult for her to finish her anthropology classes, because they are not always offered. Some professors are more interested in their own research than teaching the students.