University of Louisiana at Lafayette Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There are not enough parking around campus.


The most frustrating thing about UL is the parking situation. They have enough spaces for the people who live on campus to park while the commuters (nearly half the students) are forced to park at the Cajun Dome and ride the bus to campus, or park in neighborhoods and walk. While the school does have some spaces available for commuters, they go fast and are nearly 500$.


The most frustraing thing about the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is the amount of foreign teachers and the speed that they teach at.


Lack of interesting differences among people. A lot of people dress the same, act the same, and even think the same.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that they are not lenient for some aspects of the admission process. It is not easy to get in contact with those that are in charge.




The one thing that comes to mind is that they are short on teachers in some departments. For my Physics class the school had to combine two sections together so we have almost fifty students in the class. While this is not really a big deal, it makes the classes more crowded then they should have to be for some subjects.


Ofen the courseload. The course load would be acceptable in alot of the classes if one was not taking 5-6 other classes with just as much work. So i would say the amount of work given to students for an allotted time period.


The parking is very frustrating. When you need to drive to class, there is never enough available parking spots for the amount of students that attend the university.


Nothing at all.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is its unwillingness to give options to those of alternative lifestyles through university supported eateries that offer a variety of foods or through easily accessible schedules and professors.


I was never frustrated about it.


There are not many options for class times and not many choices for classes within majors. Everyone on campus smokes and there is no where to sit outside to get away from it. The library computers are always full and the printing is always backed up.




The most frustarting thing about ULL is the attitude of some of the students towards the faculty and staff. I feel that some of the students are expecting a free ride like they tend to get from the teachers in high school. Whether it be for sports or just the expectation that college is supposed to e easy without studying or doing homework to complete the assignments and understand the material on their own.