University of Louisiana at Lafayette Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that before coming to this school I would have known that I could dual enroll at another local school.


To apply for scholarships


Before I came to U.L., I wished that I had to take alot of prep. courses before I would be able to take any of my core-classes. I also wished that I would have no that must people in this university are untrustworthy and lazy.


Before I came to this school, I wished that I known about websites like because it would have helped me to pick my classes. That's not to say that I would have used such websites to pick the "easier" professor, but rather I would have use d it to take a professor who would challenge my mind and not give me a grade.


I knew everything that I needed to know


I wish I had known of an HBCU with Industrial Design. ULL doesn't offer very many scholarships, but had I found an HBCU with my major, I could have banked off my National Achievement status, as well as my ACT and GPA. I also with I had known the atmosphere. I wouldn't have wasted time trying to adjust or fit in, and I would have known to just accept my cards and do what I have to in school.


How to fill out financial aid correctly.


I wish i would have known a little bit more about my major and its school. It's helpful to know what your getting yourself into. Also i wish i had known about the housing issues here in lafayette. They are not bad but i learned through experence what i liked.


That I could have received more scholarships had my high school college advisor not told me that I wasn't eligible for them.


I would have liked to know the different scholarships available to me.


More about the parking situation. And I have asthma and had to register with Students with Disabilities and did not know about it until my junior year.


More people from my home area.


I wish I had know it would be so easy to be accepted and meet new friends.


How to study for math.


I really can not think of anything.


I wish i would have known that in college, you really do have to commit fully to schoolwork. You must teach yourself.


The department is not very important to the overall school.


The staff/administration is not very helpful. The classes that are necessary to complete my degree are not offered every semester and there are not many options for days/times of the classes I need, which makes it almost impossible to have a part-time job during the week (my classes are all over the place).


I wish I would have knnown about all the opportunities for freshman, especially in engineering. It would have been nice if I had a better time my senior year of high school to prepare for college. A lot of things got messed up for me that weren't UL's fault; I just wish it were easier to fix up to where it would work better.


I was not sure of who I was before I came here, but once I was here, I found myself and am not afraid to be myself around anybody!


That I didn't like living in Lafayette.