University of Maine at Augusta Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I was an off-campus, out-of-state student and my degree was distance learning based. This was excellent for me, because I work full-time and take classes on a part-time basis. This school is very flexible, friendly and student oriented. It was the best undergraduate experience for me and I cannot recommend their online degree programs highly enough.


The University of Maine at Augusta is for a person who wants to save money while getting a quality University education. A person who is creative and open to learning new ideas. UMA is a place for anyone of any age in any walk of life. Whether you are 18 or 88 UMA welcomes you and wants to give you the tools to succeed in your chosen career.


A person who likes a small, intimate, community-based campus environment. Someone who is prepared to study hard, apply the skills they learn, and prepare for a career (or graduate school) throughout their time at UMA. Also, someone who likes cold weather.


Someone attending this school should be focused and like small town living.


If you like a school that feels like a community, where your professors get to know you by name, then this is a school for you. If you are interested in university, but don't want to go to a big university, where you are just a number, then this is a school for you. The setting is beautiful, the courses are great, and the people are approachable.