University of Maine at Farmington Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Personally, I am a very outdoorsy person. I enjoy being outside and being active. The University of Maine at Farmington is ideal for me in this respect, and I encourage anyone who loves being outside to look into this school. However, there are also communities of computer and table gamers, writers, athletes and any other type of person that I can think of attending this school. I would encourage every type of person to check out the school I attend. However, the town is very small, and if you are looking for something bigger, you may want to look elsewhere.


If you're someone who treasures nature, if you like having one-on-one interactions and getting to know your professors, and if you have a passion for teaching and/or writing, this is the perfect school for you. This setting is also fitting for people who are warm and friendly, and for those who like to do volunteer work around the community and for the environment.


The kind of person that should attend this college should be someone who wants to be a teacher, who doesn't small towns and having their university and town community intertwined as one.


This school is in the middle of nowhere. There is NOTHING to do, and when I say NOTHING I really really mean it.


someone who does not have to get drunk to have a good time


Someone should attend if they like small classes, one-on-one help, and can entertain themselves, or love to ski.


Someone looking for a small town feel, with small classes one on one attention. Has a liberal culture.


Easy-going, open-minded, creative people. We're a very liberal school so you have to be open to new ideas.


someone who is open to new ideas and experiences, creative, and likes to make their own fun. Mt is very close so someone who enjoys winter sports


Any student looking for a place to explore and have experience opportunities to learn within the liberal arts or education majors.


I think anyone could fit in here at UMF truly. There is such a relaxed atmosphere and everyone is quite welcoming and genuine. Of course anyone who wanted to come to Farmington would have to have a true appreciation for academics, because everyone works really hard here. And of course we all like to have fun--there are so many fun and different activities going on around campus! Come to UMF if you're up for a challenge, fun, and maybe even a bit of adventure along the way.


This school is oriented toward anyone who wants to learn, and is ambitious. It's not the best school if you like the big city, it is small and intimate, you can walk everywhere. Also, if you're highly religious or conservative, the school might not be the best fit for you because it is a very liberal and diverse school with people of all orientations and religions, no one way of thinking is accepted, especially if that way of thinking is Christian or conservative politically or otherwise.