University of Maine at Farmington Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I had known more about what I wanted to do before I came to this school. I entered Umaine Farmington as an International Studies major, and quickly decided that it was not for me. I'm very glad that I went to my advisor and asked to change my major to Environmental Science, because that program fit me much better as a person. Regardless of what college you chose, I would urge any new student who isn't sure what he or she wants to do to experiment with different classes.


I wish I had known more people before coming to this school.


I didn't have to do freshman year here, but in general, be aware that there are a lot of core requirements you're not going to like, getting started. They'll go away though, if you do them up front.


I knew everything about this school before I applied. I had friends currently at this school.


That the job placement with my major is terrible.


Make sure you get your financial aid in order, specifically how you will facilitate payment.


don't sign a lease for an appt with people you dont know


I wish I had known what food they offered in the cafeteria. I wish I had looked through the dorms and bathrooms in the dorms for cleanliness standards. I wish I had known about which classes were not offered for more than one year between offerings.


That my certification is not good in many states. It is a good thing I planned to stay in Maine anyway because I would not be able to teach in NH or MA due to certification conflicts.


How it's like high school part two because it's so small... but it's perfect at that size because you can focus more.


UMF is an awesome school. The community is really small so everyone gets to know one another pretty well. Everyone is super friendly and you see people from all classes and cliques at the same party hanging out on the weekends. The university does a pretty good job trying to reach out to the students. The town doesn't offer much but the school tried to put on interesting events to attract the community.