University of Maine at Farmington Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The small population. Class are no bigger then 20-30 people and so the professors know their students by name and are willing to work with out outside of class in their offices and encourage it. They are very caring and I believe that is because of the small campus.


We have two art galleries. We're in the middle of Central Maine, in a rustic town, with convenient access to mountains and other cool stuff. We're 3.5 hours from Boston. We have several theater spaces, and a nice lounge called The Landing. We have a radio station. There are often events going on, sometimes with free food, even. There's a nice woodsy park out back. There's a new education building for those who wish to become teachers. There's a large free gym.


The professors are wonderful. They really are there to help you out. Also, there is tons of outside help for your classes. There is a math clinic and writing center. Also, classes have something called SI, which is a tutoring program designed just for that class.


At UMF, there's something for everyone. There are clubs for every interest, and ways to get involved in anything you feel passionate about. The faculty are amazing and they really do want to see you succeed in their classes and in whatever path life takes you down, and they will do anything and everything in their power to help you.


The bets thing about UMF are the students. Everyone is relaxed and friendly; with a small school it's hard to form intense cliques. The professors are approachable and they're always available even if it's not office hours. The laid back attitude and openess of the campus community is really what makes the difference.