University of Maine at Fort Kent Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is not much to say bad about this school. If you are looking for a college that is placed right in the harth of a tight-kight community, UMFK is the one. Given that I have to bring up a 'worse' attribute, I would mention that the campus dining hours can be tough to work around if the student has a FULL schedule. With that said, the cafe has been making changes throughout my college experience to better the students as well as being open to sit down with a student to work through the difficult timing.


I like everything about my school


The finanical aid staff are non responsive to students needs along with job placement within the school.


The Univeristy of Maine at Fort Kent has many great things, but the worst I would have to say is the dining plans, It is hard when you like to cook for yourself and you have to chose a dining program. Though it works out well if you do not want to cook offten. It just takes some time to figure out which dining program works best for you.


UMFK is an older school so some of buildings are outdated. The classrooms are not the most comfortable. It is no fun sitting in class for three hours in an uncomfortable desk and freezing because the air systems are automatic and turn on and off on their own. I can honestly say that is really the only drawback that I can think of and that is a pretty lame one.


The worst thing about the University of Maine at Fort Kent (UMFK) is the location. Fort Kent is a very small community, so any major shopping mall or store is at least an hour away, so having a vehicle or having a friend with a car is a must.


I think the worst thing about this school would have to be the favoritism shown be some professors toward certain students.


The worst thing is that some times the classes are too small to do group work, but other than that the school is great.


Although many students say that the worst thing about the school is how small it is. I disagree with them and believe it's the best part of the University. I enjoy everything about the University. There are tutors available, financial aid, and everyone is very helpful. I would have to say there is not one thing I dislike about the University of Maine at Fort Kent.


The worse thing I consider about my school is that it is so rural. I have to travel a half an hour to go to school everyday and with the price of gas, it is getting quite expensive.