University of Maine Top Questions

Describe how University of Maine looks to someone who's never seen it.


UMaine is a tired school; the buildings are a bit run down and there is little endowment money coming in.


UMaine is a place to grow in not only ideas of your future but the person you are to become.


The University of Maine is a diverse school that provides students with a well rounded education and has great classes to prepare students for future work.


The University of Maine is a ver enriching and lively place where you can stive and excell in your future.


It is a great school, with a lot of opportunities, filled with growth, excitement, responsibility, and the most amazing friends I could ever ever ask for, so a dream come true.


There are endless opportunities to become involved at the University of maine.


It actually probably looks tiny compared to schools anywhere south or west of New Hampshire. Either small or most likely cold if you visit any month other than August.


The University of Maine can be described best as a small community of students surrounded by nature. We are surrounded by trees, forest and marshland on the outside of us. Inside the campus itself, it is like our own set of streets and buildings all dedicated to us. It is a very warm feeling campus with a classic, kind of old school look to it. The sports facilities are also very nice and present the school well.


All about diversity, achievement, getting to know ones self better, and Black Bear Pride!


My school is full of intellectuals who strive towards a happy and productive life through learning, gaining experience in their specific field of study, and enjoying themselves.