University of Maine Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Those who attend classes are generally attentful and respectful of those around them. Students will walk around campus and pass each other with a smile as a quick greeting.


My classmates are a good mix of different backgrounds.


My classmates are hardworking, determined people.


My classmates were very friendly.


The students at the University of Maine are all very friendly and are definitely wiling to help you if you need it.


The university is highly focused on preparing students either for employment or grad school, depending on your major. However, students are fairly laid back and many, if not most, try to slide by on the minimum, even in the Honors College. The Honors College itself is a fairly unique institution, operating in the rapidly-vanishing tradition of the liberal education, focusing on the ethical and cultural rather than strictly academic. While it is an excellent idea, and provides the opportunity to read and engage with a number of classics that you would not have read otherwise, the Honors College lives and dies by its student body, many of which probably shouldn't have accepted their invitations and contribute very little to classroom discussion. Those Honors students who find themselves in a room populated by these individuals needs only to console themselves until the third-year tutorial, where topics ranging from aesthetic marine biology to James Joyce await the intellectually engaged. At the Union and in the dining halls you'll probably hear more about Call of Duty than musings on the latest research, but there are many classes that draw the intellectually adventurous - ranging from Human Sexuality to Beekeeping to Marxism. The open-minded will invariably find themselves with more courses of interest than schedule space.


Umaine students, from my experience, have always been open to all different backgrounds, political views, sexual preferences, etc. We have a strong LGBT group and a strong multi-cultural group. Granted it is Maine and there isn't much diversity in terms of race in the state in general, there have actually been quite a few asian exchange students through out the years. Most students are definitely from around the area and grew up around the area their whole life, but that's just how most state universities seem to be. Even so, there is quite a diverse group of people at Umaine and I certainly do not feel that anyone would feel out of place, especially coming from personal experience as an Asian-American at Umaine.


I was originally told that the UMO (UMaine Orono) campus was not racially diverse, and that everyone here came from Maine. I was also told that some out-of-state students have trouble fitting in because they're not from Maine. What I have found is that there are many students here from outside of the United States: especially Canada and the U.K. I was surprised to find so many international students here, and even more surprised when I found that a relatively large proportion of students are not from Maine. Most out-of-state students are from the East Coast, but I have met several students from California and other western states. I haven't encountered any radical groups on campus (religious or otherwise). UMaine stresses tolerance towards everyone. There are many different religious groups, a well-established LGBT group, and groups for different political philosophies. I think students who feel at home in big cities might not like it here. The area surrounding our school is somewhat suburban, but mostly rural. Apart from the setting of the school, I think any student would be able to find friends here. Most of the students here appear to be from middle-class families. Students here are also quite politically aware, and you'll find people from both sides of the political spectrum. Most students, regardless of their political parties, have an interest in keeping the school green. Most of the social groups at the school interact, although some tend to stick together more than others. Members of the football team mostly seem to hang out with each other, and the fraternities and sororities can be very cliquey. In addition, members of the Honors College tend to keep to themselves, and can be elitist and condescending to non-members. Everyone else, however, tends to be friendly and accepting, and there aren't any really unfriendly groups that I know of.


As far as campus is concerned, it is one of the most diverse environments I have ever witnessed. The LGBT presence is strong, and their opinions are heard and supported by many. Every racial group is represented here on campus, with a great deal of variation even among them. We have students here from hundreds of countries, of all different socio-economic stature. No two people seem alike here at the University of Maine, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


UMaine students differ in wealth and in stlye. No one seems to notice these differences though. We're all here for the experience and the degree. Nothing else matters, and it shouldn't! Umaine does offer many different types of groups (religious, LGBT, racial etc) for those student who want to get involved in those areas.


The student body of UMaine is diverse in all means. Apart from welcoming the simple surface diversity, UMaine is a place for various ideas, political, religious, and socio-economic views. Different groups are given freedom to express themselves and peacefully coexist at UMaine. The university celebrates geographical diversity since the students come from within the state, out of the state as well as from abroad. I would say that UMaine cherishes inclusiveness by providing the means and opportunities for the students of financial backgrounds, religious and political views as well as genders and sexual orientations. Providing scholarships and loans, UMaine makes the education available for the students with the lower income; therefore, no prevalent financial background is present at UMaine. During the events like Culturefest or International Dance Evening, the students from dissimilar cultural backgrounds are able to get together and share their customs and traditions with the community. Additionally, LGBT club welcomes students of all sexual orientations who share the view of equality to participate in the events organized by the club. Hence, different types of students have a chance to interact and become more open to the other points of view. Most students dress casually to class. However, clothing style might vary depending on the department of the school. For instance, for some occasions, the Business School may require the students to wear clothes that reflect the professional setting. Other examples of a special occasion that requires a uniform are labs and fieldtrips. I am sure that no student will feel out of the place at the UMaine. If you feel like there is no club or group that fits your interests, you are more than welcome to establish your own club and invite in your friends or people who share the same ideas!


Students at UMaine are generally very social and laid back. It is not uncommon to see students lounging around in sweats or wearing T-shirts and shorts (summer obviously) to class. There is a sizable multi-cultural demographic on campus and a very devoted LGBT group of students. Everyone gets a long great. Also, 10 percent of UMaine students (Including me) are affiliated with GREEK life (fraternities and sororities). Students at UMaine tend to be from Middle Class backgrounds and politically left-leaning. There are exceptions of course, as UMaine has students of all different types of background.


You will honestly find all types of students here at UMaine. There are religious organizations, and tons of LGBTQ groups too. And many in between. Some students obviously come from very privileged backgrounds and dress to the 9's for class. While you'll see hundreds in sweats every day and nothing else! You will also find many students who are from working class backgrounds and still work 2+ jobs to get through school. There is truly a mix of everything here! No one will feel left out if you look hard enough and get involved with what interests you.


There are so many different students here that you're guaranteed to make friends who have similar interests. We have so many different groups, whether its religious, LGBT and even ethnic groups. So many people wear different things to class, ranging from shorts, skirts, jeans, sweat pants, gym shorts, leggings. Ive seen everything here. More than once Ive seen different looking students talk and get to know each other. Most of the students are from Maine but there is also a number of students who come from all over the world.


There are so many different students here that you're guaranteed to make friends who have similar interests. We have so many different groups, whether its religious, LGBT and even ethnic groups. So many people wear different things to class, ranging from shorts, skirts, jeans, sweat pants, gym shorts, leggings. Ive seen everything here. More than once Ive seen different looking students talk and get to know each other. Most of the students are from Maine but there is also a number of students who come from all over the world.


I feel the majority students all look out for one another. Strangers will help you clean off your car in a blizzard and are constantly holding open or opening up a door for you no matter how close or far away from them you are. Everyone here says please, thank you, I'm sorry, and your welcome and everyone is always happy.


The students at UMaine are a very friendly bunch. After three years on campus, I feel like I know more people than I ever will the rest of my life. There seem to be no racial or LGBT problems, but I do not feel like I have enough information to give a proper answer for that. Students are students here: we all don't have a ton of money to spend. We dress warm in the winter and free in the summer. Money is not a hot topic at our school because everyone seems to know they are on a limited college budget.


The students that go to UMaine vary in wealth and in stlye, but there is no real judgment about how people dress or what they have. We are all in it togeather. Many different students interact, there isn't really a social hierachy at all. Money is not a common topic. We are all just trying to enjoy the experience and get our degrees. It doesn't matter where you come from or what you have, what matters is who you are and what you like to do. Many people play intramurels or join clubs - this draws in diverse crowds of people with similar interests.


"The school reflects the state" is a comment I remember reading in a college book about the University of Maine, regarding the racial diversity on campus; namely mostly white New Englanders. And while this is true, on a sunny day visit the mall (main part of campus) and tell me what you see. Rest assured the majority of students will be white, but all the colors of the rainbow are represented; and yes the LGBT community on campus is very strong as well. "Coming out" week happens every year in October, and UMaine flies a rainbow flag for seven days! UMaine students also believe in a variety of clothing. There are the true MAINAHS wearing Carharts and flannel neon hunting gear, but Uggs and Fuggs are also just as common in the winter. Jeans are the staple until a day of 40 degrees comes in the middle of winter and everyone is in shorts (not kidding). And of course there are those who always believe to "dress to impress" and others who wear spongebob pajamas to class. To each their own!


I feel like UMaine is very open campus. We welcome everyone from all backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, SES backgrounds, and any type of group. We do not tolerate hate, discrimination, or terrorizing of another person and we do not tolerate hazing. I feel like UMaine is one of the most welcoming places I've ever lived.


The majority of this campus is Maine Students, however, the entire campus represents 48 states and 72 countries worldwide, so we have a pretty diverse population overall. We also have a graduate school and a Non-traditional Student Program as well. When it comes to certain groups of students that are of a different social structure, like GLBT, shy, african american, hispanic, etc. there are programs on this campus that accommodate students of any or all of these different social structures and there are a good amount of students in each one of these groups. As I said, it is a very diverse population, which brings numerous different cultures and styles to the student body and I really like seeing the overall difference. It makes me as a student feel happy to be comfortable in a community full of students with 20 different ethnicities or 5 different religions because I know that each one of us are all here for the same reason, to get an education and a degree from UM and go on and so successful things with our lives that makes us happy. I have also found that making friends and becoming pretty popular on this campus is not that difficult. I probably see 25-50 different new students everyday and the same number for same students or already friends and that is a pretty awesome feeling.


This is one of my biggest pet peeves of the University - the student body. I am a gay male, and if I didn't step in line with what that meant to the the rest of the GLBT population, I was ostracized. I'm blonde/blue, sort of handsome, I've got a belly on me, and I have effeminate mannerisms at times; I'd say I'm a 6 on the 10 scale. The straight population thinks I'm a carnival act, and the gay population thinks I'm a snob. And I'm far from both. I've just never stepped in line, I couldn't really. Just wasn't in the cards. Past this, equality - in all forms - is defended fervently on the surface, but if you get down to the meat of acceptance and understanding, one race has no clue of the other. I've heard racial slurs among like-skinned acquaintances thrown around when they will fight you without haste to say they aren't racist. Lots of talk, not much action.


Huge range for what students wear. Sometimes you have girls who wear dresses, guys in sports who wear sweatpants, granola kids who have their L.L. Bean backpacks.


I was a music performance major, and most of the other music students were music ed majors, so I felt a little left out. The music school is divided about in half between vocal and instrumental majors. The vocal majors tend to live in high-school-like cliques but the instrumental majors are a fun bunch, with a fair number of music geeks.


A group of smart, fun loving guys that get there work done and know how to hang out and have a good time.


My classmates are determined, intelligent individuals.


Most of the students here are from Maine, but we are a state school so that is to be expected. Also our campus is not very diverse ethnically because the state as a whole is not very diverse ethnically. However, our campus is VERY accepting of people from different ethnic and religious back-rounds. We do have students from all around the world here. Also, many would think, that as a New England school we would have a majority of very liberal students, however, there are many conservative students here as well (remember a large portion of Maine is made up of farming communities). Because of this students from any and all the political, religious, and ethnic groups are readily accepted on campus.


UMaine students are predominantly from UMaine. However, no out-of-state student will ever feel left out. UMaine is an unusually accepting and community-oriented place, and I have never heard a student from out of state or out of country say that they feel like they do not belong here or that they can't socialize with whoever they want. I really don't think there is any kind of student that would feel out of place here, honestly. I see every kind of student on this campus. The only kind of student who might feel out of place is a student who doesn't get involved in anything outside of their classes. UMaine students are very involved in extracurriculars and on-campus activities, so those who do not will probably feel left-out and have a much harder time making friends. As far as financial backgrounds and political beliefs/activism is concerned, UMaine is extremely diverse. All classes, politics, etc, are well-represented and all interact with each other regularly through our array of student clubs and organizations.


I acknowledge that UMaine has much diversity with people from all over the world; however, there are not nearly as many students as I thought there would be from other cultures, races, or ethnicities. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that; it's just not what I expected it to be. I honestly believe that any individual can acquire a group of friends with similar interests, leaving nobody behind or to feel alone.


My experiences at UMaine have brought me to believe that students here on campus are very accepting of other individuals. I have seen individuals of every level of diversity and it makes me smile to know that I can get to know so many different individuals. Students are very passionate abut specific issues, both in politics, in the news, and on campus. It is a wonderful community with great people and students.


UMaine's student body is highly varied. There are people who go to class in shirts and ties (though most of these are business students), and people who come to class in sweatpants or pajamas. I don't have a single group of friends, but rather many groups with whom I participate in different activities. My Frisbee team is made up of an entirely different group of people than the Health Professions Club, and both of those groups are different from the Sociology Club. I can't describe the whole student body in a sentence, or even in a page. All I can say is that UMaine is made up of all kinds of people, and you will certainly find some like you, and many who are very different from you and will challenge your perspectives.


We are a very open minded campus, we have lots of different religions, races, sexual orientations, economic status and groups on campus its very diverse. I cant think of anyone who would feel out of place we have so many different groups its crazy! I've seen people wear so many different things to class, pajama's, suits, even costumes on halloween! Lots of people interact through class and different activities who are very different types of people. There are lots of information out about politics when there are elections going on. people go to career fairs on campus that offer internships and jobs after those they tend to talk a lot about what they might earn one day.


This campus is very open and accepting of everyone. The campus is fairly diverse and is always sponsoring events to support student groups. I don't believe any student will feel out of place at UMaine. There are many niches for students of all types. However, these niches are not one size fits all. Students can jump from group to group at ease and make friends across the spectrum. Students wear everything from sweatpants and flipflops to jeans and t-shirts to skirts and suits. It all depends on where the students are going or coming from! As an example, some students roll out of bed and go to class, and others have to go to Student Senate that evening so they dress up all day.


This past weekend I went to Oronoka, which is basically a dance that is hosted by the International Students Association. Everyone is welcome, and it's very fun. I met so many people from different countries. The campus is predominately a Democratic campus, but Republicans are represented also.


In terms of the diversity on campus, particularly for the rural area of Central Maine, I find the diversity on campus to be fairly broad. We have students attend here from all over the world including Asia, Central and South America, Europe, and Africa. I grew up relatively poor and I've found that there have been other students from my background as well. There are people from every socio-economic background represented in all of my social circles. One of my best friends and former roommates is gay and is very active in the LGBT community. And I have been involved poltically in support of my LGBT friends because of him. However, all political views have have representation on campus and there are many political student groups on campus that are fairly active within the community.


Umaine is very open minded. There are LGBT services, various cultural groups, and religious groups. I happen to be spiritual, and have found various religious experiences at Umaine. I have also participated in BSU events.


The university of Maine is a very welcoming place. All students feel welcome and know that they have a supportive environment to rely on.


Pretty diverse socially. About 180 clubs and organizations therefore if there is an interest in a certain area, there is sure to be a club well suited for any student.


There are over 200 groups and organizations on campus. And if there is a group on campus you want to have, all you need is a faculty adviser and other students who want to do the same thing. There is a student run radio station and GLBT services. We have students from all over the world and an international culture club. There is everything here along with a student government and active athletes and academics. Every type of student can be found here and we are very open to trying new things. Most students are from Maine, but I have friends from New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Alaska, France and Vietnam. The student body comes from all over!


If I had to describe UMaine students in one word, it would be "involved." They're active in community service, politics, clubs and academic groups.


Most of my classmates are smart, driven, and focused.


My classmates are dedicated and do quality work but also know how to enjoy life and give back to the community.


Most of my classmates are from Maine and many are very sheltered, but there is plenty of diversity and some really nice students.


My classmates are very determined and willing to learn while in class, if they go to class that is.


My fellow students or peers are openminded and fun.


My classmates are friendly and helpful.


There are a few friendly and hard working students in each class, but the rest are less inspired.


Many of my classmates are friendly, helpful and personable.


Pretty focused on academics. Fun. interesting people.


My classmates are friendly.