University of Maine Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Overall, I believe students are under the impression from what they find online that this is a party school. I have found, that although there is some truth to this statement that the university has an accomplished nursing program and an intensive marine science program.


University of Maine is best known for their mascot which is Bananas the Black Bear. Before the black bear their mascot was a pink elephant. They ended up changing their mascot because during a football game, a black bear ran across the field and everyone started going bananas.


My school is best known for the overall school enthusiasm and excitement. Everyone gets really into the hocky games and they are really community oriented.


UMaine is best known for men's hockey and engineering.


Standing in line for the Umaine Hockey games. There are so many kids and usually the music is good. You end up meeting a lot of cool people. I also love Maine Day. Come to UMO and you'll quickly learn about it.


University of Maine Orono is known for many things. Although it is well known for its fantastic hockey team, GO BLUE, it also is known for it's academics. It's science programs, especially engineering, are well known to be the best in New England. That is actually one of the reasons I came here for my undergraduate studies.


The hockey team is the best in the northeast. Steven king attended college at the university of maine, and also donates money anually. The college is also known for it enginering and science program because it is huge and has a high level of technology. Also the college is known for its extremely leinent ways to pay off the tuition bill.


The University of Maine is best known for its large structures that allow students to do certain things that they are interested in. Such as the Collins Center for the Arts, which hosts many different shows, and offers a beautiful place for art majors or anyone for that matter to get way and escape to a peaceful surrounding. Most proffessors and deans of each college are here to help you, which makes things a lot easier when trying to figure what to do next academically.


great academic programs, party scene, sports and the many activities available


The Unviersity of Maine at Orono is best know for its engineering program. It has been said to have the best engineering program on the east coast.


My school is best known for its research in forestry, environmental studies, and agricultural studies.


I would say UMaine is best known for the cold weather. Since it is located in Orono the temperatures in winter get really low and the snow builds up really high. Everyone bundles up in the winter and it's nothing unusual for people to be wearing many layers.


The University of Maine has a strong reputation for it's Division 1A Hockey team. People from all over the world come to Umaine for the hockey program. Academically the university is known for its engineering programs, with a lot of graduates pursuing a lifelong career


My school is best known for its engineering program. Another thing its known for is the Umaine hockey team. Other than those two, I don't believe these is anything else.


Umaine is known for being environmentally consciencious, and mostly for its engineering, environmental and science majors.


The University of Maine is know for its College of Engineering. There are many things to do on campus. CAB has some kind of event everynight, however they tend to be boring. There is always a party! Usually at the Frats but you can always find one. OT is the biggest and most expensive place for apartments, but its close to camus and only students live there. The dorms are great for your first year or so, but after that everyone gets an apartment! The rooms are big and they have nice ferniture.


Probably it's Engineering program. It seems to be rigorous and produces quality students. But really, when you tell people you go to UMO, thier first thought is, "Oh, that's a big party school, right?". It's annoying.


Hockey and partying


I think UMaine is best known for hockey.


I think it is best known for its outdoor extra curricular activities, Mainers love to get out and explore. We also have a very well known Engineering department I believe.


I think our school is best known for its hockey team and its engineering program. The hockey team just recently beat Boston College who is ranked number two in the nation. Our Engineering program ranks in the top ten in the nation for a public school.


I believe the school is best known for its friendliness and closeness. What I mean when I said that is the instructors want you to do well and encourage you all the time, the staff are very friendly and very helpful, and the peers and students here are the nicest I have ever met.