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The Univeristy of Maine has a great Marine Science program. They offer semester by the sea, where students can stay at the Darling Marine Center for the semester. This building is right near the water, making it possible for students to obtain hands on work during classes. It gives the students the chance to do field work and study aspects of marine diversity. The semester by the sea program offers many classes that are important for the marine science degree. It will provide me with a good experience that will be useful in for my career in the future.


What's unique about the University of Maine compared to other schools I considered and attended is that people, faculty and students alike, are usually so friendly. Campus always feels inviting and safe, it's just big enough so I don't always know everyone but small enough so that I always know at least one friendly face in the room from another class or a club I'm involved in.


This school is more ecofriendly, diverse, relatable, comforting, entertaining, and educational in all that they offer. Other schools that I concidered were not at open or active in academics and activities that interested me. There is just something about the University of Maine in Orono that is hard to describe. It stands true to the Maine motto, "Stay for a visit, stay for a lifetime".


It is a state school with a big population. We do not get the students who are very serious about their education and we have weeded out the people not interested in furthuring thier education. As a result we have a collection of young people who are all looking to make themselves better, wherever that might be in their life.


I recommend it to anyone who comes from a small town who wants a big school but can still make so many connections and still have a small town atmosphere.


Its not what it seems like on the just have to come visit.


I fell in love with Regis when i first took a tour of the campus. The beautiful campus campus surrounded by forests and wide grassy fields made it an exceptional choice. Reading about the history of Regis college and learning about the Sisters of Saint Joseph validated my choice even more because it showed me the incredible history of the college and how it has transformed through time. There is a tower at the college which was used as a radar detector in WW2 and everything in the college is a window to the history and the past.


Why I wanted to go to this school compared to others was because my parents and grandparents went here. I was also able to join the varsity Track and Field team. There were no special characteristics of the school that attraceted me to it.


You're in a Great Place, everyone's Friendly, there's more than enough to keep your busy!


It gets very cold and snowy here in the winter. I will not lie. If you cannot stand the cold, UMaine may not be right for you. However, our grounds crew has lots of practice keeping the parking lots and sidewalks clear and safe, and the snow in the winter means we get snow days (yay!). The drainage on some of the sidewalks is kind of poor when it rains, so you'll need rain boots. But most UMaine students will say that snow and rain are hardly good reasons to decide against coming here, because it is a beautiful, welcoming place where you can be whoever and learn whatever and however you want.