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Is the stereotype of students at University of Maine accurate?


Non of the stereotypes are accurate. From the jocks to the "stuck ups", the hicks to the druggies. Think of it this way, there are thousands of kids that go to UMO, how can you say all of them are the same?


I would say that the stereotypes at UMaine are accurate. It's a fun party school... it's cold... and the hockey team runs it.




I think the stereotypes are mostly inaccurate. The thing about UMaine is that there are so many different kinds of people here with so many different motivations and interests that it's kind of impossible for there to be an accurate stereotype. As far as the stereotype I mentioned, I chose to come to UMaine, despite its reputation for slacker-ism, because it felt like home the second I stepped on campus. As I got accustomed to the school and talked to people around campus, I found that the comfortable, accepting, and community-oriented atmosphere of UMaine is what attracts and retains a majority of our students, whether they are high school honors students, atheletes, drama kids, etc etc. Rarely have I met a real slacker who chose the school because they don't want to work hard.


Nah, I come from a very small town, to the campus is big compared to what I'm used to. However, I enjoy the size, its big enough so you can meet new people everyday and there is ALWAYS something going on, and it is small enough that you can walk everywhere and you run into your friends and people you know all the time. Not everyone is from Maine. Again, I'm from a small town so I'm used to having to find things to do, I feel like here at UMaine there is so much going on I can't participate in all of it even though I want to. We are only 10 minutes from Bangor!


From my perspective, the positive ones are absolutely accurate and valid. UMaine students are always smiling on campus and it's the type of environment that exhibits the perfect blending of people from all different lifestyles and cultures. As far as the partying aspect is concerned, I will be honest in saying that there are definitely individuals who enjoy weekends more than others, but that's not necessarily due to partying; it's more about the fact that they have a chance to get together with friends in a social setting and be able to temporarily shut out academics after a long week of classes.


A majority of the students are from the state of Maine, but it is also a state university. There is a lot of different cultures present on campus. We have people of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, lifestyles, and capabilities. To say there is no diversity available on campus is saying that everyone is the same, which is definitely not true. There is a ton to do on campus. We are located in Orono, ME a small town in the middle of the state. There are small shops and restaurants in downtown Orono and we are surrounded by two rivers. We are also about fifteen minutes from Bangor, which has a large shopping complex and a lot of restaurants. There are also nearly 300 clubs on campus and sports and theater.


Some are, and some aren't. UMaine students are definitely exceptionally friendly. Maine is a place with a unique culture that insists that everyone is your neighbor. Maine is a place where people hold doors for strangers. However, Maine is also a geographically and demographically diverse place, and the idea that UMaine has little diversity or that everyone is from the country is crazy! I personally grew up only a few minutes from Portland, which is a city of about 65,000 (and the area includes about 230,000 people). While racial diversity isn't as prevalent as it might be in larger city schools, there is a huge variety of perspectives at UMaine. Also, while Orono isn't a large town, UMaine is truly a community unto itself. There are always free things to do on campus (the campus activities board has programming every night except Sunday), and Student Entertainment brings several rock shows to campus each semester. Also, the Collins Center for the Arts gives students free tickets to students each semester so we can see plays and other shows.


No, its a very diverse campus we are like a melting pot, there are at least 50 countries represented here as well as almost all the states. There is lots to do on and off campus for all different interests


These sterotypes are not accurate! UMaine has a student population that is from almost all of the states and about a dozen countries. Some of us are "farm kids", yes, but others of us are from small towns and big cities. UMaine is not everyone's second choice, either. A lot of students wanted to come to UMaine for our diverse programs, as well as multitude of clubs and organizations. The partying sterotype is not true either. Students at UMaine have many options for how they choose to spend their evenings. There are a lot of programs and options open to students so that they don't have to party.