University of Maine Top Questions

Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.


It is more like the 4 months on campus I'll never forget. Last semester (spring 2011) we had about 10-15 northeastern blizzards. I will never forget treading through campus in roughly 3 feet of snow, and I'm only 5'2"!! Looking back now, it was awesome having all of those snowdays because they gave me some good memories and as much as I don't want to admit it, people really enjoyed the snow on campus. Plus, more snow means more snowboarding and skiing!


Freshman year move in day is certainly a day I will never forget! Lines of cars dropping off their little Freshmen children who are all nervous and excited to leave home and test college waters. The UMaine R.A.'s and stuff met you at the door with a welcome and helped you move in. People were laughing and smiling and getting accustomed to their new living areas. It was just great.

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