University of Maine Top Questions

Describe a typical weekend.


Thirsty Thursday is all about the Bear Brew on mainstreet in Orono. Friday and Saturday are usually Curva for the under 21, Brew for the 21+ and definitely the frat houses on college ave.


Friday- This is normally the night where everyone goes to either the football game or a hockey game depending on the season. After College Ave fills up with students as they find a place to hangout with friends for the night. Saturday- This is the night that everyone really goes out. Normally on a saturday night there is always something to do and College Ave is the place to be! Sunday- the day filled with HOMEWORK and nothing but!


Friday Night- Usually have some drinks and go cheer on the hockey team! Saturday Night- Hit up a party down College Ave. or if you're tired, stay in and do homework. Sunday - Completely dedicated to homework and watching NFL football all day!

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