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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


One of the most popular things to do on Campus would have to be the Umaine Hockey games, its probably the most popular things around and has a huge hype! But for activities on campus it depends on who you are, they school offers a group for everyone and just about anything and if that group isn't on campus, you can get a few friends together and easily form that group!


The most popular student activities often involve sports teams and general celebration for their victories. The sports teams get the most recognition, namely the football and hockey teams for their great performances at home and away. Other than those, there is a great deal of support for campus concerts and stand-up comedian performances, most notably Ludacris, Girl Talk, and Aziz Ansari. Parties are also very common on campus, and have a close tie with the Greek Life program. The most important "party" fraternities on campus tend to be Theta Chi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Gamma, and Sigma Chi, several of which have digs on college avenue. Parties happen commonly between thursday night and sunday morning, but even that is subject to change. I myself tend to go home on the weekends, as there is still a great deal of tending that needs to be done concerning my family.


There are a ton of different groups on campus. The most popular groups tend to be Sports Related, Political, Academic, Career Advancement, Hobby related etc. It is very easy to join groups and is a great way to meet friends. I would recommend joining groups early as a first year. I joined a bunch of groups early on, and now I am the Vice President of the Student Government, overseeing a budget of over $750,000. GREEK Life is a great way to make friends. In the first week students are heavily recruited by fraternities and sororities. I would suggest hearing them out and seeing how you fit with them. In Maine, UMaine has the reputation of a party school. It's pretty much true. Any day of the week you can find a party somewhere around campus. I think the average student would agree though, despite the amount of partying, everyone is pretty safe around here.


The Dorms are really the most popular place for people to meet. And most doors are open, but it depends on which dorm you're in. There are literally hundreds of student run groups and organizations! Athletic events are definitely popular, as are the dozens of parties that always follow. We do have a very active Greek life on campus. Every year in the spring we have "Maine Day" which is usually a day devoted to NO CLASSES and tons of fun activities around campus like "Oozeball" which is just mud volleyball, BBQs, Frisbee games, etc. And many campus groups work to improve an aspect of campus or the Orono community too, it is really meant to be a day of volunteering first and foremost, and then a day of celebrating being a UMaine Black Bear second.


Popular student activities are student government, and other clubs like ASB which is alternative spring break, along with sports clubs like hockey and football. I am the president of the UMaine Tennis Club. We have about 40 members. Greek like is also very popular on campus if your not in greek life then you know someone who is in it. Some dorm halls leave the there door open in their hall or their wing but it depends on the time of day and depends on how comfortable everyone is with each other. I met my close friends by joining the tennis club, going to classes and living in the dorms. Orono is really cool because you see new people everyday as well as a handful of people you already know. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday it's because my boyfriend and I just finished homework, and getting ready for bed and we are talking on the phone.


By far our hockey program. It is huge and no matter if you are or are not a fan of the sport, you will be by the end of the first period of the game. The students go crazy and the atmosphere is indescribable. Not to mention, students get in free! As a fan/student, you are guarenteed to leave with such an adrenaline rush!


The most popular activities on campus are the varsity, club, and intramural sports. Also, there are wednesday movie nights in the big theater, fraternity and sorority activities, among many others. I am involved with all kinds of intramural sports and am a part of the Club Football and Baseball organization. Also, I am a tutor at the Writing Center and I joined the National Society of Collegiate Scholars... just to name a few. Through these, I have met tons of very good friends - both guys and girls. People also like to party at UMaine. House parties are all over campus and Frats throw their own as well. If you want to party, you can. If you do not, there are many other activities to do.


The most popular team on campus is by far the university's mens hockey team. So if your a hockey fan at even the lowest level, Maine is the place for you! Almost the entire student body has at least attend 1 or 2 UMaine hockey games by the need of their studies here. This is also where you can meet many new friends!


A Friday night and it's thirty degrees out, windy, and snowy; drive past the Alfond Hockey Arena and you will see a line of a hundred students or more snaking out and around the building. Other than free food or class only a UMaine Men's Ice Hockey game will bring students out of their dorm rooms in weather like this. Games that start at seven have lines starting at seven in the morning. The cheers at the game may seem dorky, but EVERYONE does them, why? BLACK BEAR PRIDE. Other than athletics though, the green scene is prevalent with student run organizations such as GCI (Green Campus Initiative) and Eat Local dominating the environmental element. The political scene on campus is also very strong as are club sports and intramurals. With a population of over 10,000 students, there is truly something for everyone.


There are so many, like around 200, but if I could pick three that are very popular, it would be Fraternity and Sorority Affairs - roughly 10-15 percent of the population, Intramural and club sports and varsity athletic games, especially Hockey, basketball and football. I am involved with the hip hop dance club, Intramural soccer, black bear men's choir, a fraternity, the MaineMasque and I also work on campus while as a civil engineering major and many people wonder how I tolerate it and can do it, but I manage to do so and stay in good academic standing and I love it! I no longer live on campus, but when I did my first and second year, I was never in my resident hall room. The reason why was because I was always doing homework in the library or elsewhere or I was simply just doing something on campus that was fun to keep me from not being bored, which being bored is very hard to do on this campus anyway!