University of Maine Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Im currently taking 16 credits, with the majority of them being psychology classes for my major. Though they are challenging I enjoy going to my classes not only because of the material but also because the professors make them worthwhile attending.


I love all of my classes. I have never been so excited to go to school and its been that way for all three semesters here. Even statistics (I'm not a fan of math) is fun to go to. I'm very proud that I've gone three semesters and not one final! The must take classes? Human sexuality and Family interactions with Dr. Caron!


My classes are full of reading and writing. I am a double major in English and Communications and it gives me a lot of outside class work. However, the classroom itself does not involve a lot of heavy work. Most of my time is used in discussions and taking class notes. Since English and Communications do not involve a lot of exams, I rarely need to study. But as I said before, this free time is taken up by having to do reading and writing papers.


Classes here at Maine tend to be somewhat smaller. Because the university only has about 10,000 students it allows for the students to be well spaced out with all the majors offered. I feel this is a key aspect for the university because it allows professors to have more one on one time with the students!


Intro level classes at UMaine tend to be pretty large. As you move closer to your field of study and concentration, the classes become smaller and smaller. Though it may be intimidating to be in a class with upwards of 300 people, the professors are very accessible. Every professor is required to have office hours and some hold question and answer sessions outside of class so you can get additional help. Professors can also be contacted for an appointment and are usually very helpful.


There is such a huge variety in the classes that I take on a day-to-day basis. As a social work student, most of my classes are one day a week for 2.5 hours. After that, however I have some that are 50 minutes, and some that are an hour and 15 minutes. There are some classes that just have dry material, but for the most part, professors really try to amp up the classroom atmosphere with discussions and activities.