University of Maine Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


That it's an hour away from home, and I commute. Though that's not really about the school. I don't have anything bad to say about my school.


I think the worst thing about the University of Maine is just the lack of development in the area around campus that would be enjoyed by students. As a transfer student I was able to experience a college town vibe, which is something that I think the area around the University lacks. I would love to see more local restaurants, coffee shops, or cafes come to the Orono area.


The weather is absolutely freezing and walking to class is terrible.


The worst thing about the school is the location. It is pretty far away from other places.


The worst thing about the University of Maine is the weather. This far north in Maine we have a winter that last close to 6 months and it can get bitter cold with strong winds. With a campus a mile wide from one end to another, it can be a long walk in January.


Probably the windy cold during the winter. I don't mind cold but it gets windy in Orono a lot in the winter for some reason.


The worst thing about the university is the quality of the amenities. The roads are in bad condition, the food is serviceable and available jobs are dreary.


The only thing I could say that I do not like about this school is that there is not enough activities that go on. There is a movie showing once a week but the campus doesn't hold many events for people to go out other than that. There should be a dance or some fun day of activities at the rec center. Something that brings everyone together.


The worst thing about the University Of Maine is the winters you have to deal with while attending the school. Maine is very cold so a winter on campus can be rough. Walking to class when it is below freezing is never a good time and causes many students to get a cold. The campus recommends building hopping if it is too cold. Which is something that sounds bizzare but works and I would recommend.


I guess the worst thing you could say is when it's cold it's really cold and when it's hot there is no air conditioning.


Financial aid is not as easy to handle as the university says it is.


The University of Maine is a great school with clubs/organizations for every type of person, classes and opportunities to help a student get further in life, and ways to make dreams come true. However, what I would change is the location. While Maine is lovely, the weather is freezing and not enjoyable to walk in. If there could be more parking, then maybe this would not be as big of a deal, but as of right now, it is really cold.


I dont know what the worst thing is. I like pretty much everything about it


The school has very low diversity and parties are everywhere.


The worst thing about the University of Maine at Orono is the class sizes are a bit large. Why this is a bad thing is because it is hard for your professor to give you attention to help you learn as they are teaching to over a hundred other students.


The dorm life is the worst thing at UMaine. Some dorms are really nice to live in, typically the engineering dorms and the ones farthest from the parking lots. Many of the others have reputations as party centers and you typically don't want to go near the bathrooms on a weekend.


The worse things about my school is the lack of racial diversity but they do a good job in trying to establish groups and programms to increase the comfort levels of minority students. As a Hispanic student, I didn?t think racial diversity was going to be important because college is about expanding your education, but I have learned that there needs to be some social aspect to college to make life easier. Having students of similar racial background gives you someone you can relate to on a cultural level, which i believe is important because your're not overwhelmed.


The worst thing about my school is there are not enough entertainment venues outside the campus setting.


nor enough financial aid


The thing I would consider the worst, for me, would have to be the drive. The drive is 4 hours long and i don't have my own car so I have to get a ride home with someone else everytime. I would have bought a car, but my money had to go towards funding my college education.


It is in the middle of nowhere. Orono consists of the university and it can get a little old to be away from a city


The worst thing about my school is the amount of finacial aid middle class students recieve. They recieve next to nothing.


It isn't that big of a deal but some of the ways buisiness gets handled around here is a bit off. By that I mean they sell more parking permits than spaces (assuming everyone won't be on campus at the same time) and there are some issues that aren't resolved in the way they should be. However, with the economy looking the way it does I can completely understand that most of these decisions are being made to counter-act the budget deficit.


I think this is a problemwith most schools, In high school the advisors tell you that you have all the time you need at college to decide what you want to do, not true at all. I was undecided my first year and because of that it is going to take me five years to complete my major.


there acedemic suspension policy


Boring other then the Outdoors


It is hard to get to if you live out of state.


I believe the worst thing about my school is the high rate of drinking and drug abuse. I no longer live on campus, but when I did, drinking and smoking marijuana was an all too common activity. There are so many opportunities to abuse substances, that it is hard for authorites to cut down, despite efforts. I do not think that drinking once in awhile in college should be frowned upon, but from my experience, it was an every weekend sort of thing. In these cases, it can get out of hand.


It gets extremely cold; they hardly ever cancel school for snow days. Dorm life can get unbearable with the amount of drinking that goes on.


Not sure.


The only worst thing about the entire school is the parking situation. Most communters, like myself, have to park in 1 or 2 large parking lots and then walk across campus to the classes. Other than that, the school is great.


The worst thing about the University of Maine is how they spend money. They spend money on superficial ares when there isn't enough housing or finacial aid for students, they have had to convert utility closests and study lounges into dorm rooms because they do not have enough rooms. There are so many students that have to take large loans out inorder to pay for school as well as living expenses but there isn't much aid out there, Maine is a fairly low income state in comparison to others yet the university does not offer many aid programs.


How cold it gets. But theres nothing the school can do about that.


that it is so far fro, home. also tht sometimes its hard to get into the classes i need the fact that the athletes get more attention then the non- athlete


Too far from city life, needs better greek life system, needs newer classroom environments, better sport programs, needs overall more funding.