University of Maine Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


We are all Mainers. I actually know many people who are from no where close to Maine. We also have A LOT of international students that come to UMaine.


I will go over three common stereotypes: The jocks - or what we often call the meatheads. It's true, the Hockey players get things handed to them on a platter. The football players are way too cocky. And the cheerleaders think they are the best thing in the world. The departments - Engineers are looked at highest above all departments. English majors are often seen as over confident, outspoken females. And the Communications department is often known to be full of the good looking students.


I think a stereotype at UMaine is that we are all in-state students, which is false. What is true, however, is that UMaine (like the state itself) fosters one of the most hospitable and warm communities. We are unified by the fact that we are black bears. Whether it's at a hockey game, or when we hold the door open for someone behind us, we're in together. And we love being here.


You've got a range. You have the kids from southern Maine who are "stuck-up" brand-name wearing, and then you have the kids from the north who are potatoe farming hicks. You've got your typical frat boys who rage and the soririty girls who haze and wear letters 24/7. You've got your outdoors kids and your video gamers. There's really every type of student here.


There's sort of a stigma, I think, about coming to UMaine. At least, growing up in Maine there is. I have lived only 20 minutes away from the UMaine campus since I was 5, and all through middle school and high school it was like... "Only people who can't get in anywhere better end up going to UMaine," or "UMaine is for people who don't want to try to get out and see the world or do better things." Essentially, it is kind of seen as a slacker school, to students in the area, at least. It's also seen as a huge party school, where people don't actually care about learning and growing.


I have heard that people think the campus is too big, I have heard that there is nothing to do here at UM, and I have heard that everyone is from Maine and there is no diversity.


Many people claim that UMaine students love the weekends, typically because weekends involve all kinds of social get-togethers and parties. That's probably the only negative stereotype I've heard. However, one of the biggest positive stereotypes I've heard is that UMaine students are full of UMaine pride, are incredibly active in demonstrating that pride, and genuinely love life on and around campus.


There is not a lot of diversity here. A majority of the students here are from the state of Maine. There is not a lot to do on campus, and that we are in the middle of nowhere.


Stereotypes include that UMaine students are incredibly friendly, but that everyone is from the middle of the woods. Other stereotypes include that there is very little diversity on campus, or that UMaine is in the middle of nowhere.


We are all Maine hicks up here at Umaine and all there is to do is hunt and drink.


One sterotype is that we are all from Maine and grew up on the farm. Another sterotype is that it is everyone's safety school. A third stereotype is that we are major partiers.


Only Maine resident go here.


There are two major stereotypes of UMaine undergraduates: either conservative rural-types OR upperclass Yippies (affluent hippie-types), all of whom are white.


Party school


Friendly, Hard-Working, very involved!


Hicks and Hippies- Hearty folk, rugged in the cold- But still friendly.


The general consensus about New Englanders is that we are a cold-shoulder breed. People don't often know where Maine is and think that we all live outdoors. Others think we are Canadian or that we don't have running water.


That UMaine students keep to themselves, are very close-minded and are largely from Maine.


That they're all from Maine